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#1352142 MapleTip Forums to be shut down in January 2022

Posted by KabukimanNYPD on 03 November 2021 - 02:10 PM in News & Announcements


#1352139 my maple storey fan fic

Posted by KabukimanNYPD on 31 October 2021 - 01:49 PM in Fan Art and Fan Fiction

Genuinely impressed by the setup and execution, bravo and ​​ :halloween:


My friend also thinks this is great, btw.


Thanks a lot! I don't really write much but :halloween: called.

#1352137 my maple storey fan fic

Posted by KabukimanNYPD on 31 October 2021 - 11:12 AM in Fan Art and Fan Fiction

my maple storey fan fic chapter 7



After much distraction by juvenile humans dressed in cheap, crude approximations of branded characters, I finally reach the dwelling in which Susie rests. As I approach the door,  I realize that it is possible that one who is not that which I seek will be the one I encounter behind it. I must seek an alternative method of entry. I exited the initial dwelling via the window, so perhaps I may enter this one through a window. I see the motif of the decor of this house is the spider. I prove physical matter malleable by using my energy to twist and deform this vessel into the shape of a spider, and climb the wall.
I look into the window. Finally, my target, she who will be the first to feed the new god of this world. Her back is facing me and the window is open, so unfortunately I will be deprived of the subtleties of the flavor of the fear she will produce before all that is Susie is absorbed into myself. I contemplate alerting her deliberately but determine the risk of her fleeing and drawing attention to myself is too great. Finally, after all this time, the moment draws near. I lunge.
Susie immediately whips around and plunges a knife into my abdomen, pinning me to the ground. "So absorbed in your own hatred, your disgust, everything that composes your self, that you failed to realize that if all that is wrong with humanity could nuture an untangible being, that it is possible that all that is right could serve as the spring from which one is drawn."
Wretched human, but I am equally worthless. How was whatever being that has parisitized Susie able to detect me, but I was so absorbed by my hunt that I failed to smell the stench of benevolence? Perhaps in some aspects, myself and Mike are not very diffferent. It was my own greed that drew me to the physical world, and my own wrath that pulled me to this particular inidividual. Susie's eyes began to glow with a blinding golden intensity, and I felt my self begin to decompose. Disgusting humans. They cannot outsmart me. Me more strong. Bad feel. Void.
The spider entity twisted back into its original form and collapsed to the floor. Susie shrieked and begin sobbing. "Mike!?"
"Susie?.. are you... here to play Maplestory?" as Mike spoke, a pale mist poured from his mouth, puddled on the floor, then disappeared. The knife fell from his body, and this mist also poured from the wound intead of blood.
"What's happening to him?" Susie asked to the being which had began to reside in her body earlier in the day, who informed her that it felt something wretched was coming to consume her and her entire species.
"He served as a vessel to that which should not exist in this space. I am sorry. There is nothing that can be done to save him. Feel no guilt, as this was his fate the second that entity made his body its own. I myself must leave this place as well so you will be spared the same fate. Farewell, Susan. You have done well." And like that, it was gone, and so was Mike. The only reminder any of this occurred being his torn clothes in a pile, and her sock returned. While Susie always found Mike strange, he didn't deserve this to happen to him.
She had to look at the good of this event. Evil incarnate manifested, and good was able to overpower it. While humanity indeed has its horrors, there is also good that is capable of rising and overpowering it. This time, humanity was saved from being consumed by that which was fed by the worst of itself. 
Truly, it is a

#1352135 my maple storey fan fic

Posted by KabukimanNYPD on 29 October 2021 - 06:42 PM in Fan Art and Fan Fiction

my maple storey fan fic chapter 6




I was sitting in my ICE CHAIR F2ing with my GF in HENNESY HUNTING GROUND 1 tryin to get enough COOL GUYS together to make a BADA$$ SIN GUILD (i couldnt buy SMEGAS to recruit for BADA$$ SIN GUILD because i spend all NX on GF) and I see a COOL SIN so I F2 at him and ask if he want to join BADA$$ SIN GUILD and he say YES and he say he have guys on FRIEND LIST who are SINS so he tell them to MEET in ORBIS. I go to ELLINIA and get on the AIRSHIP and consider fighting ROGS 2 show off but id probably DIE and have 2 wait for BOAT AGAIN so I stay inside boat and I AFK. Then I GET UP from chair and my HEAD HURT FROM STANDING TOO FAST and I have reached into the space which is the physical world in which humans occupy and found a vessel too pathetic to resist me.


Finally I am no longer a voyeuristic fetus, leeching off the nourishing miasma of humanity's wickedness. The humans, in their foolishness, failed to realize that their minds are greater than the brain that contains them. That as words on a page can contain a fictional universe, ideas that expand beyond wood pulp, glue, and ink, their brains contain more than mere neurons. The abstract space in which their thoughts, their selves occupy was my womb, the sheer evil of humans becoming a primordial soup in a space where nothing physical occupies. But there was no water in which to swim, no shore to crawl out onto. Instead, I was able to blossom as a being that is not bound to physical form, a new type of individual who exists not in the way a physical object does, but in the way an idea does.


I scour this small-minded ape's room for objects of interest. A floor coated in filth. An accumulation of meaningless objects in various states of damage. The bellowing of its mother that dinner is ready.  And a sock, which this vessel fetishized in every meaning of the word. Amusing. This one desired nothing more in life than to have this sock's owner as a mate, as an accessory to be flaunted in the game he squandered much of his life in, and in the back of his mind, as a reflection of his desire to have more in life than living in hoarded filth, pouring money into a game he uses an escape from his reality. How fitting it would if I were to use this vessel to find this Susie and consume not just sip from her well of evil, but feast upon her entire mind. I sit in the computer chair and close the game. I feel this vessel's original owner beating on the walls of the prison in which I have contained him. We are both thieves in a way.


Upon closing the game, I learn that this body's original owner is called Mike. I am also able to locate the address of this Susie he so desired the company of. With this information, I jump out the window, not wanting to be bothered by Mike's mother and be forced to waste something so momentous as my first feast on something so trivial as avoiding chores. It is only when I step outside that I fully acknowledge the size of this world, finally having eyes with which I can see it.

#1352132 my maple storey fan fic

Posted by KabukimanNYPD on 28 October 2021 - 05:28 PM in Fan Art and Fan Fiction

my maple storey fan fic chapter 5




I was UNGROUNDED from the MAPLE STORY and could finaly PLAY it at HOME so I waz kilin TRUCKS in SINGAPORE and i was having fun doing it while TALKIN 2 MY NEW GF i found on the FREE MARKET I give her 100K meso daily and she says HOT THINGS to me and F2 when I she see me. NEWAY (kewl way to say anyway) she tell me SOME NOOB DEFAME HER and I am very anger and not nice this time and she TELL ME HIS NAME and I /find him and it say he ON SAME MAP AS ME then I F5 (anger face) and type WHERE R U U DUMSHYT MUTHERFUKER (Maple Story Company censor Real Words) andhe comes up from CORNER OF MAP and he DEFAME ME. I got mad and SCREAMED in REAL LIFE (IRL) and start KSING HIM. then I got really mad and got up to use my ANGER PEEING WALL (wall I pee on when anger) and my MOM come in and she sai "do u realize DO YOU REALIZE if the health department of THE LAND OF THE FREE AND THE HOME OF THE BRAVE find ur peeing wall they take our house away" and I spray FREBREEZ on PEEING WALL to keep her from ground me from MAPLE STORY again. The foulest of thoughts in the most wicked of men is a filling enough meal, but it is only a mere lick of the delicious wretchedness of humanity that I could be feeding my growing form with. I must reach into the space these humans occupy and find a vessel to accommodate me so there is no longer the intangible barrier of separate dimensions between myself and humanity's sin I GOT BACK IN MY COMPUTER CHARE AND THE GUY WAS GONE! I USE /FIND AND IT SAY HE NOT EVEN ONLINE! DUMSHYT COWARD SCARE AWAY BY MY KSING I see my GF log back online and I telll her I scare off mean man and she say im her hero and ask for NEXON CASH and I tell her when I get next ALOWANCE I give her sum

#1352130 my maple storey fan fic

Posted by KabukimanNYPD on 24 October 2021 - 02:50 PM in Fan Art and Fan Fiction

my maple storey fan fic chapter 4





I was at my  FREIND HOUSE talkin bout MAPLE and he said there are SPECIAL PROGRAMS U CAN DOWNLODE that give you FREE NX all you do is enter your LOG GIN INFO and type in the AMOUNT but he did it FIRST and it didnt work and he COULDNT LOG IN ANYMORE i guss the program doesnt work server must be down anyway I THEN TOOK ANOTHER TOKEN OF THE GONE JA AND LOLSD because EVERYTHING IS FUNEY WITH IT and it screamed from the void. The wicked actions of humans feed the womb from which I will be born WHEN HE WENT 2 TAKE A DUMP I LOGED IN2 MY OWN MAPLE ACC and went 2 da FREEMAN MARKET bcuz i need a GF i wish i could get SUSIE to play MAPLE STORY

#1352127 my maple storey fan fic

Posted by KabukimanNYPD on 19 October 2021 - 09:26 PM in Fan Art and Fan Fiction

I was on HENNESY HUNTING GROUND 1 killstealing NOOBS to FARM MAPLE WEAPONS when 1 guy said he was actually lvl 200 and just PLAYING ON ANOTHER CHAR and I didnt believe him so I lold IRL and F2d at him and he DISAPPEARED anyway then I found a MAPLE CANADAYO and was like THIS WILL SELL FOR NEXON CASH ON DA MARKET so I go on DA MARKET AND LIST IT FOR 1337 NX and the Noob I KSd bought it and I was like LOL JOKES ON U but then he tells me it NORMALY SELL FOR 9001 NX and I F4d (that mean I sad faic) but then I thot why shoud i be sad when I can ANGER (F5) so then I got REALLY MADE and somewhere, in a space imperceptible to us, a being of pure hatred's heart took form and beat its first AND THEN I KSD THE NOOB MORE and he disapeared again and HE LOG ON ON MAIN CHAR WHO IS LEVEL 2000 SIN (that 10 times max level) AND I CALL HIM HAXOR AND HE SAY HIS UNCLE IS A GM and then his uncle log in and say he ban me unless I steal MOM CREDIT CARD AND BUY HIM NX so I do that and then they both disappear AND MY MOM GOT MAD AND BANNED ME FROM COMPUTER TIME UNTIL I CLEAN MY ROOM BUT THE LOLZ ON HER im gonna throw it all in GARBAGE BAG then go to FRIEND HOUSE AND SMOKE THE GONE JA


and also it was CHAPTER 3 AND STUFF

#1352125 my maple storey fan fic

Posted by KabukimanNYPD on 18 October 2021 - 09:23 PM in Fan Art and Fan Fiction

Lol, thanks for the entertainment on a slow Monday morning.




my maple storey fan fic chapter 2





I was killing HIMES like the 1337 S1N I am when suddenly a guy came up and DEFAMED ME and this made me F5 (i am usually nice but anger sometimes) so I follow the guy to the NEXT SCREEN but when I showed up he WASNT THERE so I use /Fine command and IT DOESNT WORK and then I speled it wrong so I use /Find and it tells me NOBODY WITH THAT NAME EVER EXIST AND ALSO SUSIE UR CRUSH THINKS UR GROSS and then I cried and the Maple Story lols at me but then I WOKE UP and was amazed it was all a DREAM but then I turned over and MAPLE STORY WAS THERE AND HIS EYES WERE BLEEDING AND HE SAID HIS GOD but then I woke up for real this time and sniffed  the SOCK I stoll from Susie my CRUSH



#1352123 my maple storey fan fic

Posted by KabukimanNYPD on 16 October 2021 - 07:34 PM in Fan Art and Fan Fiction

my maple storey fan fic




I was a bada55 sin on BROA SERVER and I was throwin my stellis at bob snale and sudenly FANGBLADE showed up and I thot it was kewl but then I realized THIS IS THE BROA SERVER AND HE IS ON THE BERA SERVER and then he screamed and disapeared and then the map became hyper realistic I WAS SCARED so I use Dark Sight skill and I walked to the right for 10 seconds then HE APEARED AND COULD SEE ME ANYWAY and then he bled at me but I had a blood snowborad so I serfed the blood and then there was a noob and I KSed him while F2ing because i am SO KEWL and it turned out fangblade was actually a halusination because im hading a stroke





Posted by KabukimanNYPD on 04 May 2021 - 08:42 PM in Spammer's Central



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