16 Dec 2004

I commissioned a piano arrangement

27 November 2019 - 01:14 AM

Because I have less sense than money, I paid a fellow ~$230 CAD to arrange a song I've wanted a piano version of since my snot-nosed high-schooler days.


Did I say less sense than money? Just kidding. Paying artists is the best use of money.



Original here. (Warning: way louder.)


What, why this one? While it's not my favourite track in the album, I thought it'd make an interesting piano song (not that I knew if it was even viable, having zero musical ability of my own). 2:33 - 2:38 is better than anything little me could have dreamed about! Those five seconds alone were worth all the dollars.


The commissioning process was delightfully humbling. I got to be That Person who vaguely underestimates the amount of work that goes into this sort of thing. Mr. McEvilly also kindly added a note at 0:11 per my request, even though, for all I know, I could have been That Person asking for Comic Sans.




For certain, I spend a lot of time doing a lot less remarkable things at my day job.


Now I'd like to find somebody willing to learn and perform this madness, hopefully for around the same budget. I feel myself teetering toward a gateway. I have a bunch of other songs I think would make interesting piano arrangements.


Here's the full sheet music so you can appreciate the insanity, too.