16 Dec 2004

Crappy MIDI covers nobody asked for

14 December 2020 - 01:16 AM

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[..] I threw a song into an auto-transcription program and spent the weekend trying to clean up the results despite having no real idea what I'm doing. You see, I have no sense of music theory, nor can I read notes, so leaning on robot crutches and other people's music is the best I can do for now. :'D


Listen here.


Oh, don't ask about the instrument choice... I have yet to hear a MIDI instrument that doesn't make my eyes water.


This program (costs $40 USD, I bought it) is really neat. Uses neural nets to calculate the absolute notes of the melody, percussion, bass, accompaniments, what-have-you, and spits out 500% unplayable sheet music that looks something like this:




So it's up to you to add and excise notes, which is still a non-trivial amount of work, since complex scores can be straight up garbled. It's fun, though! One thing I've found is that I need way fewer notes than I think. When it comes to MIDIs at least, it's easy for the sound to get crowded.



Part 2: mmm.mp3 This one was tough. And long (almost 5 minutes). Bad combo.


If I make enough of these, I may eventually have a little garbage album.

They also did a 20th anniversary concert for Chrono Cross

13 November 2020 - 08:50 PM

After rewatching the Xenogears 20th anniversary concert (still amazing btw) I discovered they did one for Chrono Cross. Like anyone should be, I got excited and whipped out the credit card. While I'm not a big fan of the OST, it's bloody Chrono Cross. Say no more!


Yes, the concert is good. They have a sampler video that really doesn't do it any justice, as in, several of the tracks felt underwhelming until I listened to the whole thing. For example, I thought the Brink of Death arrangement sounded generic for the first several seconds, but it's actually great.


- Dreams of the Ages, or whichever of the 10 romanizations you prefer, finally got a live version. The world is good.

- Dragon God, what a banger!


Snakebone Mansion appears in a medley. It's not bad, but the appearance of Snakebone Mansion makes as much sense to me as if the MapleStory symphony in Budapest picked the Florina Beach theme. Let's just leave it at that.


Other Tracks That You Were Obviously Looking For (but just get the whole thing)

Time's Scar

Shore of Dreams (Another World) - On my somewhat-crappy speakers, it sounds like they had one microphone and they put it on the bass. Much better on headphones.


The Sad:

- I went to order the bluray. There was no bluray :-(

- Ok then... I tried every way to get the high quality audio legitimately. I did not succeed in getting it legitimately. (In hindsight I could have used a VPN, but man they really do not want your money do they?)

- The band size is like less than a third of Xenogears'. No brass, no chorus group, no fleet of strings, among other roles. Fortunately, they do have Sarah Alainn (vocals and teeth-melting sweet violin) and Daisuke Kaminaga (the flute player from Wagakki Band).