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29 March 2020 - 02:19 PM





[edit] Wtf the post actually worked this time


Also hi. Work doesn't leave me with much energy, so here's my first and possibly only drawing this year, happy WoW character portraits for 2020. Not Worse:tm: clause still applicable.

In Topic: [Anime] What did you watch today?

13 January 2020 - 02:41 AM

My brother was watching an episode of Cheat Magician. Jesus, it's like everything I hated about late 2000s anime made a comeback.


> MC walks into a room where a female character is undressing


Why doesn't he knock??? Oh that's right, then THIS SCENE wouldn't happen.


Nakama BS, fanservice gags, teleported-into-another-world premise, no-personality Gary Stu, harem wankery, it's alllllllllll here, distilled into 100% derivative garbage juice. If they pulled out some random isekai fanfiction and gave it a show, it couldn't be worse. I suppose that's literally what Cheat Magician is, though. Some random bottom of the barrel isekai fanfiction that somehow got a show.

In Topic: Offical topic of WoW O.o

12 January 2020 - 09:09 PM

Mercenary mode turned my transmog of tasteful culture into an abomination.




But in seriousness, it's a great time to cash in on bear druid PVP:


1) Protector of the Pack + Brambles + Galactic Guardian = money group-fight pressure $$$$$. Any damage redirected from allies to you reflects a small amount of thorns damage on the attacker. Sounds meagre? Yeah, it did to me, too. But 15 people wailing on each other accrues huge, if gradual, amounts of reflected damage. When engaged in a battle of attrition, you can near single-handedly run all the enemy healers out of mana. (I enjoyed this very thing happening today.)


2) Your big bear butt can handle an entire group of players hammering at you. Especially if they are melee. They are bear food.


3) Disorganized enemy players have no idea when to give up and will be hellbent on trying to kill you. People will stomp and beat on your beefy bear butt for minutes at a time. Now, that's a whole lot of enemies not assaulting other key points on the map. By the time they bring you down, if they bring you down, the battle has likely swung in your side's favour.


It's sure not fair, but battlegrounds aren't about fairness anyhow!


01 January 2020 - 01:26 AM

I looked at my played time across my characters, and predictably had a "what have I been doing with my life???" meltdown.




This tallies up to about 4,000 hours.


Toward the end, all I ever wanted to do was play my pet crusader. I had BiS everything, ancient everything, enchanted everything with that Caldesan crap, and boosted all the leggo gems to 100 on my barbarian because my crusader was incapable of pushing itself. I couldn't save the build. It was amazing, but it sucked!

In Topic: I commissioned a piano arrangement

26 December 2019 - 08:34 PM

Gee, isn't this gorgeous?



Me, nose-picking layman: All versions of this song are peppy, but wouldn't it be nice to have a slower, dreamy-sounding arrangement?


Also me, nose-picking layman: Haoly guacamole delivery!


Again, thanks to Mr. McEvilly for coming through with my oddball commission.


Original here.


Sheet music is here!


(As for finding a pianist for the other one, I haven't put any effort toward it yet...)