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In Topic: Crappy MIDI covers nobody asked for

29 March 2021 - 10:46 AM

Part 9: Well, the Source is Nice, and MapleTip is Still Broken




This track has so bloody many notes. My fingers are dying. Seriously, though, the source is Nice. Classic Dungeon, I don't even know what that game is, it just has good music.

In Topic: Crappy MIDI covers nobody asked for

28 March 2021 - 11:13 AM

MapleTip please


Part 8: Suzaku




yea, if here I find my end, stay your tears, for we shall meet again


1) That intro bassline is intriguing. 2) I love the painstaking craftsmanship in FFXIV lyrics.


As much as that doesn't mean I should make a MIDI crappification of Suzaku, here it is anyway.

In Topic: Japan's top 50 vgm of all time

20 March 2021 - 09:50 PM

Incredible arrangement, and that's sayin' something, considering all the other great arrangements this game has gotten over the years


In Topic: Confessions.

06 March 2021 - 02:11 AM

Market taking a dump pretty much from the moment I got in lol.




This is just my personal account, the one where I got omegapunked by the bad Monday trade, and subsequently punked some more by market pullbacks every time that Chairman Powell farts. In addition to this little snippet, I have 3K USD or so doing who knows what in my buddy's broker app, and the ~5K USD losses that have been realized by my other good friend. Better yet, people're saying that there's still a ways down from here. One may wonder, is it time to run? I haven't been with the business that long, just long enough to realize that it's a constant struggle against your (usually incorrect, always detrimental) fight-or-flight instincts. That said, I have a few more grand waiting in the wings.


Today, I fixed myself a slice of garlic avocado toast with smoked salmon, and I greatly enjoyed it.


Real confession: I have somehow maintained a charade where all my coworkers think I'm amazing, even though in actuality I only work around 3-5 hours a day, and the rest of my time lately has been spent on watching myself lose money. Tbf ever since I got hired, I have done exactly one project that was worth a few brain cells. It may never happen again while I'm here. People who jump for more only bash their head against a ceiling, and somewhere along the way, I decided I've done that enough times. Being able to say "I've taken naps worth more money than that" is kinda funny tho (and I fully admit, trashy).

In Topic: Japan's top 50 vgm of all time

06 March 2021 - 01:27 AM

Sure walked into an interesting corner of Youtube.




See also the official choreography: