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#1345488 Knock knock? :(

Posted by laura(thebetterone) on 04 January 2012 - 09:00 PM

Hiya! I've been around on MT since Stephen was a wee little kid (heehee) and though I am getting MUCH too old for this game, I have once again given into nostalgia and restarted on Nova. Is anyone on this forum still playing the game, or even alive anymore? I've looked through some of the recent topics but it seems like I missed the MapleStory revival earlier this year. :( Please give me a holler if we knew each other in the past. Or if I didn't know you, andyou're just another lonely soul looking for someone to share MS with, I'd love to meet you and you should reply anyways!

#217591 IRC Guide

Posted by laura(thebetterone) on 08 December 2005 - 11:00 PM




Installing and Using IRC - Windows

mIRC is the client I use and it's probably the most basic of all clients. If you want something fancy, you'll have to find it and download it yourself.

Download mIRC

Once you have everything installed, go ahead and open mIRC. It will tell you that you have 30 days left, but really, you can continue using it forever, though it's always nice if you're willing to donate.

This is what should pop up once you open IRC:

Posted Image

Fill out your desired nickname and email address. You don't need to give an accurate first and last name, but you do need a working email address.

Go to the server tab on the left and click "Add." This should pop up:

Posted Image

The information is as follows:

Description: MapleTip
IRC Server: irc.wyldryde.org
Ports: 6667
Group: [blank]
Password: [blank]

Click "Add" again and then select the server and click "Select." Then click "Connect to server" on the first screen.

Now you are connected to the MapleTip server. To join #mapletip, type:

Posted Image

;D And you're in!

Installing and Using IRC - Mac

Since I recently bought a Mac, I've had to try and figure out how to use IRC all over again. There's no mIRC for Macs, unfortunately. I've only tried one client so far, and that's Colloquy, but I find it works well for me.

Download Colloquy

Once you've downloaded and installed Colloquy, open it up and you should see a window titled "Connections." Click "New."

Fill it in as follows:

Nickname: [desired nickname]
Server Protocol: IRC [Internet Relay Chat]
Chat Server: irc.wyldryde.org

Check "Remember this Connection."

Expand Details and leave everything the way it is except for "Join Rooms." Click Add and type "#mapletip" into the box. Click "Connect" and you're ready to go.


Registering Nicknames and Other IRC Commands

*IRC commands are the same on mIRC and Colloquy.

Registering a nickname will allow you to password protect that nickname so no one else can use it. It is sometimes required for certain channels and it also allows you to get auto-voice in the future. To register a nickname, type:

Posted Image

You should use a valid email address here as well. In the future, when you log on, it will ask you to identify, or log in. In order to do so, type:

Posted Image

A message should pop up saying "Password accepted."

In order to change your nickname to something else, just type /nick [new nickname]. You cannot use a nickname that is currently registered.

For some more basic commands, visit the mIRC website or ask an operator.