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little brother blew up my mesos in 1 shot

22 February 2010 - 11:24 AM

so i spent about 115m on overall int 30%'s and sauna, trying to get just ONE to work, but kept failing. finally i got so angry i decidede to spend my remaining 73m on 10%'s and used them just to quit losing all funds. 6 FREAKIN WORKED AND I STILL HAD 2 SLOTS LEFT, THAT THING WAS SO PRO!!! i was gonna sell and make some MONEY
but my brother signed on, saw i had slots left and decided to buy a 70% and use it, and blew that ^%$# RIGHT UP. SCREW MY LIFEEEEEE
k thats all Posted Image

Page to whiteknight....(inprogress)

15 January 2010 - 09:39 AM

As you can see from the title, this will be a comprehensive page to white knight guide ,to give insight to well experienced pro's as well as beginner tips to the noobs of the ever joining community =D i will try to be as thorough as possible with the guide although parts at times may be vague so please feel free to give constructive criticism, as this is my first guide ever.
I. What is a freaking white knight?
II. Pro's and Con's
III. Skills and builds for Page
IV. Sword VS Blunt
. Training area's ( levels 30-70)

- Well a whiteknight is more like a hybrid between a mage and warrior, utilizing its elemental powers and brute strength to pack one hell of a punch. While i took a break from maple, before all these new maps came out ludi was the crowdest $%^$er in the world, but whiteknights were known as the KINGS of ludi with our elements. Do u like fire? do u like thunder? do u enjoy giving the enemies frostbite? do u enjoy dishing out uninterruptable stuns? well then by all means, please continue to read xD

II. Pro's and Con's

-Elements always make training area's changeable
-many different available and possible builds to actually apply
-swords and blunt weapons are generally quite cheap(easier to scroll items)
-a uninterruptable stun which makes training more efficient
-great defense
-powergaurd is awesome
-while threaten make look useless....it is usless xD but sure looks mad cool

-the begining levels when maxing one charge makes training area's limited
-pages are unwanted in pqs due to NO party buffs available
-solo character for the most part
-use slash blast and powerstrike for ....eternity
-lame attack animations as its JUST powerstrike that owns.
-threaten in my opinion is useless although if someone would like to challange me on that im all ears.
-poopie magic defense.
-ridiculously unstable damages at first (lvls 31-71) ( 1.2k-5k)

III. now if ure reading this section, i assume uve chosen the path of a page so congrats and goodluck cause trust me this isnt a favorable one, but in the end it'll that much more worth it when you own. now the skills of a page are simple enough, but not very useful for the most part...

Sword/Blunt Weapon Mastery- a skill that really really helps you out with your base damage helping it to be a little less random, one of the first skills you will be maxing as it also gives a nice little accuracy boost.
Sword/Blunt Final attack- now this skills brings along alot of controversy, and i will bring into this guide a factor sheet showing the pro's and con's of maxing it or not which i found out from another pro paladin whose information is really helpful. while you kill boss monsters with powerstrike much better, your mobbing powers drop considerably. you'll see in later section how and why.
Sword/Blunt Booster- awesome skill, raises your speed of the weapon +1 (ex. slow-->normal and normal--> fast), while the speed is same at all levels you will max this regardless, justt how early you max it can vary, but just for your knowledge i kept mine at level 6 up to my late 5x's.
Threaten- now this skill...really confuses me and even to this point still does, and i hear factors defend and attack this skill countlessly. however regardless of just how useful it is, we max it anyway. its a pages signature move we have to >Posted Image

Powergaurd- a really amazing skill, and i recently learned that its useful for...leeching? idont know much about this so please feel free to enlighten me, but a good skill. at max level it returns 40% of physical damage to ure attacker, and therefore reduces the dmg u take. sweeeett!

NOTE* ( x1= apply 1 times, x2=apply 2 times, x3=apply 3 times)

30-Sword/BW mastery x1
31-Sword/BW mastery x3
32- Sword/BW mastery x3
33- Sword/BW mastery x3
34- Sword/BW mastery x3
35- Sword/BW mastery x3
36- Sword/BW mastery x3
37- Threaten x3
38- Power Gaurd x3
39- Power Gaurd x3
40- Power Gaurd x3
41- Power Gaurd x3
42- Power Gaurd x3
43- Power Gaurd x3
44- Power Gaurd x3
45- Power Gaurd x3
46- Power Gaurd x3
47- Power Gaurd x3
48- Sword/BW Booster- x3
49- Sword/BW Booster- x3
50- Sword/BW Booster- x3
51- Sword/BW Booster- x3
52- Threaten x3
53- Threaten x3
54- Threaten x3
55- Threaten x3
56- Threaten x3
57- Threaten x2, Sword/BW Booster-x1