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[Event] Maple Aniversary

07 May 2009 - 05:14 AM

We've got lots of fun events for MapleStory's anniversary. Here's what's in store: mush1q.gif

(All the following events will run from 5.7.09 - 6.16.09):

- All monsters will be dropping Maple Leaves, Sunshine, and Treasure Hunt Notes, so be sure to grab those as they will be very useful for all anniversary events!

EXP Events

- EXP has been adjusted!!! Can you believe it?
We have adjusted the EXP rate (levels 11 - 30 +50% more and levels 31 & above +25% more), for our anniversary month. This should help you get to your goal in no time!

- EXP event for the whole month of May. We will be giving 2x EXP every Saturday and Sunday from 1-3 pm (PDT)! With the EXP adjustment, and 2x EXP events, leveling should be a breeze!

- Special 36 hour 2x EXP event from May 10th, starting at noon till May 11th, midnight! How cool is that?

- 4 Candle Event. Complete the Candle event and you can win cash items and offline prizes! Keep the candles on for at least 40 minutes. If you can collect four pieces of birthday cake, you can win a cash item or offline prize!

- Help Cody prepare for Maple's 4th anniversary party. Go see Cody to help him gather birthday candles!

- Maple Quiz Are you a MapleStory expert? Can you name all the NPC's and monsters in a matter of seconds? Then take this quiz and find out how much you know about MapleStory! You can score five Maple Leaves for every question you get right, you can also get a special cake! Better start studying!

- All Gachapon tickets will be on sale for two weeks! Try to score a special CWKPQ boss item!

- Four Special CWK PQ boss items added in the Gachapon, just in time for our 4th Anniversary!

- Common Skills for all classes have been edited. Details to come!

New Quests Added!

- A Way to Fight Off Sleep -- Starting NPC - Mike

- Rightful Donation Culture -- Starting NPC- Tigun the Advisor

- Revolutionary Defensive Wall Construction Plan -- Starting NPC- Jr. Officer Medin

- Secret Love Affair with Seal Meat -- Starting NPC - Grandma Yeon

- Sejan's Good Habit -- Starting NPC - Sejan

- Jiyoule's Palace Entry Pass -- Starting NPC - Jiyur

- Dealing with Tigun -- Starting NPC - Jiyur

- The Tree Cutter's Test -- Starting NPC - Tree Cutter

Anniversary Quests

- Francois' Latest Work -- Starting NPC - Francois

- Repairing the Maple Cape -- Starting NPC - Francois

- Making Maple Syrup -- Starting NPC - Cassandra

- Cassandra's Latest Information -- Starting NPC - Cassandra

- Putting the Maple Leaf in my mouth -- Starting NPC - Cassandra

Maple Leaves are useful for so many things! Collect Maple Leaves for all of these events:

- Get your special 4th Anniversary weapons for a limited time!
Go to the Maple Admin NPC to exchange the 1st and 2nd anniversary weapons plus Maple Leaves for a 4th anniversary weapon, Maple Hat, Maple Shield, or Maple Earrings. You can also get a 4th Anniversary Scroll!

- Leveling Up Event - You'll receive Maple Leaves each time you level up! As soon as you level up (starting at level two), a light bulb icon will appear above your character's head, and you will automatically receive Maple Leaves!

- All server team event - Start growing a unified MapleStory tree by gathering sunshine dropped from monsters all over Maple World. This will be an all server team effort.
Gaga will be collecting sunshine from all users on all servers. The more sunshine everyone gives, the bigger the Maple Tree will grow. Once the tree grows to its maximum size, Maple Leaves will fall for everyone, including Gold Maple Leaves. Be sure to grab the Gold Leaves to exchange it for a Maple Chair, weapon, or Maple Leaves. This event's all about working together!

- Monster Card giveaway- In celebration of the 4th anniversary of MapleStory, Tienk is exchanging rare Monster Cards for Maple Leaves! Go talk to Tienk in Lith Harbor Today!

Event Mini Dungeons
- 4th Anniversary Mini Dungeons open to everyone! Beat all the cake mobs and get Maple Leaves. Mini Dungeon can be entered through NLC's Spinx.

- GM Events! Our GMs are getting into the anniversary spirit! They will be summoning Big Puff Daddy monsters everywhere, but you won't know when, so be on the lookout and be prepared!

- Quest window UI has been changed, now you can see quest summaries in the quest window.

- Danger Zone Taxi has been added to El Nath and Leafre.

And much, much more!

(maplestory.com: http://maplestory.ne...mp;pageIndex=1)

*wink* Yup, mapletip newbie

25 April 2009 - 10:19 AM

<3 hai guys. You can call me Rain, wolf, or Tsuki (long story). Im in Windia, meh fav. channel is 16. and you can usually find me in sleepywood or orbis.

Char. name: WolfsRainXI
Lvl: 31
(wait...... Just look @ meh sig, duh mush1k.gif )

I own a guild called FinalDeath and we curently have 15 members *cough* (i know, not a lot)
Im also currently lookin for a bf. (not like obsessing over it. Im just single <3)
Im not a huge NX fan, but i like to haff fun sometimes. and the 2X exp helps a lot. Im all out Hunter (W00T!) and am willin to make lots o' friends <//3. If ur eveh on, just PM me. im usually on everyday at least once (like above 5 mins) unless i notify u.
OH! And i would love to train w/ anyone. wether its 4 ur benefit, or mine.

<3 welp. ttyl