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How to level a Beginner Mage > I/L (Rank later)

13 October 2008 - 12:05 AM

Guide updated on 10/22/08. 1.1
Added features: 30-35, Boss hunting: Mushmom. Enjoy it.

So errm... I just got back into mapletip and forgot my old userid and pw xP

So erm... Starting with my new acc on yellowonde, currently level 38. I/L FOREVA

I will update this every 2 days at least, for new monsters and quests to discover.

Let us start this guide.

1. What is a mage?
2. What is an I/L Mage?
3. Training Areas
4. Skill build
5. Boss Hunting
6. Coming soon
7. Coming soon

1. What is a mage?
A mage stands for Magician, as a maplestory character that casts magical spells, they have a hard time leveling at the beginning, but they improve overtime.

2. What is an I/L Mage?

I/L is the abbreviation for Ice/ Lightning, they use both elements Ice and Lightning from level 30, after you get your job advance. This class is the most interesting out of the 3 mages, due to its wide range of skills to choose from.

3. Training Areas
1-8 : Maple Island
In maple island do the tutorial, and do most of the quests there, I will suggest some, the Pio's chair quest, the Cash Shop quest, and the Hat quest, the following NPCs are useful to you. Pio, in amythest, Rain, in amythest, take the quiz for some exp, Chief Stan and That girl you meet.
Robin (I think thats his name) In snail hunting grounds 1. Otherwise, just start whacking snails and w/e til level 8.

8-13: All right, after getting your job advance from Grendal the Old Person, in ellina, I suggest you take the taxi there. The suggested place is
Victoria Road: Field South of Ellinia, train at the slimes or the trees there, and do the first quest for magicians, itll help, and don't rush, read my skill guide before you add onto anything.

13-21: At this moment, you should have magic claw, I suggest maxing magic claw before that mp improver, (See below skill build), but I have listed different alternatives. At this moment, you should train at....
13-15 Should be taken care of at the slime cave, if you can't find it, its a tree when you come into the portal from henesys. The first tree you see, right above you.
15-21, if you have magic claw already, do every quest except Mayas and Manjis quests, those can be done later. I suggest trying the maya one at level 17. And go to the pig beach, or just train at pigs, anywhere where theres pigs, and Green Mushrooms will do too, I suggest the ones up in Henesys training grounds 1.
21-30: I suggest Kerning, or Henesys pq. The Battle Colossum pq thing is just a waste of time.
21-30: The hard way huh? Well go to sleepywood from Henesys, its the closest, and do each warning sign quest there, and kill horny mushrooms til level 30, I suggest pq though.
30-35: Ant tunnel 1-5, Evil cave of eyes, if you have good eqiups, and Teddies, for those of you that are bored of victoria. In other cases, get some monster carnivaling, with some friends, trade wins for now.

4. Skill build
(My Way)
Level 8: 1 SP onto Energy Bolt (Train from that skill)
Level 9: 3 onto MP Improving (The first skill from the top)
Level 10: 2 onto MP Improving, 1 onto MP Max thingy.
Level 11: 3 onto MP Max thing
Level 12: 3 onto MP Max thing
Level 13: 3 onto MP Max thing.
Level 14: 3 on magic claw
Level 15: 3 on magic claw
Level 16: 3 on magic claw
level 17: 3 on magic claw
level 18: 3 on magic claw
level 19: 3 on magic claw
Level 20: 2 on magic claw(Max) 1 on Magic guard
Level 21: 3 on magic guard
level 22: 3 on magic guard
Level 23: 3 on magic guard
Level 24: 3 on magic guard
Level 25: 3 on magic guard
Level 26: 3 on magic guard
Level 27: 2 on magic guard 1 on MP improving
Level 28-30: full MP improving and max it.

5. Boss Hunting
First boss: Level 40 with good eqiups in other words, normal eqiups = 50+
Mushmom, definition taken from hidden street. A ridiculously huge mushroom who is a mother figure to all mushroom monsters. Can be seen wandering around with other mushrooms at a hidden street around Henesys. When it lights up its eyes, jumps up with its humongous body, and lands with a tremendous thud, the whole map shakes and the damage the attack applies is undeniable.

Stats: Also from hidden street.
Hp/mp: 20000/200
Exp: 1200
Meso: 800-1196
KB(Knockback damage needed): 1000
Weapon attack: 200
Magic attack: 300
Weapon defense: 320
Magic defense: 320
Speed: 5
Accuracy: 150
Avoidability: 27
Most effective magic: -
Effective magic: Ice, Lightning, Fire, Holy
Less effective magic: Poison
Non-effective magic: Heal
Less effective status: Poison
Non-effective status: Freeze
Unique Attack: Earthquake physical attack (can be evaded by jumping).

Drops: Etc. drop: Mushmom's Spore, Omok Piece: Mushroom
Useable drop: Ilbi Throwing-Star, Scroll for Gloves for ATT (60%), Scroll for Helmet for DEF (60%), Scroll for Helmet for HP (60%), Scroll for Overall Armor Def. (60%), Scroll for Overall Armor for DEX (60%), Scroll for Top-wear def. (60%), Scroll for Bottomwear for DEF (60%), Scroll for Shield for DEF (60%), Scroll for Gloves for DEX (60%), Scroll for Shoes for Speed (60%), Scroll for Shoes for Jump (60%), Scroll for Shoes for DEX (60%), Scroll for Earring for INT (60%), Scroll for Cape for Magic Def. (60%), Scroll for Cape for Weapon Def. (60%)
Common equipment: Red-Hearted Earring
Warrior equipment: Steel Tower Shield
Magician equipment: Fairy Wand
Bowman equipment: -
Thief equipment: -

My opinion on it: Hunt it whenver possible, its drops are worth quite abit, if you get something like an overall armor for dex 60%, or gloves for dex 60%, maybe ears for int 60%, pretty good price on em, try hunting it whenever possible.

Zombie Mushmom, coming soon.

>:( Stuck

03 October 2008 - 11:34 PM

Well, I got stuck in Arient, and I don't know how to get out, i've been gone for 5 monthes and this happens just when I start again =.= especially on yellowonde madmush42vx.gif Someone help?