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Price check for a Chaos Scroll 60% in Windia

25 September 2010 - 10:51 PM

Hello everyone~

Recently, I got a Chaos Scroll 60% and I wanna sell it but I've found confusing information regarding it price in general Maple Story and in Windia, in particular. While some say it's worth like 100 millions, others say it's only worth like 10 and I'd really like to know which way to go since I need money but I don't wanna rip anyone off. :P

So, could any of you help me by telling how much this scroll is actually worth it? What's the highest I could attempt to sell it, without being unfair?

Thank you, in advance, for your help and sorry if this is posted in the wrong section. :S I searched the forum before posting this, but couldn't find any threads about prices for this scroll in my server. I apologize in advance if this post if wrong. :S

Best regards~

How to buy NX legally, if Paypal can't be used anymore?

26 October 2009 - 09:46 PM

Hello everyone!

I come to ask a question to all non-USA/Canada players, regarding NX Cash. I'm not sure if this is the right section of the forum to post it but... If it's wrong, please move it to the right place. I didn't post it in the "Free NX" section cause this is not about getting NX for free, but about being able to BUY NX legitly again.

I live in Chile and I play Maple Story Global, as most of the world that don't have their own local Maple Story version. I used to buy NX regularly, to keep my pets and some clothes, using Paypal. I don't have access to the new NX Cards because I have no friends willing to buy them for me and I don't live anywhere near the US or Canada. Sadly, for a while now, they've forbid me (and other Chilean friends and other foreign friends, for that matter) from using Paypal to charge NX. Even though they count Paypal as a valid payment method, in the website, I can't charge my accounts anymore. And since I can't get cards either, I've been rendered NX-less without a choice. mush1k.gif

What I was wondering is... Is there any new method to charge NX legally? I've tried selling stuff in the Trade System to get NX that way, but no one buys anything I put there and it's just a waste of mesos, since I waste money putting stuff for sale and they go back unsold to my inventory. mush1d.gif

This whole NX thing was one of the things that made me quit last time, more than a year ago. I went back to the game a couple of months ago and I was fine but... Halloween and all the NX related events have made me wonder how can it be so unfair that, even though I have the money and I'm willing to pay, I can't buy stupid NX and make myself happy trying to get one of those beautiful new chairs or stuff. mush1d.gif How can they discriminate overseas players like this and how could I find a way around this without doing anything illegal? T_T

So... Do any of you know of any legit and safe ways of buying NX? I've found websites and cards on eBay, but they're usually more expensive than the real cards and I don't trust just any website. I'd love to be able to pay through Paypal in the official website, but... weirdface7ut.gif

Any help or thoughts on this would be really appreciated. And, again, I apologize for posting this if it's the wrong place. ^^U

Thanks for your time,