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#1338081 Artaelian the Advanced Knight

SeikaTenshi 25 April 2010 - 07:17 AM

So yesterday I levelled Artaelian to 70 in europe maple's Return of Gold Richie event;

After fighting Baroq, I tried screening the actual moment of advancing (but my laptop bites, it closed maple over taking the screenshot)
Anyway, the skill books, first the finished 2nd job book;

And the new 3rd job book;

Finally the equips at level 70;

And random screenshot, because Albatross is such fun;

Edit; Since this topic went up, Artaelian has reached level 72, so he now has 1 strafe, 1 Wind Piercing, 1 Wind Blow and 3 Arrow Rain.

#1334937 Sanotan's Zakum Helmet

SeikaTenshi 09 February 2010 - 04:03 AM

Well, since the eMS branch is in hibernation, I went to another legit guild (thats actually active) called Helloworld.
The first day, they offered me a chance to go to Zakum, and if I survived, I would be third in a line of four to loot a Zakum Helmet.
My place on the squad list;

After Zakum was downed (should note, after I took this, my computer decided to have a sense of humour and blue screen of death on me);

and finally, the stats of my new helm;

So there we go. Now to just grind to 120 and 4th job.

#1334169 No interest in eMS Kradia

SeikaTenshi 25 January 2010 - 04:28 PM

I've been trying to put this off, but I guess it cant be held off any longer.

There just isnt any intrest for Mapletip in europe Kradia anymore. What you see is the result of several recruitment drives, and subsequent taunting from an unknown external person claiming the guild was a lost cause to those newly recruited.
I have no idea what to do now. Every recruiting drive gets the same result, taunting by this unknown person (members claim to have met them before never being seen again) or the members promising to be active, then falling inactive from the very next day. The intrest has gone. Maybe it will come back someday, but for the immediate future, it just isnt there.

I posted this at the request of my old second in command, Maya, who left for eMS Demethos. Also, other people in eMS say I'm punishing myself by keeping the branch going, even if it is just myself on 95% of the time, and they say I'm better off moving to another guild, maybe coming back to be branch leader when intrest returns.

So, failing for a better subforum, what do other branch leaders think?