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Summoning Bags...

26 January 2008 - 05:55 PM

Hello, first time poster, and first time ranter...on this site in anycase.

Anywho, I'm not ranting particularly about summoning bags...but more so about the situation I ended up in. I admit, my highest lvl character is a lvl 24, but that doesn't make me a noob. Maybe a newb, but not a noob. mush1r2.gif

Okay, to the point. I was lvling up one of my lower...lower lvls trying to get to 10 to try out the bowman job. This guy randomly invites me to join his party. At first I think it's someone around my lvl. But after I party with him, I realize he's a much...higher lvl'd character. I was pretty suspicious to be honest. He said he'd power lvl me, so I thought, well, okay. Either he was bored or...I dunno. He tells me to follow him so I do, we make our way to a house and he enters. I wait outside for a second, because I've seen videos where some poor lowbie's tricked into going into a house only to meet their doom. I should have followed my gut, but no, I thought, maybe there's another portal inside the house?

Well, obviously I was tricked, died just about the moment I entered the house. And I wasn't the only one who'd been tricked. To be honest, that was pretty humiliating in my opinion, but I didn't say anything...until he said, "Don't kill the monsters, we're killing the noobs," (he had some friends with him). The house was full of those stupid, summoning monsters so if I tried to leave, well, I couldn't. That and the fact he called me a noob, that's what made me angry...and the main reason I'm ranting.

So, okay, my fault for falling for his pathetic game. But now I'm a noob? Eh? No, I don't think so. If anyone in that house was the noob, it would be him. My only mistake was trusting him. Did I beg to be power leveled? No. I truly despise people like this. They're selfish and rude. They ruin other people's play time for their own fun.

What I hate the most about this situation? The fact that I can't do anything about it. Well, except defame. Though, I don't believe that will have much of an impact.