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Feb 09 2008 03:15 AM
They're pictures of Zhuge Liang (anime-style), a warlord on Chinese Three Kingdom era if you've ever heard about it. Those picture themselves are from a Three Kingdom pa... 09 Dec · 0

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    I've been interested in RPing lately, but got a massive headache thinking what I should put in my writing. Mostly because of the friggin' language barrier. If someone can help me break that barrier, with a giant mallet if possible, I'd be willing to give that person a box of sweet cookies in return. Hey! It's a box of sweet cookies! C'mon guys! Help me!<br /><br />Oh by the way, I don't blame me being a non-American for that matter. Being an alien is more fun anyway. You can see stars more easily. Stars are good right? As awesome as a box of cookie is.

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