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Guild quest...(MAPLESEA ONLY)

28 April 2007 - 07:16 AM

Copy from maplewiki.net

Everyone in the party should be level 70+ for it's easier to boss.
One Level 10-30 theres a special area for them. and its better to sacrifice a Level 10-30 than a level 70.
One Mage with level 15+ teleport. You can also have a Hermit with Flash Jump, but a mage is still required.
One Assassin/Bandit/Hermit/Chief Bandit with maxed haste.
An Assassin/Hermit or Ranger/Sniper for some special stages.
All have to be in the same guild.

[edit] Register
Go to the Excavation Site <Camp> in Perion and tell your guild leader or a Jr. Master to talk to Shuang. From there you will be in line to the Guild Quest and you have to wait until you are 0 in line. Everyone that wants to do the Guild Quest should head to the map as soon as they're 1 in line just so you wont miss. You have 3 minutes and if there aren't 6 people in then the next guild in line will go. Once your in the timer will be on 93:00 or 93:40 you will have to wait 3 minutes to go in and once the 3 minutes pass you will be able to enter the Guild Quest.

[edit] Stage 1
(NOTE: This is technically not a stage) (NOTE: There aren't stages each map as there own name. I just don't know them.)

Once you're in, you have to hit the purple stones until earrings come out. Wear these throughout the entire guild pq or you'll die.
Once you get the earrings, go to the top and go through the portal. Keep going right once you're in this map. The stones on the second map are for the sacrifice when he has to drop his earrings!

[edit] Stage 2
(NOTE: There aren't stages each map as there own name. I just don't know them.)

Now this stage is difficult i advise everyone that isn't going to be hitting anything to unequiped there weapons so they don't get tempted to hit things.

There should be 1-2 people on each side of this map.
Now the person that registered the guild should click on the Lion Statue and say your ready to start.

The Statues will now flash 4 times each randomly. People usually say when they see it for example the leader clicks and you see the first statue you say 1 then you see the next statue you say 2 then you dont hear anything but the person on the other side says 3 then you see 4 so you say 4. Then you hit the statues all in order, When you hit the 1st one say "Hit One" Second one "Hit Two" etc. to make sure you don't overshoot a statue

The Statues will then flash 5 times and then 6 times and your done.
Prize - 15 GP

[edit] Stage 3
Here there are alot of doors to different maps.

They'll be a map with 3 jump quests. Hear you will go up and these jump quests and hit the golden swords in the top. You might not be able to pick it up because its so big you have to jump and press Z or 0 whatever you use you can only have 1 at a time. From there go out to the main map of Stage 3 and go all the way up and to the right there should be a door go in. In here there should be 4 towers that take the spears you got from the 3 jump quests and go all the way up these towers once you get up drop your spear on the stand until it turns green with yellow wings.Also the Tower all the way to the right requires a mage with 15+ teleport.

Now to get the next spear is a little more difficult. Now go in the room in the midle of the main stage 3 map there will be muscle stones hear kill them until 1 drops keys. Once you get the key go back and go to the left top map drop the keys on the door and the door will open. At the top there will be muscle stones that do 9k damage so don't touch them. Now a mage with 15+ teleport or a hermit with flash jump. They need to go to the Bottom left of the map break the box grab the key and give it to someone with dark sight. Now that person should use dark sight and go to throught the muscle stones and drop the keys on the door go in and get the spear. Now take the spear to the last tower. You'll get 25 gp i think. and go to the next stage.

[edit] Stage 4
Now in this stage kill the ghosts and they'll drop 4 medals 4 scrolls and 2 neckis drinks. Now go to the top right door and open the plates things until you get 4 dishes of food. Now hear you have to put different offerings to the 4 statues. I suggest you start like this:





from there you should know what the combination is.

Note: The leader will know when ones right wrong or unknown. Also you only get 7 chances and after the 7th chance the combination restarts and a mob of monsters come

Prize - 25 GP

[edit] Stage 5
There are 4 parts to this stage.

You need shoes, pants, a shirt, and a hat for the ghost.




The level 10-30 needs to go in the door with like a brown symbol on the top here he/she needs to kill 20 purple slimes and get the 20 mark of evil go to the top and put the 20 mark of evil on the door the door will open and you will have to do the jump quest at the end you will recvie the Hat now go to the door to the right and you should recive 5 guild points now wait for everyone else.

Once you get all the stuff go to the pile of bones and drop the Shoes>>Pants>>Shirt>>Hat the ghost should come up and and the leader should talk to it.

[edit] Boss
Once your done with Stage 5 you will go to a hallway with doors at the end the sacrifice (Preferably the Under lv 30 Char) should go up and drop the earrings on the door and he/she will die and the door will open.

Boss: Ergoth

Now for the boss what people usually kill the boss with meso explosion. They put like 1mil of mesos then hits the diamond a few times and the boss comes out and the chief bandit uses meso explosion and kills the boss.

[edit] Bonus
Haste would be really helpful here. Im not sure the prizes you get but hears a small list.

White Napoleon
Black Napoleon
Green Napoleon
Blue Napoleon
Red Napoleon
Pink Napoleon

Random bag of Summons (Yes even a black sack with Jr. Balrog)