09 Apr 2007
Apr 22 2010 08:54 AM

ARAN Tracker

26 November 2009 - 11:45 AM

there HERE!!111

ill be making one for the aran ring, and if it turns out better than my DW or spearman, it may be my new blessing mule.

as for funding it... im not gonna sink a lot of mesos in it, just recycle equips ive used (and haven't used yet) on my spearman/ DW/paladin. I'm in Broa (other servers scare me wacko2.gif ).

here is a List of MT'er arans (if you want off the list for any reason let me know and ill take it off as soon as possible but for some reason i can only log on at work, when im home my password is wrong for some reason {/ tangent} but i did gather this info from the thread)

Pigreaper-GaranPA (a poor attempt at including the word aran with grandpa, cause im old, but not an actual grandpa yet)
Matthias Hinkell-xWiIfre

RamzaReborn- RamzaLives
Kaosapl- colorsee

MariaColette-zeostar (assuming windia?)
rob (can't make that weird thingy) - aranization- scania?
Matthias Hinkell-WiIfre (windia?)

Mr.Simson- thinking about making one
XxrenganxX- annon.