18 Feb 2007
Oct 16 2010 03:23 PM

Got my lisence

03 April 2007 - 07:37 PM

Yep, I was supposed to get it on the 26th of Febuary, but somehow, I couldn't get it until today. Mainly becuase the guy who does the road tests here went on vacation for a while and then so did my driving school person. Ah well, what matters is I got it now. mush1n.gif

Possible Connection Issues

19 February 2007 - 06:39 AM

Well, as usual, I end up leaving MS for a while after the summer and come back in Febuary. In other words, I'm interested in playing again, but only if I can manage to fix my strange problem that only seems to occur with gMS.

The problem: For some reason, I lag. Yes, that's the problem. The thing I'm trying to figgure out is WHY. My internet pages load quickly, I can play any other game online just fine (ex. World of Warcraft), but when it comes down to MS, at just the wrong times, I hit a lag spike. That usually tended to be in the middle of a Grim or MDT mob. Essentially, this was terrible for training, because I'd die 2 - 3 times a day and end up loosing a lot of hours of work.

So, to help out, I guess I'll give you some specs. I assume it's a connection issue, but I can't be too sure. Here's the PC specs (it's a little old, but it works fine. o__o)

AMD Athlon™ XP 2400+
2.01GHz, 768mb RAM

Graphics Card: Sapphire Radeon 9000 Atlantis Pro (64mb)
Video Card: Unknown (Ran DXIAG, but it shows the same name as the graphics card. Maybe I actually don't have one?)
Internet Connection: Cable + Router (Could the router be blocking ports?)
Thanks for any advice or help you can give me. mush1a.gif