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The Scourge of MapleTip

05 October 2009 - 03:45 PM

This is an exaggeration of the legend of the Mapletip invader and his pathetic whining in front of some other people.

One day, on an average day in the Mapletip kingdom, a new half wit moved in, going under the name Palm. Palm was a dull, crowd-pleasing fool who brought nothing but trouble to the Mapletip kingdom by garbling on about the ways of King K. Rool.

For a long while he lived in the kingdom, spreading his fecal matter and the knowledge of King K. Rool to all who would listen. He rose in popularity (from zero to two), and eventually donned the name King K. Rool for himself. He kept about his way until he made a horrible mistake. He decided to change his name to a simile of Adobaby, the great wannabe who had caused great havoc in times past.

The changing of his name was a sad little attempt to be humorous, but thankfully the community of the Mapletip Kingdom did not fall for it (mostly) and they started using petty name-calling against him, causing much humiliation. In retaliation, he claimed that the changing of his name was an experiment on the residents of the Mapletip Kingdom, and used petty name-calling in retaliation. This resulted in a large-scale slap-fight and whining competition. The noble King Stephen could have done something, but he was probably doing something more important at the time.

Eventually, Palm decided the most peaceful course of action would be to apologize for his actions in hopes others would forget what he had done as fast as goldfish. Some of the many residents offered him forgiveness, but many refused to based on past knowledge of his monthly cycles.

After a long time, Palm was slowly transforming into a no-lifer, because of all the hatred and evil that he was aimed at him. As time passed, he managed to encourage the transformation. Time went on, nothing entertaining happened. More people became bored and started to ignore him, but some were still oddly attracted to him.

Palm had many shouting competitions with ???, but ??? had many brainwashed minions who drowned out Palm's noise, leaving ??? able to hear. ??? was immortal anyway, for he hid behind a shield of egg boxes. Bitter [Perygl: Haha, I told him he was bitter] from this unending feud, Palm changed his name to Amnesty, and he will be called Amnesty from here on out because the original author of this story got confused.

After many events passed, Amnesty picked a fight with Shade, since he never learned. Amnesty was trying to roll in the mud as usual, and thought he would try so with Shade. But Shade was a being of pure light, and could not be corrupted.

Amnesty, not knowing this, said to Shade "lol look at me lololol".

Shade talked sensibly and told Amnesty where to stick said mud, but Amnesty persisted. He began to shout in the words of imbeciles and rabid bears, and eventually, unable to comprehend that Amnesty was actually trying to respond sensibly in his own peculiar way, Shade banned him and whining ensued. Amnesty returned and appealed the the noble King Stephen for Shade to be hanged, but Stephen refused, because he had witnessed Amnesty literally asking for it.

But despite Amnesty's earlier troublemaking, Stephen had mercy on him. He would not get rid of Shade for obvious reasons, but he unbanned Amnesty. But the competition with Shade changed Amnesty. He was no longer able to hear. For in his efforts to drown out what others were saying, his own shouts had deafened him, and he could no longer hear the nonsense he was spouting. He held high a holy sword, stolen from the holy ones, and locked horns with Shade. Unfortunately, shade had no horns and so the competition fell apart.

Meanwhile, Dany the thief, said... something, which caused Amnesty to weep uncontrollably in real life. His former friend, known as the Moonlapse, gave him a bitter message, "Because of your bout with Dany, I declare you no longer welcome as a member of a guild in a game you no longer play and began whining about aeons ago".

Amnesty, upon hearing this, would have gone into a rage only nerds could match. Instead, he just cried and cried and cried. Shade spoke to Antagonist to remove Amnesty's oft-abused privilege to communicate in the shoutbox as he had done before, but this time with no promise of returning the ability. Amnesty became disinterested in Mapletip for a while. He returned the sword he stole from the holy ones, known as the Sword of Mapletip. It was the only noble act he ever committed. He was banned, but couldn't resist returning periodically, since his addiction was so long.

So that is the story of Palm, the hero who cried. The Sword of MapleTip was restored to it's display case in the grand hall of Mapleia Castle. Amnesty became known as the Scourge of MapleTip, but many protested that this name was too strong for such a lowlife. Will Amnesty ever come back? Only time will tell...


[Okay, I was going to do the other part, but I had to read all of that just to change it so it would make some sort of sense and it's made me feel like enough of a nolife as it is.]

Assimilate the assassin

15 July 2009 - 05:44 PM

I started this character a couple of days ago after getting some cheap steelies in the free market. I didn't expect to get past level twenty with her, but I'm already level thirty [in a time that I could consider a personal best]. I think the Knights of Cygnus event helped considerably, too.

I took my bandit's 11 attack work glove and scrolled a Meba [the level 25 claw] with 100%s. Combined with the 10 attack KoC buff I think her damage is okay [highest I've seen is 2 600s from Lucky 7]. I've managed to outdamage a few other 'sins, including a dexless [or low-dex, not too sure] so I'm pretty happy. I never really chose this for huge numbers anyway.

Comments?/Criticisms?/'UR DMG SCKZ MINE IS BETTAR's?