19 Nov 2006

"Interesting" Individuals at School

01 March 2009 - 07:54 AM

When I was a senior in HS there was a freshman who I befriended because 1) He looked acted and sounded like Quatre from Gundam Wing, 2) He looked lost, and 3) I seriously thought he was gay (another gay guy I know told me that the guy liked him).
We didn't exchange phone numbers or addresses.
I moved. My number changed twice. 2 years after I gradutated the guy called to ask me out.
How he got the number when it wasn't even in my name? I have no idea.

There were two guys in my highschool (that I know of) that thought it was the highlight of their day to go down the hall flipping up girl's skirts.

I think the weirdest was the 16 year old who came to school and proudly announced that he got an 8th grade girl pregnant and then had to have it explained to him......

The new Megaman Robot Master

01 March 2009 - 07:38 AM

Ok, were you going for word separation after the t or after the e, because either way GROSS, but one's a LOT worse....

[Life] What did you do today?

26 February 2009 - 09:55 PM

QUOTE(Shadocub @ Feb 26 2009, 07:55 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Rini and I babysat for my sis-in-law............

These lil' hellions are getting on my freaking nerves! OMG, no child can be THIS dense! JESUSFRACKINCHRIST, I'M GONNA DIEEEE! No, Jason, no! Don't.... get... urge... to... smack the back of the head! Satan brought these kids here! WAIT! I THINK I FOUND THE KIDS WHO CONSTANTLY BEG IN HENESEYS LOOK LIKE OFFLINE! GAWD! SOMEONE GET ME BACK HOME!!!!

..........Oh and I fixed my wife's PC so the new patch for Mabinogi will run on Vista.


Babysit..... Or as the check will say Friday when I finally get to quit. "Monster-sitting".

I pondered these questions:

Should a nearly 6 year old boy cry because he has trouble getting his pants off to get in the bathtub?
Should he really cry because he has to eat with a fork instead of a spoon because it's his sister's turn to pick dinner?
Should someone really get a dog when they can't handle their own kids?
Should anyone ever let their schitzo mother take care of their kids on the weekends?
Should a 4 year old really not be able to understand that a dog can feel pain?
Should there really be 5 full laundry baskets in a 3 person home?
Should ANYONE think it's ok to turn off water to the kitchen sink when they have roaches because of a small drip?
Should I report this woman, even though I'm related?
Is it possible to fix stupid?

(sigh) And no Mabinogi to make up for the hell I put up with because their servers are down.....

I don't why anyone else isn't in Iria right now...

26 February 2009 - 09:30 PM

You should see it when it sits down. It looks like it's in a hover-time out.

tongue piercing.

17 July 2008 - 07:42 PM

I personally wouldn't get a tongue ring.

1) My tongue's really short and there's a high chance of it being peirced too close to the end and ripping my tongue.
2) I bite my tongue enough as it is. Owww
3) My tongue has a mandible on the bottom that goes close to the end of my tongue. It actually gets stuck between my bottom teeth when I try to stick my tongue out further.
4) I've seen Cub in pain from swallowing peices of his tongue rings. (shudder)
5) He left his tongue ring out for weeks and when he put it back in he punctured a thin layer of skin that had grown back over it. Gross and painful looking.
6) The girl who had a vein punctured had a tongue longer than mine.
7) The girl who had her tongue peirced crooked let it heal and got it RE-peirced crooked.

Oh, and if I was a guy I definately wouldn't get it peirced because the guys I know with peirced tongues tend to get hit on by guys.