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Hey all people...I wasn't sure where to put this topic so I just stuck it here.

I am buying a 12 Attack Clean Garnier. So could you either post here or PM me about it.

Sorry if this is the wrong area Please move it to the correct area if its in the wrong place.

FFTAmaster's SinDit Guide

01 October 2007 - 01:48 PM

== Introduction ==

Hey! This is my first guide but I have always wanted to write one and submit it somewhere. Also I have only hit level 40 When I first wrote the first version of this guide. SinDit is a build that I have experimented with and hopefully gotten all of the bugs out of. Anyways…Onto the Guide.

Version 1.0 Finished Submitable Version of guide.

Version 1.1 Training areas have been redone according to recent patches.

Version 1.2 Skill points have been adjusted.

Version 1.3 Stat point Distribution added.

== SinDit Guide ==

If you choose to follow this guide your character will become powerful in both ranged and close combat. This is helpful because if you think about it a pure Assassin, they don’t have much crowd control until they have haste and can jump above enemies and attack. But if you are a SinDit you will not only be able to do that to some extent but also dive into a large crowd of enemies using Savage blow and dealing as much or more damage as a pure Assassin.

Some people say that a SinDit Build is weak and useless but I say NO! Why would someone say that? Once they get to about upper 40s they are very powerful! So if you are the kind of person that likes to be able to be skilled in close and long ranged combat then read on….

== I. Getting Started ==

When you first make your Character You will want to roll something like this:

STR: 4-5 (Unless you want to be a Strength Bandit then you would want to roll anything.)

DEX: Anything

INT: 4 (Must be 4.)

LUK: Anything

Once you get done spending about 30 minutes on a proper stat roll you can get out there and start killing thing to get to Level 10. After you get to level 10 and have finished all of the Quests on Maple Island, you can go ahead and leave. Once you are on Victoria Island take a Taxi over to Kerning City and talk to the Dark Lord and finally become a Rouge.

== II. Stat Point Distribution ==

After you get your roll done you will likely be wondering where to add your stat points after a level.

This is what it should be:

Dex +2 Luk +3

You have to make sure that Dex is 2x your level. You continue doing Dex x2 your level until Level 40 when you get there you do do Your level +40. In other words:

Dex +1 Luk +4

That would be every level after level 40.

== III. 1st Job Skill Distribution ==

You will want to follow this build for your skills:

Level 10: Lucky Seven +1

Level 11: Keen Eyes +3

Level 12: Keen Eyes +3

Level 13: Keen Eyes +2 MAXED Lucky Seven +1

Level 14: Lucky Seven +3

Level 15: Lucky Seven +3

Level 16: Lucky Seven +3

Level 17: Lucky Seven +3

Level 18: Lucky Seven +3

Level 19: Lucky Seven +3

Level 20: Disorder +3

Level 21: Dark Sight +3

Level 22: Nimble Body +3

Level 23: Nimble Body +3

Level 24: Nimble Body +3

Level 25: Nimble Body +3

Level 26: Nimble Body +3

Level 27: Nimble Body +3

Level 28: Nimble Body +2 Dark Sight +1

Level 29: Dark Sight +3

Level 30: Dark Sight +3

When you are done it should look like this:

Lucky Seven-20 '''MAXED'''

Keen Eyes-8 '''MAXED'''

Nimble Body-20 '''MAXED'''


Dark Sight-10

Double Stab-0

Ok you might be asking yourself why Lucky Seven before Nimble body. Well the answer is simple. See look…The main reason for a SinDit is to quicken the leveling process from level 10-30, so why hinder it by adding points to the skills that that will hinder your leveling speed instead of quicken it? Another question that might raise. Disorder, why not have it? I recommend against it because why spend MP on using a skill that doesn’t have a 100% chance to make the enemy go away or stop altogether. Best put the points into a skill that will make you immune to damage and trust me on this one.

== IV. Training Areas for 1st Job ==

1-10 Stay on Maple Island. If you want to leave then just stay near Lith Harbor and kill Blue and Red snails.

10-15: Try to train at Mushroom Park. But if you have problems there Go to Henesys Hunting grounds 1 or Kerning City Construction Site.

15-20: If you can 1 hit Slimes with a dagger then go to Slime Tree. That or go to Pig beach if you can handle Mobs.

20-25: For level 20 Pig Beach is still a good option but you could also go “Kerning Construction Yard” for Octopus’. At level 21-25 try to do the Kerning PQ, if not go back to Octopus or Pigs.

25-30: One of the best sources of EXP here is Kerning PQ, but if you can’t get there Regularly then you should go to Horned Mushroom Tree or Ant Tunnel I and II for Zombie Mushrooms and Horned Mushrooms. Nearing the end of those levels you could also go to Wooden Masks And Stone masks if you think you can handle it.

Great Job! You are now Level 30 and are ready to become a Bandit!

== V. 2nd Job Advancement ==

Once you are level 30 Run over to the Dark Lord again and tell him you are ready to advance in study. He will give you a letter and direct you to the Thief Instructor, Which is “Construction Site to the North” But to get there you will need to exit Kerning City on the left and keep going left for 2 maps and then go to the top of the map and talk to the Thief Instructor and you will be transported off to another map after a long speech.

You will want to take about 40-50 blue potions along and whatever you are comfortable with in HP potions because you won’t be getting out when you get in. When you get in you will be fighting very weakened Cold eyes and slightly stronger Blue mushrooms. Your goal will be to gather 30 Dark Marbles that the monsters drop.

== VI. 2nd Job Skill Distribution ==

Level 30: Dagger Mastery +1

Level 31: Savage Blow +3

Level 32: Savage Blow +3

Level 33: Savage Blow +3

Level 34: Savage Blow +3

Level 35: Savage Blow +3

Level 36: Savage Blow +3

Level 37: Savage Blow +3

Level 38: Dagger Mastery +3

Level 39: Dagger Mastery +3

Level 40: Dagger Mastery +3

Level 41: Savage Blow +3

Level 42: Savage Blow +3

Level 43: Savage Blow +3

Level 44: Dagger Mastery +3

Level 45: Dagger Mastery +3

Level 46: Dagger Mastery +3

Level 47: Dagger Booster +3

Level 48: Dagger Booster +3

Level 49: Haste +3

Level 50: Haste +3

Level 51: Haste +3

Level 52: Haste +3

Level 53: Haste +3

Level 54: Haste +3

Level 55: Haste +2, +1 Dagger Booster

Ok Here is where you will have to decide whether you want Steal or Endure

Endure Finishing build:
Level 56: Dagger Booster +3

Level 57: Dagger Booster +3

Level 58: Dagger Booster +3

Level 59: Dagger Booster +3

Level 60: Dagger Booster +2 Endure +1

Level 61: Endure +3

Level 62: Endure +3

Level 63: Endure +3

Level 64: Endure +3

Level 65: Endure +3

Level 66: Endure +3

Level 67: Endure +2, +1 Steal OR Dark Sight

Level 68: Steal +3 OR Dark Sight +3

Level 69: Steal +3 OR Dark Sight +3

Level 70: Steal +3 OR Dark Sight +3

When you are done with this it should look like this:

Dagger Mastery: 19 '''MAXED'''

Endure: 20 '''MAXED'''

Dagger Booster: 20 '''MAXED'''

Haste: 20 '''MAXED'''

Steal: 10 (Optional)

Savage Blow: 30 '''MAXED'''

Steal Finishing Build:

Level 56: Dagger Booster +3

Level 57: Dagger Booster +3

Level 58: Dagger Booster +3

Level 59: Dagger Booster +3

Level 60: Dagger Booster +2, Steal +1

Level 61: Steal +3

Level 62: Steal +3

Level 63: Steal +3

Level 64: Steal +3

Level 65: Steal +3

Level 66: Steal +3

Level 67: Steal +3

Level 68: Steal +3

Level 69: Steal +3

Level 70: Steal +2, +1 Endure OR Dark Sight +1

When you are done with this it should look like this:

Dagger Mastery: 19 '''MAXED'''

Endure: 1 (Optional)

Dagger Booster: 20 '''MAXED'''

Haste: 20 '''MAXED'''

Steal: 30 '''MAXED'''

Savage Blow: 30 '''MAXED'''

''Side Note'': You may be wondering why it says that 19 is maxed for mastery...Well thats because 20 only gives +1 Accuracy and that won't make a difference in the long run.

Now that you have that done we will go back to Training Areas.

== VII. Training Areas for 2nd Job ==

30-35 Stay on Victoria Island for these levels and train at “Ant Tunnel I-II” for lower levels. Train on Evil Eyes at “Evil Eye Cave” for the higher levels. Or if you want you could head over to Ludibrium and train on Ratz and Brown Teddies. PQ is also a nice option for level 30.

35-40 Ludibrium PQ if you can get in, if not train on Evil Eyes if in Victoria Island and Brown Teddies if in Ludibrium.

40-45 Ludibrium PQ defiantly now, you will be wanted more because of higher level and because of your ability to complete most of the stages that other classes couldn’t. If you don’t get into PQ then you could go back to Brown Teddies or head over to Ticks. If you are in Victoria Island still you could go to Jr. Wraiths or Curse Eyes.

45-50 Ludibrium PQ Alot now. If not head over to Retz and if you can’t take them at your level then try Panda Teddys. If you are STILL in Victoria Island You should be training on Curse eyes

50-55 Ludibrium Maze PQ is a goos choice due to it being only about 5 minutes and you will get 1-3% every time though. But if you like training more then PQs then go to Flyeyes.

55-60 Orbis PQ is now an option. You could still Ludibrium Maze PQ if you need Potions and for some quick Short exp. Training will take you to Gryphons.

60-65 Orbis and LM PQs are still options if you want to. If not then go to Gryphons or Coolie Zombies.

65-70 Orbis if you actually want to finish it, LM PQ won't give you much EXP but you will get LOTS of pots. Training will STILL take you to either Gryphons or Coolies.

GREAT JOB!!!! You have made it to Chief Bandit! I am nowhere near this point so I have no idea what the 3rd job test is and cannot write about it.

''Side Note'': Yes. Gryphons WILL be your main grinding point especially when you can one hit them. So no this is NOT a miss print.

== VIII. Equips ==

Now here is tricky, this all depends on if you are funded by anyone or if you are starting from scratch.


If you are funded then you could buy all of the tops and bottoms all the way up to your level, although if you do then you will actually have spent a good amount of money on just a few power ups. If you are unfunded then you should spend the 1.6k to buy the basic thief armors and look like a thief or you could stay in your beginner clothes to save the money.

Levels 10-20: Like I said above, buy the level 10 stuff and be done with it until later.

Levels 20-30: If you want you could make yourself look really cool by getting the Pao clothing until Level 30. But you could also stay with whatever you got at level 10 to save money.

Levels 30-40: If you want to save money then wait until level 38 for a quest that will give you half of your level 40 gear in Ludibrium. Or you could spend all of the money you have been saving from other gear and buy the level 35/40 stuff, they are basicly the same stats they just look different.

Levels 40-70: Now there are no in between level gear so you have to wait 10 levels each time. You could buy them each level or not its up to you.


Levels 10-25: You want a Garnier until level 25. Why? Because all of the Claws in between aren’t very good, When you get to level 25 get a Meba as fast as possible and try to scroll it with 7 100% Scrolls. After you get the scrolled Meba you won’t need any other claws after that because a scrolled Meba is better then a Level 40 Claw and you only be using a claw until level 43.


Levels 10-40: You won’t be using a dagger except maybe level 17-21 if you train in slime tree with it. When you get to level 40 you can buy a Dragons Toenail or if you don’t want to have to buy new daggers after so long you can get an above Average Korean Fan and scroll it with two 60% scrolls and the rest 100% scrolls to try and get it above 60 Atk.

Levels 40-50: If you want to look cool you can try to buy a Maple Wagner but if it is too expensive for you then you can keep your Dragons Toenail or Scrolled Korean Fan. If you have a scrolled Korean Fan that is 60+ Atk then you have no need for a Shinkita, you also might not need one because supposedly Shinkitas don’t work with Dagger Booster and that could be costly.

Levels 50-60: You will be using the Korean fan most of these levels but when you can get a Deadly Fin.

Levels 60-70: From Deadly Fin to Kandine is the way to go.


Levels 10-20: Just follow along with the “Armor” section above. These levels you could get the one of the colored DarkAlley Beanies for level 10 then you could get one of the colored Loosecaps at level 20.

Levels 20-30: I would say avoid level 25 and 30 hats because they aren’t any good but if you want them go ahead. Brown bamboo hats are a must at level 25, They give a +3 LUK upgrade and that is good for a low level. Or if you want a bunch of extra HP then the Pig Ribbon Bandana is a good choice.

Levels: 30-40: I would not take my overturned salsa bowl off until level 40. When you get to level 40 then you can get an awesome looking Pilfer or you could stick to your awesome +3 LUK giving Brown Bamboo Hat.

Levels 40-50: A colored Sonata could replace your Bamboo hat at this level because it brings the same LUK enhancement.

Levels 50-60: Definitely go for an Identity at this level.

Levels 60-70: The hat at level 70 is called a Nightfox so that is what you likely will be wearing.(or stay with a 5-6luk Dark Identity its better than lvl 70 hats)


Levels 10-40: You won’t get a cape until level 25 when you get it from the quest “Mystery at Niora Hospital”. You also could get an Oxygen Tank from a quest in aqua road(Hughes's Weird Invention (Level 35).

Levels: 40-50: You will be able to get one of the 3 Icarus Capes at level 42 from the Quest “Icarus and the Flying Pill”. You can also get a colored Napoleon Cape from the Bonus Stage of the Ludibrium Party Quest.

Level 55: Colored Justice capes

Level 60: Colored Magic capes

Level 65: Colored Gaia capes or Goblin cape from The quest "Goblin At Black Mountain" a Level 60 quest

Level 75: Colored Seraph capes

''Side note'': Some of these capes are available in quests in a certain Level. Goblin Cape is also Not reccomended Only because it gives +5 Strength But if you want to use it is not a bad thing.


Levels 10-30: You won't get any Gloves until you finish the first "Nella & Kerning City Citizen's Requests" In which case you will obtain level 20 Gloves. It is not reccomended to Upgrade your gloves unless you happen to have the materials sitting around.

Levels 30-50: At these levels you will likely be forced to use The various Class Gloves.

Levels 50-70: You will have lots of money by this time hopefully so you should be able to buy or make a Work Glove with an 6-10+ Weapon attack and trust me you will want it.


Levels 10-30: The only good earring that you get in this level is Leaf Earring from the quest “Bettys Reserch on Plants [Part 2]” at level 22. Leaf Earrings are a level 25 equip and give a +50 MP boost which is helpful for level 25. Or you could go with any of the level 30 Earring you could get through various quests or through Kerning City Party Quest.

Levels 30-50: I would say keep the Leaf Earrings for a while because of the upgrades but it is up to you. You could use any of the earrings you get during these levels and while you are Party Questing in Ludibrium.

Levels 50-70: You could even keep those Leaf Earring even up to this level! But The best thing to do would be to buy or make some Dex Earrings when you near the higher levels or whenever you have enough money.

== IX. Str-SinDit/Dexless SinDit ==
Well I haven't really researched much on this but I will make a suggestion.

For Str-SinDits just follow the same build just adding enough to use the Str daggers.('''Note''' Str-SinDits are NOT recomended because from levels 10-40 you will be using stars NOT daggers. So in other words your Lucky 7 will be weaker from levels 10-40)

For Dexless SinDits also follow the same build just don't add any points to DEX exept the Prerequsite of 25. ('''Note''' Dexless SinDits are stronger in the levels 10-40 due to there high amount of LUK but they will be stuck using Garnier for their claw and a Korean Fan or if you have one a Maple Wagner for their Dagger.)

== X. Final Notes ==

When you get to about levels 31-40 you might get discouraged because you haven’t found any place to train effectively or you are poor enough that you can’t buy Mana Potions and HP Potions for your training. In this case you would just have to train in a place that you don’t have to spend a lot of Potions to kill a lot of monsters. Another thing would be equipment. If you are unfunded you will have trouble providing equipment for your character, this will begin in the late teens or mid twenties. What you should do is just simply not buy them as the guide says above. I mean come on! Think about it. If you are going through that game buying every equip every 5 levels you will be wasting a colossal amount of money on just a few extra Luk or Dex. So if you are unfunded just stick to level 10 equipment for a while and only buy the dagger or the Meba when you get to the proper level. Also note that you don't have to follow this guide EXACTLY, you could train somewhere else or use different equipment then what is put into this guide. So just remember this guide is just s strong recomendation.

Another Thing, excluding the skill point distribution most of the stuff that is Level 55+ I am not quite sure about because I am not currently there. But I will also update this guide from time to time when I get the chance.

== XI. Credits and etc. ==

Please do not copy this unless you have permission from me, FFTAmaster92.

Credits Go to Wizet/Nexon for creating Maplestory. To Mapletip and Hidden Street for Miscellaneous Item stats and Other such stuff.

I have finished this guide through my own experiments and my own knowledge and the want to make some kind of guide for some game somewhere. I also thank anyone who reads this and uses it. Happy Mapling!

Attack WG

25 September 2007 - 11:47 AM

Hey...I was wondering about how much a 6 attack WG would cost on Windia. Thanks.


13 September 2007 - 01:48 PM

Hey all...I have some training questions. Currently I have been training on the Gryphons map and I have been getting AMAZING exp. Im currently a level 54 Bandit and I can 2-Hit Gryphons and can handle Mobs fairly well. Exept I have been reading around on some guides and all of them say wait til later. Why? Im mean...I don't use THAT much money on Pots and I am getting amazing exp. If I should wait til later then could someone show me somewhere else to train?


Also Sorry if this is in the wrong place...I made a topic earlier and It got more or less disregarded. It wasn't about this but still it was a HELP topic.

[Windia] Maple Doom singer

01 June 2007 - 12:24 AM

Windia Maple Doom Singer

Attack: 69
Accuracy: 31
+5 Str