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Manual Patch

22 November 2006 - 10:29 AM

Mmmmm....I'm a lil late and missed the chance to get manual patch...get anyone get me a link for one, please? (not mapleglobal website ones)

Anybody watch the Alex Rider series?

02 October 2006 - 09:33 AM

Yeah, well I do...And Stormbreaker's out in theatres sometime this month! Woot! But what do you guys think of the books, if you read it? My fav's Scorpia cause of teh ninja pwnage...Ark Angel's nice but too unrealistic (15 year old in space??!?! FTW?!)

Maximum Ride: The Series

01 October 2006 - 10:44 AM

So, if you guys read it, whatcha think? I don't really know what to say about it till somone starts talking xD.

The Definitive Pros And Cons Of Each Class

10 September 2006 - 09:36 PM

So. I am pretty sick of posts asking what class to pick, and how one class pwns another. With this thread, I will state the respective pros and cons of each class. I won't include visual pros/cons (armor and weapon appearances) since you decide if a hulking dude in metal looks good or not.


Uber damage
Highest Hp in game
Highest wep def in game
Has mob skill first job

Is melee
Has lowest Mp in game
Has lowest magic def in game
Has no speed/jump boosts

Overall Balance
Warriors' main attribute is extremely survivability and damage. To make up for these extremes, they are melee and lack a speed/jump boost, as well as a need for mp.


Has highest MP in game
Has highest magic def in game
Good range versatility
Has teleport (move/jump boost-kinda)

Equips are expensive (not class related though)
Weaker at high levels than other classes
Low survivability

Overall Balance
Mages are generally meant to be a high damage all-ranges class, though clerics are heavily based on teamwork. They also are ranged, and can effectively hit farther monsters as well as monsters right next to them. However, they lack weapon def and thus are somewhat easy to kill.


Long range
Excellent versatility
Has a move bonus (thrust, 3rd job)

Average damage
Lack of high-damage skills
Lack of party skills

Overall Balance
Archers are sometimes considered useless in pqs because of their lack of contribution skills- all of their supports only help themselves. However, their strength lies not in damage or support, but in VERSATILITY. Aspiring archers hope to do 50k damage strafes but that is a false hope. Archers share the critical strike of assassins and the final attack of warriors. In addition, they have mortal blow, PKB, puppet and arrow rain; all of which are excellent in close ranged combat, and they also have the pretty much longest range in all MS.


Fast love
High potential damage
Has a good escape spell (dark sight)

For damage to be high, they need MONEY (work gloves, stars, meso explosion, equips)
Low money= Low damage
High mana consumption in a low mana pool

Overall Balance
The thief class is the one that is for the rich or highly determined, as early levels are a hellish trial that is significantly helped by a little bit more green cash.gif . Thieves are the class in MS (haste, assaulter/flash jump) but they need a lot of mana but don't have much of it. Overall, thieves are a fast, stingy class that is potentially LETHAL.

Aw dam...I think I got hacked..

05 September 2006 - 05:20 PM

NOOOOOO!! My pin doesn't work anymore =(. I think I got hacked or something? I'm not gonna bother emailing Wizet- They never answered my last one, 1 year ago. Anyways, does anyone have any explanations of glitches that may have caused this or anything? Otherwise, bye-bye lvl 51 hunter and sup new account. =D.