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What has maple come to?

27 June 2009 - 08:52 AM

I started a new character, Grindkore, and got to level 18 in a day.

When I hit 15 (Yesterday), I decided to go and "T> [email protected]@@@@@@@@" to get to my 20 fame goal so I could wear Dark equips in the near future.

I found this one person, forgot her name, she counted down "3 2 1" I decided what the hell.

I famed her, she DEFAMED me. Then started laughing.

I can stand being scammed fame, I mean, it's my own fault for "T> [email protected]@@@@@"

But being DEFAMED?

That's just harassment.

Of course I just bought the fame back for 150k (Walking around at level 15 with -1 fame isn't that good for your name)

So today, I thought I would T> fame again. Some level 30 sin with 39 fame. Thought I could trust him.

I fame him, he runs away. Then he pulls the "You didn't even fame me" trick.

So I hopped on my level 15 mule who happened to be in the area and took my fame back.

How can I get to my 20 fame without buying it all for 150k each? I only have 11mil, I don't wanna waste it all on fame.

I can't trust anyone anymore.