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#1342455 Updated EXP spreadshhet

Posted by kwaz on 09 December 2010 - 05:19 PM

Figured a few would be interested in this. We all know EXP rates have changed (again) so I've updated my spreadsheet with the new values. {view it here} No graphs, sorry.

The previous and original data is also viewable, feel free to copy it for anything.
[~_~] kwaz (the not-quite-dead Priest)

#1259550 Q&A, NxProse 7/08/2008

Posted by kwaz on 28 April 2009 - 09:32 PM

QUOTE(iamflip @ Jan 25 2009, 09:39 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
In regards to the Tespia response, NexonAm could have easily prevented that by actually finding people who have experience on beta testing through "resumes" of sorts instead of just having a lottery picking random users who only care about the spiked rates. So not smart, NexonAm.

With all of these bugs, it should be essential for them to re-open Tespia, but with new rigorous standards of getting in which includes having playing MS for a long time and asking people if they had experience beta testing other MMOs.

That seems to be what any tester I've talked to says as well. Something along the lines of having a 3rd Job char, account is older than 6 months/1 year, etc.

Personally it was the leveling-up process that killed it for me, doing AP/SP every level got tiring quickly... but otherwise (IMO) it's not the best char for testing. Maybe if we had a "Character Copy" for gMST or even standard stat built characters that all we needed to do was use SP. All that could be done away with, however, if they just kept one server for testing and had a core Testing group. Last point... testing was too quick. Give us longer than 1 or 2 weeks.

~ Added 40 Q&A from yesterday (2/13).

Another Chronicles of Masteria update, sorta. Enjoy the in-joke.

#1155404 Q&A, NxProse 7/08/2008

Posted by kwaz on 08 July 2008 - 08:13 PM

2009/04/28 CoM update. Enjoy the in-joke.
2009/02/13 More Q&A... (Part 7 ~ 40 Q/A)
2009/02/11 NxProse edited the CoM thread. (New PQ!)
2009/01/25 Prose takes more Questions. (Part 6 ~ 21 Q/A)

Here's the results from the Q&A starting July 8th, 2008 (Part 1). New entries added periodically. Now with Part 7!

Chronicles of Masteria: Teaser Logo, pics, NPC quotes, PQ Teaser, no real discussion. {linke} : Related GMBlog {entry}.
>>> The Q&A. {linke} % Posts: Part 1, Parts 2 & 3, Part 4 {a.b.c.d.e.f.g}; 2009: Part 5 {a.b.c.d}, Part 6, Part 7 {a.b.c}
Images: CWK logo, Taggrin, Joko, CWK2 (huge)

{April 28th '09)
Hola all,

Quick update.

Over the past few months, we've gained a lot of feedback from the community via surveys, focus groups, the Feedback Threads, etc. Well, as you may have noticed, we've implemented a lot of changes both in and out of game. We're in transition to a bigger and better MapleStory, and we're going to do this with your help. There'll be some bumps along the way, but we'll work through them. =)

So, many of you have noticed that there's sort of a "What Now?" lingering feeling at the end of the CWKPQ, and that's because there are a few storyline quests that we had to delay for deadline purposes. Needless to say, we'll be addressing this, not necessarily in the next patch, but they're coming. Of course, we have to fit all of this into our already bursting at the seams schedule. So sit tight. The future of Masteria is quite bright, or dark depending on how you see things...there is a lot of story left, and you'll see for yourselves.

Also, raise your hand if you like goggles. :cool:
(February 12th '09)
Anyone else hear that noise?

Probably just me, almost felt like something had changed rather drastically...like a brand new PQ and some dedicated spawn maps.

So, the next chapter in the tale of Masteria is nearly here: "The Battle of Crimsonwood Keep". We've pulled out plenty of tricks, and simply cannot wait to have the community experience it.

GM Blog should be up by now, and I'll (hopefully) have some time on Friday to answer a few questions. However, we've got new maps, new Bosses, new stages, new music and new rewards for your party, should you actually complete the numerous, never-before-seen challenges within...

Until then, feel free to speculate on how many bosses you'll fight. And how you'll get there...if you haven't finished your Masteria quests, I highly, highly recommend you do.

And remember, No Mercy. Which of course, doesn't mean "unfair". Wink

Some details are coming soon...
(December 11th '08)
Ok, so while this isn't a direct update with pics, etc, I have a few minutes to talk a little. So, consider this an extended commentary on bosses.

Now, MapleStory has a wide, wide range of bosses. As a gamer myself, I always thought that several boss fights stood out:

1) 3rd Job Advancement Dark Side Fight
2) Papulatus
3) Black Crow
4) Horntail

And let me confess, I LOVE boss fights. Part of the reason why the Evil Dead map in the Phantom Forest spawns both Headless Horseman and Bigfoot is because it's there as a sort of personal challenge. No quests, or anything, just a basic challenge of "Can I do this?"

The last game I played had some rather interesting bosses, but I think the best boss fights are ones where you have to constantly adapt to only only the boss, but other factors. Mega Man 3 is my favorite out of the series, due to the challenge variety/stage layout of the bosses in Wily's Fortress. Shinobi 3, the stage prior to the last boss is one of pure platforming, where the stage itself is your enemy. Stuff like that stays with you years later.

So when seeing speculation about just what is behind the gate at the apex of Crimsonwood Mountain, I've read plenty of comments that say "Can you just give the Geist Balrog more attack/HP?" Sure, we could, but you guys deserve more. In fact, waaaay back when we first tested the Amorian Challenge, he was a lot stronger (close to a one-hit KO), but with all of his skills intact. Too hard. Even for an Onyx Apple. So we tweaked it a bit so it'd be a lot more fun, while still challenging. Because in the end, that's really what its about. Of course, since then, quite a few of you have leveled substantially, so we can show a great deal less mercy. Cool

That said, enjoy the holiday events and Magatia, and get ready for 2009. We're gonna have some fun Wink

"...we've received plenty of reports of a very weird "thing" out there in the forest...tough enough to stomp 160 Heros, 100 Nightlords, 80 Arch Mages, 190 Paladins, 90 Bowmasters, 110 Marksmen, 50 Shadowers...pretty much everyone we sent after it..." ~ Lita Lawless

Questions & Answers (July 8th)
  1. Masteria or Ossyria?
    Good pizza or good burgers? Both leave you satisfied. With all the effort put into that fantastic place, it'd be rather arrogant to say Masteria at this point. Maybe in a few years, the players can decide that for themselves. =)
  2. What level range is the new Masteria expansion for?
    Lowest monster is 45, highest is 120.
  3. Did the Bronze Sack you guys release do any good for the economy like you guys planned? Will you continue to sell them in the future?
    We're still evaluating it, so we'll see.
  4. Does the recent iTCG code items have anything to do with the new content?
    Story-wise, yes.
  5. Any Party Quests involved?
    Maybe. =)
  6. When is the next Content Test Server sign up going to be?
    For Masteria, there isn't going to be one. Everyone is going to experience the update at the same time. =)
  7. Why was Maple Island altered?
    To make it easier for beginners to start out and get into the game.
  8. Has anyone thought of porting maplestory to linux? There is a fairly large base of maplers that use linux and are interested in playing but face extreme difficulty doing so.
    No, this isn't something we're pursuing at the moment, but in the future, you never know.
  9. Has anyone toyed with the idea of a new major boss? Something a little superior to krexel while at the same time being in the same league as horntail, zakum, pianus, and papulatus.
    I will say this, my ideal boss fight is more similar to the Amorian Challenge. Not exact, but the same ideals of strategy, attacking, and dodging.
    Thinking under pressure is always an excellent way to gauge how good you are. =)
  10. I'm glad to see that you solved the problem with windowed mode (i've seen dxwnd running around since 06') so that leads me to are you going to create original software like that in the future?
    We're always looking into different ways to play the game, so just stay tuned. =)
  11. Will there be new content for higher lvl players (lvl 120+) to enjoy in this next patch?
  12. How long has it taken for the development of the Masterian Expansion?
    A long, long time. It'll be worth it! =)
  13. Will we expect to see future locations in Masteria in a faster pace? (Not once every year =X).
    Well, the key is not once per year, it's how many areas you actually get. That said, good stuff takes a while =).
    I'd love to do one a month, but that isn't really feasible. Once you see the new area and the scope, you'll understand a bit better.
    We wanted a lot more than just a new background. =)
  14. Will the new area be any good for mages in general?
    See the Logo in the other post. =)
  15. Have 2hour 2x Cards been discussed? I can find a 2 hour playing window but I can’t usually find the time for 4 hours. I think 2 hour cards would be far more practical and flexible and suit casual gamers like me much better.
    We discuss a lot of things, but nothing concrete yet.
  16. You've mentioned before that high level content is hard to design. Making me feel like you guys are cooking up something unique and challenging, not just higher level monsters with more hp. Are you satisfied with the progress your team is making on future high level content? I hope we're not waiting in vain.
    It's trickier, but you are not waiting in vain =). We're pretty confident that it will be a true test of your skills.
  17. Do you like Pirates or Ninjas more?
  18. About the masteria map (image link) it seems that the map show a part of the continent, we are going to get the other parts of the continent?
    It would be nice to visit those areas, wouldn't it?
  19. Will there be new weapons? For all classes.
    That logo really does say everything.
  20. What level is your Masteria favorite unreleased monster?
    The *Yeti Smash!*.
  21. I was wondering if you guys would ever consider cutting Axe and BW users some slack by giving them a weapon up to par with swords that they can use in higher levels, maybe one with a fast attack speed like the Ribgol sword, or any other bonus to give Axe and BW users a pat on the back. It doesn't have to be remarkable, just something to keep the motivation alive.
    This is fair point, and you guys are important, and we do have some stuff that balances it out in-game, so we'll defeinately keep you guys in mind for the future.
  22. In comparison to the first part of Masteria, how would you rate this upcoming release of Masteria? Better, worse...
    Bigger is always better. =)
  23. Do you plan to add more areas in Masteria that we still don't know about?
    Heheh...there's always stuff to add!
  24. What are your goals for the remainder of 2008 like?
    Basically, make this year the best that Maple has seen. We've added a lot, and it's only going to get better.
  25. How do you put up with people's insults towards your job,and towards the company as a whole,and still find some sort of enjoyment out of your occupation?
    That's easy. If you make a couple million players smile and a couple thousand frown, you enjoy the smiles and see what needs to be done to get the others to join them.
    We aren't always perfect, and we do make mistakes. Even so, people enjoying something I created is what gets me out of bed in the morning.
  26. Some are ranting one how pirates are gonna be censored due to the "guns not fitting into the E rating", would it be "edited" to fit the rating?
    I'll say this: My Yeti laughs well everytime he sees a thread like that.
  27. What are some of your favorite obscure shows?
    Firefly, NY Undercover...the Mysterious Cities of Gold.
  28. Is the annoying return scroll disablement in Masteria there for something, or is it just for laughs?
    Nope, it's there for a reason. Eagle-eyed sleuths can probably deduce this once they finish the new quests.
  29. Did you readd aqua seraphim to cash shop because you were fixing the bug of the pole arms/spears having the wrong animation?
  30. Just one question. What is "X"?
    "Anything specific". We don't give dates. =)
  31. What's your opinion on the new KMST area, the Time Temple? It looks awesome and it'd be neat to see what the team at Nexon America thinks of it.
    Heh, everything they make is awesome, so there you go.
  32. What goes through your minds when making a map?
    Out of order, navigation, new wrinkles, intent, mobs, playability, overall scope are a few.
  33. Why did this company recieve an F from the BBB?
    We basically had to contact them and show them we responded to the inquiries. It's a BB now.
  34. Are Masteria's graphics done in-house or do you guys send the concept art to Nexon Korea for processing?
    Concept Art here, sent for in-game design.
  35. So, will Nexon America add special Nexon America features? For example, something not tested/made in Nexon Korea?
    The Masteria/Amoria updates are an example of this. There is stuff there that doesn't currently exist anywhere else.
  36. My Skunk, he wants to go there so bad! Maybe open the doors for him ;)
    Who said its a door? =)
  37. That person... looks a lot like John Barricade. Might this be his brother Jack?
    They do look alike don't they? In due time, this one will be answered.
  38. And, lastly, pepsi or coke?
    Neither. Tropical Punch FTW.
  39. Which side (of NLC) will the expansion be on?
    As Beyonce would say...to the left.
  40. Are there any plans to fix the disconection problem that marksmen have when doing over 100k with pierce?
    We're looking into it.
  41. Will there be any content for Level 120 players in the next patch? (v0.58)
    In this area, yes. Next patch, no.
    No Masteria content is coming in the patch tonight. =)

Questions & Answers (July 11th)
Part 2
  1. Can I call you Percy? I asked you again. <3
    LOL. You can call the Yeti "Percy".
  2. I'm just wondering what's the gap between the level 120 monster, and the next highest monster?
    You'll see on release day. =)
  3. And can you give us hints on whats gonna happen on the next part of summer break updates?
    Other than we're packing a lot into the next update, not really. Not just the next patch, the rest of the year has stuff that we're pretty excited about.
  4. Oh, also, any word on a further compensation on guilds as -Hime- had said before?
    We apologise again for that.
    I know we bumped the amount of GP for the Guild PQ, but not that many people knew about it at first.
  5. What does the new claw look like if there is one?
    Hypothetically speaking, if such a claw existed, I would not be allowed to to tell you how awesome it looked.
  6. Do the quotes you gave us actually give out any hints, or are they randomly selected quotes? Perhaps the numbers of the Maplers sent in to fight the "thing" have something to do with the numbers mentioned in the Enigma Chamber?
    Ah, not bad. There are usually hints within the text. While the numbers don't apply to the Enigma Chamber, this is the type of thinking that will lead to success in Masteria. Think outside the box. =)
  7. Have any of you thought in make a quest in masteria that give a skill as a reward?. (I mean, a skill made in GMS just like KMS made begginer, and legendary skills but that people can get through a quest in masteria).
    We've talked about a lot of things, but anything like that requires a lot of work. I always find it interesting to see some horribly inaccurate pictures of the development process. If it was only that easy.
  8. About how long does it take for you guys at Nexon America to have to draw/make-up a single map in Masteria in general?
    Depends on the map. Maps always take a large chunk of time, especially these. =)
  9. Will there be a party quest like the Amorian Challenge?
    See previous answer about this.
  10. will masteria be as big as vic?
    Again, you can answer this for yourself in few years. The area is built for multiple expansions though.
  11. Whatever happened to versal?
    Hmm. If I tell you, it'd be like spoiling your steak dinner with a bagel. You'll find out eventually.
  12. Will the drop rate of the jungle lilies ever be increased
    We're looking into a way to get a better rate of Level 80 Taru stuff out there.
  13. But how is it possible for the Bosshunters to fight Papulatus if Pap Broke through the dimension about 2 years ago?
    Heh, that particular iHint is meant to show what you can make and who to fight. Don't read too much into it. =)
  14. Any plans on making a strong boss that is weak to Elements? Some people have talked about a boss favoring Magicians would become immune to everything except a certain element for short periods of times, much like Zakum uses with Defense Ups.
    We've talked about similar ideas, so you'll have to wait and see what comes.
  15. Will there be more ways to access masteria? im often in aqua road and i hate to rely on a nlc mule to get my potions.
    We've thrown around some ideas, nothing concrete yet. We'd like to make such any possible alternate route interesting though.

Questions & Answers (July 22nd)
Part 3
  1. How many more updates will be in the topic about the chronicles of masteria? and could you please tell us when you'll update it?
    Pretty much whenever I have time. The one on Patch Night will probably be the biggest.
  2. Will you guys maybe consider makeing joypad/controll for MapleStory? Much more comfortable with a controll on my hands<3
    Indeed. We've talked about implementing this, and personally, I don't really mind adding it. If we do, we'll definitely announce it.
  3. Nexon online shop? Selling T-shirts, plushies, keychains etc?
    Another thing we've talked about, nothing concrete yet for the near future. I know that many, many, many people would like a plushie, though.
  4. I've seen that JMS and MSEA have made new mounts for events, is there any chance that we might see new mounts in the Masteria Expansion? I, for one, would love a Headless Horseman's horse mount...
    Hmm. I will say something new is in the works, mount-wise.
  5. I know that KoreaMS had a different version of the Mansion for their halloween event, and it sported a short little PQ. I had an opportunity to do that and it was pretty fun, though i never understood its purpose. Might there be a chance of merging this PQ into our own version of the mansion?
    We're working on something interesting this Halloween. =)
  6. While Crimsonwood Keep always has been my most favorite of the hinted expansions, (I suppose mostly because of the veil of mystery that has slowly been lifted since the TCG came out.) I remain curious if some of the other areas we've heard of might also be packed in to this expansion, such as the Yetinx, Affluent Tower, or Krakia? (A simple "yes" or "No" will suffice for this question, I know you can't give details.)
    None of the areas you mentioned are directly expanded in the new update. As far as Maps go. This answer will become clearer once this chapter is completed.
  7. With the Amoria map laid out, there doesn't seem to be much room there for anything else. Would you say that, more or less, Amoria is in a finalized state?
    Nope. We haven't forgotten about it, just taking a bit longer to build what we have in mind. And just because its not on the map, doesn't mean it won't be there.
  8. Also, will there be any bowman friendly bosses in future?
    Let's just say you'll have to work together a bit more for the new areas.
  9. Will the keep have hidden streets? Surely an awsome keep must have a load of secrets.
    Hidden things? Oh yes. There is something to be said about paying attention to detail.
  10. In the future with masteria is there going to be major economic shifts as seen with NLC and their massive glove att and illbi deflation?
    We're anticipating a few things, yes. Perhaps nothing as drastic as with the NLC potions, but we have expectations.
  11. Any hints on Masteria things after Crimsonwood Keep?
    When they're available, do the quests.
    Side note, we're interested to see how much you enjoy the new music...

Questions & Answers (August 13th)
Part 4 Patch v0.59
  1. Will we one day be able to have the option of picking which Mount we feel like riding?
    As far as I know, that's not on the table at the moment in the way you've suggested, however, there's going to be something sort of geared towards that.
  2. What does the general day of a Developer entail?
    Depends. Generally its balanced between QA/CS, current content, future content, and host of other things. Like the update schedule, events, etc.
    It's not really the same thing everyday.
    About the weapons, I agree that there should be higher level weapons, we're actually introducing some with the area in addition to the ones already in-game. Can't say that there will be a 150 level crossbow tomorrow, but we're well aware of the super-high level people that don't have a level-equivalent weapon type.
  3. Also, are the elemental wands/staves in-game, or are they going to be gachapon items?
    Elemental Wands/Staves are Gacha-only for now.
  4. Why will it be exhaustiing for you? Isnt your job done and now it's passed to the "Patch People"?
    lol. We are a part of the "Patch People". =)
  5. Is Crimsonwood Keep a Chapter on its own and say a Bigger Ben extension will be another "Chapter"?
    In a way, yes. We're trying to end each chapter with a bang.
  6. Will CK monsters drop 4th Job Skillbooks?
    Hunt and find out. Let's just say that we know some skillbooks are a tad expensive.
  7. Another question I have, was this storyline(Raven Ninjas and whatnot) thought up during the time New Leaf City was created? I know it's a great addition but I was a little puzzled at the total appearance of this area. When NLC was introduced we got hints towards other areas, ie. Vineland, Bigger Ben, Affluent Tower etc... and will this area match up to these future Masteria expansions? Like a MEGA GRAND storyline?
    Heheh, that's the plan. You guys will have a much better picture of everything once you finish the quests.
  8. Is there any reason for this? Paladins, white knights, and most mages are furious that they can't train on just about everything there.
    The classes you mentioned are essential for the 2nd half.
  9. Third, is there any particular reason there were no Axes found in the data?
    Actually, the Axe is obtained a bit differently from the other weapons. 2nd half, it exists, and isn't low-level.
  10. Next, could a level one character make it to the Keep without cheats?
    Level 1? Not a chance, even with a Teleport Rock. You can't throw it at a Windraider. =)
  11. It seems to rotate between what look like the World Maps... Pop-Up Style. :o What does this mean?
    Nothing in paticular, just something different.
  12. I immediately noticed that the crimsonwood guardians are well suited for partying between paladins and mages (some ice and fire demon action there) and immunity to holy is.....too amazing for words. Is this the only 130+ training area you're thinking about though?
    Training can cover a wide area. For instance, we believe high-leveled characters should see some benefit from nearly all of their activities. So, in that sense, no. We're addressing some of that now, and some to come.
  13. I won the main prize in the May Web Events and the anniversary t-shirt still hasnt arrived. I know this isnt in your area of expertise, but is there a way you can check to see where it is/what happened? Is there a number or way I can contact Nexon about it to see where it is? My friends kinda want the picture in the t-shirt I promised them.
    Contact CS. I know we had one package that was refused delivery because it wasn't ordered (?).
  14. Will there be a gachapon machine in crimsonwood/a unique gachapon for it?
    No new Gacha.
  15. Why is it that Raven weapons were added for most weapons, while Bows, axes, polearms and spears were excluded?
    There's a story-based reason for this, mainly to differentiate the area a bit (what would a Ninja wield, etc).
  16. What the heck were you guys thinking when you made a +1000 magic attack pot that lasts 5 seconds?
    We were thinking "Last ditch explosion of magic". An ultimate ultimate.
  17. How hard will it be to make Raven Weapons? I mean please give us some kind of care and not make it like leafry weapons and make them .00005% change to get the item needed to create somthing. or need to kill big foot for the item to make so and so? speaking the items are level 80~90 don'tcha think we could fight somthing a 8x or 9x could kill?
    Some effort. We want people walking around with them. Also, on that note, Jungle Lilies are now tradeable.
  18. Also, if we die during the new jump quest, will we lose experience =P I'm lvl 131 at 41%, losing 10% from a 1hko is a bit tough when its unavoidable...
    Just take it slow and observe first--it's not timed.
  19. Great originality though I'm a tadbit worried about poisoning the boss.
    There's a way to fight him and not die, although it takes some coordination. About the mobs, we'll have to see how it works out. No promises, though.
  20. Assuming this patch is only the part I of Crimsonwood Keep, what can we expect for the part II of Crimsonwood? Maybe a major boss? If so, can we expect it in the near future?
    I'll just say you won't be waiting a year.
  21. Speaking of which, hope I don't mind asking but, what is your favorite energy drink?
    Red Bull.
  22. Also have you noted the Aqua Glitch, where if you swim up and get hit you DC?
    We know it exists for some people, submit a ticket. We do test some of that, so be detailed.
  23. Ive seen a lot of the CWK area, and I have to say, I love the Totem Pole of Death area. Jump quests are my specialty~ Was curious, who's genius idea was it to implement a plat former styled area? *kisses*
    I'll say what I said last year, team effort. Good luck!
  24. Of all the area bosses, which is your favirote?
  25. What is a normal day like at the "office". I have read reviews of your games in magazines and they usually are on a fairly neatrul position on Nexon America games, but I never hear about what you guys really do.. Will you ever do a video of what your office is like, what happens during a server check/patch, and all that good stuff?
    Heh, I sorta answered this one earlier, but no day is the same. We joke in-between the mountains of work. There's scooters in the office, a big drawing wall, all three consoles, and good folk.
  26. Also are you aware that packet editors are currently running around, disconnecting legits whenever they feel like for months now?
    We are ware of them, and are still working on finding a permanent solution.
  27. What inspired such different music? Can we expect more like this?
    We wanted more adventure-based music, something that drives you to push further into the area. And we're going to aim for that for future updates.
    Imagine Masteria as as many themes, so the music has to match different portions.
  28. what's the deal with T-1337? Is he related to Krakia in some way? Looks like quite a mysterious character.
    Heh, go talk with him and see.
  29. if there are any non-boss monsters that surpass the Guardians in Crimsonwood Keep Part 2?
    Ah, now that would be telling. Don't worry, we plan on having No Mercy. =)
  30. I mean, will it need to be killed for some quests, or will it give the items we need to forge anything?
    Heh, speak with Lita.
  31. will some of the new maps be solo maps, as im tired of depending on people to gain consistent levels. im a crusader the solo master.
    Some areas are, yes. You'll have to find them though.
  32. will you have high level gm events at crimsonwood or is it still gonna be for those lucky low levels, i never did a gm event before.
    We'll see. It depends on how many people can get there =).
  33. will you guys ever change the apq onyx apple drop rate?
    Hasn't changed since we put the APQ in. You've just had a streak of bad luck, sorry to say. Give it a another shot.
  34. I would like to ask how hard it is to recieve the new level 90 dexless claw. Does it drop? Do you forge it? I certainly hope its a quest like the sauna robe, where its one per character.
    It's a fair challenge to get.
  35. In the old Q&A, you stated the riddles of the Tombstones in the Meso Gears area is pointed at future content, but is it a possibility that we can figure it out and what its meaning is?
    Actually, you can form a more coherent theory once you do all the quests, speak with the Sages, etc.
  36. Was this Stirgeman character a response to all the recent hype of The Dark Knight, or was the concept of Stirgeman thought out prior to the release of the movie?
    Prior. Side note, that was the best film I've seen for at least 2 years.
  37. Have all of the future areas of Masteria been already mentioned or hinted at (Vineland, Versal, Cody's Theme Park, Krakia, the Yeti Sphinx, Foxwit's Time Museum, the rest of Bigger Ben, the Inner Sanctum of the Dragon Ninja Clan) or will this expansion shed new light on even more future areas?
    In more ways than one. Read the quests! =)
  38. Was this what you were referring to.. or is it something else in the future?
    Nope, something else, hopefully in the future.
  39. Do those pillars really to 50,000 damage?
    Yep. Don't touch.
  40. In comparison to current world map of Masteria's size, how large will the finished Masteria be (or are you expecting to be)?
    Enormous. it's already pretty big, but in our eyes, it's not quite done yet.
  41. How often can we expect new Masteria expansions in the coming year?
    Well, I'll say what I said before--often isn't the key, but quality/quantity is.
  42. will any of the quests be doable for a 7X solo or with a party of similarly leveled companions?
    Quests? Yes. There's a few which are triple-digit recommended, but you'll be able to finish most of them. The key is actually learning to navigate the forest/valley.
  43. If so, why are some classes being thrust into the spot light, while others are being thrown in the closet?
    2nd half should become more clear to this point.
  44. Will maplestory cards ever be more readily available? I never was able to find any, I tryed 3-5 walmarts and nothing.
    The trading cards? Wizards has a link on their site that might help.
  45. Can you tell us the name of the boss in part two? If not would it have to do with revealing anything we know now?
    Do the quests for a hint. =)
  46. One such irregular monster in existance is the goby house, in which you must break the house to find delicious fishthings inside. Would it be possible that there will be a monster in the future which acts just like the gobies do? I have many friends who loved this particular feature in 3rd job, but have sadly outgrown them.
    Concept-wise, it's not out of the question. We're always throwing around different ideas.
  47. Are there going to be more multi part, multi level quests? Kind of like the regular anniversary stuff where the quests people do may have some common ground, but are dependent up on lvl? And if something like that is implemented will it be repeatable so you can do it at the various levels to get new/different rewards?
    Actually, most of the new quests intersect like that.
  48. Is there a chance for any of the new quests being developed that we'll be able to choose your reward?
    Somewhat. Perhaps the reward will be fixed, but the upgrade will not be.
  49. Essentially, after killing x number of monsters, you can go and get a reward which varies by level, difficulty to kill, and whatnot? If so, would you consider including boss monsters in it as well?
    I would point you in Lita's direction. Difficult for 2 in particular, but the reward is well worth it.
  50. Will there ever be any more monster based equips?
    There's a bit of this via Stirgeman.
  51. Is it safe to say that whatever boss is awaiting us within the Keep will be surrounded by alot of teleport platforms?
    Oooo...yea, anything I say at this point would give it away. When we're closer to finishing what we have in mind, I'll spill the beans. I'll say this now--it will not be easy.
  52. I would just like to ask if the new throwing stars will render the crystal ilbis close to useless? It sure took time, mesos and some hard work to get a decent amount of those xP.
    Don't think so. These will take some time as well.
  53. Is it a possibility that the inside maps are going to have a maze-like structure similar to that of the Haunted House and Phantom Forest?
    Bring friends. =)
  54. Do you identify more with Batman or the Joker?
    Batman. He gets the job done, no matter what the odds are.
  55. Also, do the area bosses include Master Goblin and Tae Roon?
    Tae Roon is in there.
  56. How soon will there be an easier way to reach Masteria aside from travelling all the way to Kerning?
    Pretty soon.
  57. In the hint that gave us the numbers at which each job suffered losses, I think i have a good guess for this hint... By taking them in order of highest to lowest, we get 190 Paladins, 160 Heros, 110 Marksmen, 100 Nightlords, 90 Bowmasters, 80 Arch Mages, 50 Shadowers. Now suppose Paladins are the base number, and you then add and subtract at each number like this 190+160-110+100-90+80-50=280. With the total of 280, we divide by the only 2 classes NOT mentioned, DKs and Bishops to get the number 140. My question is if 140 is the Level of the main boss to come in CK.
    Creative math, I'll say. There's no way I'm saying anything about the 2nd half though. Not yet. =)
  58. What are the monsters that you're basing on me going to be like? I hope they can match up to the original!
    Level 140 Purple Snail coming right up! :angel:

Questions & Answers (January 21st)
Part 5
  1. Oh im curious what time is your business hours?
    Normal Business hours: 9am -6pm. Of course, we have to stay late for patches, work etc, so it can vary.
  2. Are you going to release anymore new leaf city content?
  3. In Maple whats your favorite weapon and why?
    White Fangz and the Crimson Arcannon. Both are nice to me, though I have a soft spot for the bow.
  4. Will you guys ever fix the aqua road glitch?
    We've actually addressed this one before, just tricky to eliminate once and for all. Believe me, we can't wait to get rid of it either.
    Heh, I'm fairly sure no one actually knows its open...Stick out tongue {ed~ that would be because it's 11PM PST}
  5. nethescania made a fun appearance will that gm come to play with us again?^^
    Keep your fingers crossed, you never know. =)
  6. How come nexon decided to push back the FREE BAN!! day? it seemed really nice.
    Just some more stuff to prepare, we're still doing it, and will announce details when everything is ready to go.
  7. Does the gm's monitor things that goes on normal gameplay? like the super megaphone battles.
    Yes. Keep in mind that we have a very, very large community. =)
  8. Last time I checked (which was like a couple of months ago), it wasn't updated. Will you or have you updated the list again?
    That would be a long list. I know we've talked about it in the past, but I'm not sure if we're goig to update it in the near future.
  9. Will you ever allow weekend volunteer moderators on the forums?
    Again, talked about, but nothing concrete at this time.
  10. Can you give me some tips on how to talk to girls in real life, and not be a nerd that plays maple story all day?
    Be yourself and find someone who likes you and games.
  11. Can we have a super awesome ask a GM thread like this one on the Combat Arms forums?
    Wouldn't hurt. We're got some stuff in the works in terms of being more open, but I'm not sure how that will materialize yet.
  12. Do you know the meaning of life?
    Heh, this is a more interesting question, as it varies from person to person. For me, I believe the meaning of life is to do what makes you happy so long as it doesn't cause harm to someone else. I also believe in the constant pursuit of knowledge. Also, life would not be complete without pie. {ed ~ it's 42!}
    Heh. Hime's at the other end of the office, and I'm sure you can ask her yourself one day. =)
    Well, before I go, I'll make a few notes about tonight patch:

    Pirates - You now have rewards for Cleaning the Streets quests, as well as the quests in Amoria.
    Valentine Day will have some nice changes for Amoria.
    Finish your Masteria quests. Soon.

Questions & Answers (January 25th)
Part 6
    Ok, give me a moment to get caught up, and we'll get some answers...
  1. Firstly, I was curious as to some of the process that goes into making Maple Story. What programs do you use to create the backgrounds and characters, and the programming behind it. I can understand if it's a trade secret.^^
    [i]Actually, I think Min (aka best boss ever), has an interview on Gamasutra where he talks about some of that. I can say that on our end, whenever we design something for a new area, we use a lot of common tools, quest scripts in word, that sort of thing.
  2. Second, I have a quest from Maple Island that is uncompleteable under my "In Progress" tab on the quest log, is there any way that it can be removed? I'm a bit of a completionist and it's really bugging me to have it on there, especially since the quest no longer exists. xD
    I'm fairly sure I know which one you're talking about. We're doing some more work in terms of both bugs and hackers, so we can get down to the more fun stuff.
  3. Thirdly...ah yes! Captain Latanica. I'm sure you hear thousands of questions about the guy, but is what's currently happening with the portal intentional or accidental? You know, the portal basically "locking" after entry until a server check.
    See above. We know it exists, and we're working on it. Sit tight, all that waiting won't be in vain.
  4. Will this change and the classes be more balanced when it comes to making areas and designing and/or translating content?
    Well, I'm sticking to what I said, essentially, some of the classes that didn't see as much of a benefit will be needed in the future.
  5. Does "reporting" actually work?
    Yes. Our GM's investigate them, just realize that its thousands of requests. =)
  6. I am from New Zealand but find it very hard to relate to many things in the game due to timing. I heard there will be Maple story released for New Zealand and Australia coming soon but I have been playing since beta - will there be a way to transfer your account when this is released as I don't want to start all over again.
    Can't say anything about what region is getting what version, as that's not my area.
  7. So many people in NZ play Maple story but we don't have the iTCG cards and other products that you sell - will we ever see these in NZ?
    Not my area, although I personally want to see our games and products everywhere.
  8. As you can see, my questions are to the prevention of hacking, and to the banning of hackers. Hackers are ruining MapleStory, and it's frustrating to see this.
    Completely understandable. While I can't say anything about a timeline, we are looking into a few different solutions.
  9. As a quester my ETC inventory is pretty much full, are we going to need the Omni Key or Sand Bandit Badge down the road at all, or am I safe chucking them xD?
    You can toss the Omni Key.
  10. What happened to Content Testing? Many people are wondering about it. Why did you close Tespia, and will it open again anytime soon? Testing contents before they were released on the Main Servers not only was funny, but it was also useful because we could report bugs and let you guys fix them before patching the official servers. I know you're hiring testers right now, but why doing it when you could've opened Tespia again for the latest patches and let users test the contents for you, and for free? Please reply to my question, because I'm asking myself that for a long time now. You can see I also made some posts about the question.
    Well, here's the deal with Tespia. When we opened it, our original thinking was that we'd be able to catch a lot more with the community involved and reporting things. So, typically, we'd get a few thousand reports. However, when we actually went through them individually, we got stuff like:
    "OMG. I got selected."
    "How do I become GM?"
    "fix it"
    "My ticket didn't get answered."
    So, for every useful bug that we did get, we'd get around 40-50 bugs like above. So, we looked into it more, and found that only a handful of people were actually testing. So when you're dealing with thousands of potential reports, the return has to be enough for you to keep maintaining it. It takes manpower to maintain essentially 2 servers every test period, and the bottom-line is we didn't get enough legit reports for us to continue--at that point, we already knew that CWK would be experienced by everyone at once, so we made a decision to close it for the time being. Will it ever come back? Don't know for sure, but that's why its closed for now. Hope that clears things up.
  11. Are you guys going to put The Knights of Cygnus into Global MapleStory THIS year?
    No comment. =)
  12. Q: Why did Nexon release a Lunar Event(mind of maple) that would require NX use in order to upgrade an item(Mind of maple necklace) which expires after what I think is a short time...I thought the events were meant to offer players WITH or WITHOUT NX to join in the fun of the event??
    You still can do the quests, etc so far as I know.
  13. Q: When can we expect to see the expansion of Masteria's CWK?
    Soon. I'll say this now, past the actual madness we have planned for the adventure within, there's plenty of other stuff there, both overt and covert. And its not as big as the first expansion, but it is more intense.
  14. 1) Don't want to be mean but what was up with the animation "gltiches" with just about every monster in Crimsonwood Mountain/Phantom Forest? I'm mean look at it, Firebrand, Windraider, Strombreaker, Nightshadow, Elderwriath, Bigfoot, Crimsonwood Guardian all had (and still have....) animiation errors. But were some of them intentional? I mean it's annoying at times, like Elderwrith, Hit it, takes a long time to respond(compared to just about any monster outside the area) and is invincible when getting knocked back. The Curupted soilders (E.X Windraider) all react to knockback later than they should.
    Well, let's just say we wanted to try something different, and obviously, it hasn't worked quite the way we envisioned it, so these will be addressed shortly. =)
  15. 2) Have you taken training spots into consideration when it comes to making content? I mean, Crimsonwood Mountain/Phantom forest does have some spots (Notable Crimsonwood Gaurdian, Leps, Windraider after exp buff and Typhon) but there really isn't much after that, especially with the mixed spawns with the monsters having different experience and hp. Heck, does Crimsonwood guardian drop equips? (never heard of this that's why I'm asking) Your doing a nice job adding the platforming element to Maplestory but don't forget about trainning spots too (which are lacking as a player approaches the Newtie/Skelegon level).
    Of course =). Now that there's been some time, I've seen guides pop up (like SimplyBowman's) that explain how to train for the different monsters there to get the best exp. The two main things we wanted in that area were more fun training/gameplay, and being able to both solo and group for exp. Looking back on it, we accomplished that with some areas, while others might need a tweak or two to make them more functional.
  16. 1) In regards to Pirates, can we expect to see GMS made equips (weapons at least)? If so, how far off could it be before we set eyes on them?
    Heh, you'll see.
  17. 2) With many of the equips being released through iTCG, with some being non-weapon (Face Stomper is not a weapon D:) Could we be seeing newer non-weapon equips later on as well?
    There's some items that were never released that are pretty nice, and will be out soon enough.
  18. 3) In the CWK II expansion, many things and stories we have come to learn from the CWK I expansion should be coming to a close, but will there be any over-arching story points that will not be finished completely with this expansion? Such as the story behind Christopher Crimsonheart.
    Yes. You can already learn quite a bit via the quests, but there's two threads in particular that will be wrapped up. Also, I'd say to do some of the Magatia quests, they'll help explain parts of it. The world is built to encourage speculation, and sometimes, we like to let you put 2 and 2 together. I've seen plenty of other threads that have some speculation right, and other speculation wrong, but that's all part of the fun. That said, you'll get some more answers soon enough.
  19. Before I go... How are we getting into that 7th day market? a NPC pops out of nowhere on Sunday?
    Mimi will be to the left of the Free Market. Also, I saw all of your questions about the Monster Book, just not answering for the time being. =)
  20. I just hope that as a 12x archer I'll actually be able to take damage from the monsters inside (unlike Crimson Guardians)
    You'll be fine to a point--the deeper you go, the harder it gets. The amount of friends you'll have to bring will make sure you're fine. =)
  21. I'm having a really hard time getting the Ancient Storybook to obtain the Concentrate skill. The book is really rare, and the only monster it comes from is Sharks...Is there any chance that Storybooks might drop from Crimsonwood Keep monsters, or we could have an event like the chest one which so greatly helped in lowering the prices of skill Mastery Books?
    Well, I'll say that we know there are Mastery/Storybooks that are simply hard to get, and we'll be addressing some of that.
    So here's a question for you guys, what kind of prizes do you like? We've given out a lot over the past few years, but does stuff like concept art appeal to you guys and gals?

Questions & Answers (February 13th)
Part 7
  1. Can you say what level range the new party quest will be.
    90-200. However, while you can go in at 90, the bosses there are all 4th Job and up status.
  2. Will any of the new boss/s will be nice to mages ;)
    Well, let's say that elementals will be handy. Also, the only class that actually can't go are like, Beginners. If you exist, and are within the level range, you are needed. We're aiming so each class will have their moments during the PQ.
  3. Whats going on with the hacker situation?
    Basically, we never address with specifics because we're working on it. That's all I'll say.
  4. What is going on with the forum error message message in correlation to people with high post counts?
    Still working on this as well.
  5. Will CWK2 ONLY be the PQ? I'm not a fan of playing with others, and it would be a real bummer if it were pure party quest. Besides, it's tiring training in leafre.
    No, there's other maps there, but the main focus is the PQ.
  6. When will Bob The Snail's quest be finished?
    Ah, old Bob. Eventually is about the best I can do with this one. :stick out tongue:
  7. Speaking of which, will the alchemy drops in magatia be removed or is the Maker skill to be released soon enough that removing them would be pointless?
    While nothing will be divulged in regards to any future release, you're always better off keeping what you may find there.
  8. Will we ever be getting Mu Lung Raid?
    Hmm. Let's just say that part of our plan involves giving more content to the folks that can conceivably Boss Rush with the best of them. Stay tuned.
  9. How much do you love time travelling?
    Depends on the ship. :wink:
  10. How many maps are there going to be in CWK 2?
    We actually haven't counted. Less that the first expansion, it's 10+, but we don't count, say stages within a stage.
  11. Any new weapons?
    Yes. Capes too. Also, The Arclancer is being adjusted slightly.
  12. What about monsters?
    Mainly the bosses. None of which have been seen in any form, anywhere.
  13. Why do some bosses have HP bars but others don't? For example, Zakum has an HP bar but Anego (female boss) doesn't. Even some/most area bosses have HP bars. I think it would be really helpful if bosses such as Anego & Horseman had HP bars.
    Mainly just development time. Our aim is for them all to have it, it just takes a second to actually add them all, and do other stuff.
  14. Have you guys thought about upgrading the GUI? I think a better looking interface would be cool (HP Bars, Level, etc)
    Yep. We've done stuff internally, but none of that is really ready for live. Maybe down the road.
  15. will the world ever know how many licks it takes 2 get to the center of a TOOTSIE POP?!
    3 if you're a cartoon owl, 0 for me because gummy bears are made of win.
  16. Is Big Bang 30 a glitched drop in GMS?
    Just rare. We know it drops.
  17. It is said Christopher Crimsonheart mastered all four classes, so I thought the statue was / represented him, but then I saw a gun. Two questions about that. Question in a question.. isn't it funny? Anyway, first one is: did you add the gun in the statue AFTER the release of pirates or was the sketch plan already like that? It looks like you added the gun after some time because you forgot to add something that represented the pirate job on it.
    Not exactly. They weren't necessarily called Pirates at that time. If you're concerned about how exactly Pirates fit into the Keep, don't be. You'll know fairly soon.
  18. Will there be new monsters that appear outside the PQ in these regular maps? Or will these maps be mostly populated by the current monsters?
    Current. One of the things we noticed was people wanted more pure spawn maps aside from the caves, so think of the seperate maps as enemy guild halls.
  19. Couldn't help but notice that giant statue had a pistol. I'm interested in how exactly have you guys worked Pirates into the crimsonwood lore. Any clues for this?
    If you look at some of the other questions I've answered, yes. There's a fairly large connection that's been overlooked. Its logical, and doesn't require a massive leap. But relax, you'll know more when the time comes.
  20. How much will we learn about Krakia, or some of the other potential Masteria areas, from this patch? will the gain of knowledge be comparable to Crimsonwood's initial release?
    I'll say that you'll know a lot more after you beat the bosses, because it's not exactly the last stage. As for more, we're aiming for at least one big reveal, and several minor ones, but all that quest text might be added shortly after (it's purely dependent on time, but it will be there eventually). One of the features about Masteria is the big reward at the end of each, so all I can say is aim high, the reward and payoff is worth if you've followed the storyline.
  21. First, are you planning on making Balanced Fury Throwing Stars rechargeable outside of NLC?
    Nope. That's intended.
  22. Thirdly, any chance you will give an easier method of obtaining Crimsonwood, i mena, there are 3 or 4 maps, with Crimson trees, and with the low droprate, and low spawnrate, collecting the hundreds it takes to make the weapons is really difficult.
    We upped the drop rate last patch, and we know how long it actually takes. We're still evaluating if there need to be more trees, so if something is adjusted, we'll announce it.
    Still here... :coffee:
  23. Is this "automatic defense system" just as lethal as the Menhirs surrounding the keep?
    Heh. Well, I'm not sure if I've ever heard of a friendly defense system.
  24. Are any etc. items that are available now needed for quests in the keep? (Has done all the CK quests! xD)
    If you've done them all, then I wouldn't worry. There is one rather obvious thing, but I wouldn't worry too much about that.
  25. Is the Jump Quest in the keep more difficult to overcome than the Valley of Heroes?
    One would have to consider that JQ difficult. I'll say its more intense, but you'll be able to tell.
    For reference, I consider Battletoads' Orb Race to be maddeningly impossible. So for ours, yes, it is hard, but it is not unfair.
  26. There is a problem many players have with their accounts and trying to get married.
    We know. We're working on a broad solution now, and we apologize that it's taken a while, but we are working on it.
  27. Nexon's Vancouver department was closed, according to an article i read. Since that was based on "development" for new games, i was wondering if that also dealt with new content for existing games. CWK II has been in the works for a while, but would the closing of nexon vancouver affect future GMS developed content?
    Yes, that was a sad day for us. However, all of the Masteria content is and was built here, so that won't affect future GMS updates.
  28. Also, any chance that the Ticket system will be refined?
    I know that our GM/CS manager looks at ways to improve that system all the time, and if something changes, you'll know.
  29. I was wondering for a while what "No Mercy" meant exactly since you mentioned it in a question I asked you before. I have my ideas as to what it is but...is it related to the jump quest in the keep?
    Nope, it's related to the entire PQ. For instance, puzzles. Twisted Switcher is around a 5 on a scale of 10. This one is harder. By the time you reach that level, you should be used to some stuff as well as be able to figure it out on the fly.
    This PQ will put these skills to the test. Improvisation and Skill Utilization for Total Devastation.
  30. I try to put 10 rules on my Guild BBS, but it gets cut off at the end of the 9th one. Will you be fixing that glitch?
    Yes. Not this patch, but soon enough.
  31. What is the point in having a Q&A if you're just going to dodge questions?
    There are some questions that I can't answer directly, so that's part of it. I know it can be a tad frustrating sometimes, but some things, you just have to wait and see for. Hope that helps.
  32. I expect we will have more "NLC" after CWK Update during this year, any clues as to whats next in the pipe line, that portal has been inactive on Pharoh Yeti since NLC came out.
    Everyone wants to know what's in old Yetinx. We'll see.
  33. Is it intentional that only Lith Harbor/Omega Sector has the Nautilus Port travel system (I.E. Taxi and the Portal)? Or will that be addressed "in due time"?
    Due time. If we know its coming down the line, then we won't add a temproary one, as that would removed upon the other system coming. We can only get so much finished every 4-6 weeks, so a big part of that is Dev time.
  34. Can we expect to see some skill book drops in the new expansion? Big Bang 30 and Genesis30 is a big problem right now. Neither drop as often or hackers ruin it for everyone to get. Your options are: You'll see =), Yes, No, or "Interesting...I cannot say, but I'm hinting for something big".
    I'll say that we know that there are storybooks, skillbooks and mastery books that are exceedingly rare, and that we're going to address some of that.
  35. And I plan to go to college and hopefully train to my dream of working at NEXON (Seriously! Flame me all you want people. I LOVE IT!). Any tips for me (and you can't say look at the website!)?
    Be willing to learn and have a sense of humor. :cool:
  36. Are there any specific class skills that will be needed in the PQ?
    Each class/sub-class has a specific skill for use in the PQ. Don't worry about this too much, as the skills themselves are pretty common. For instance, for an Ice/Lightning Mage, you'd need Ice Strike. However, its not quite that simple is regards to where/when you use it. More will be revealed in time.
  37. And are the prizes something we'll want again and again? Or is it something that once you've earned the pirze you wont need to do the PQ anymore, just for fun.
    The prizes, shall we say, can vary. There's Boss Drops and a Vault, so you'll keep coming back for rewards and fun.
  38. Could you explain more what kind of ship (time travelling)?
    Nope. =)
  39. Are there any plans for higher level content ( like 4th job+ such as an equip to further boost AM's (arcmages ) power such as elemental wands/staffs?
  40. How do you pronounce the name, "NxProse"?
    N - X - Prose.

    And...that's all for now everyone. Enjoy the 2x this weekend and have fun!