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Well, I still play as well.

24 December 2011 - 12:29 PM

Hey guys, how have y'all been?

Been living life, passing college and hey, still Mapling as always.

Too bad legitimacy is almost nonexistant now because people and their grandmothers only train on mobs who have their spawned boosted by hackers but still holding that title proud right here.

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Along with a 143 Mercedes (yeah, I know like no one here knows wtf that is), 134 Buccanneer and 124 Marksman... yattayatta4thjobberseverywhere.

Sad truth is that the game's gone downhill years ago but why am I still here? Only God knows.

The screenshot's a little outdated as I'm level 168 now, going for 170 by the time the weekend ends. Once again, through legitimate means. Stressing this because no one even cares how they play anymore or how they even get their equipment but keeping my legitimacy has earned me some great connections. :)

And in case anyone was curious: I've got about 78% in DEX equipment, haven't really bought NX in over half a year and my bow has got a total of 170 attack. I've also removed all of my STR, using the free AP Reset scroll we've gotten in this month's events, when I had 80 base STR before. I'm quite proud of how I've raised my character over the years, even if she does level slow.