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Meikio = hacked.

22 May 2007 - 05:49 AM

Yeah. Some of you might know me on MTforums.
Mysten. Rediant. Mizzblue. Axiah (Spiri2, my brother). Hobbes. And everyone else.
Just kick me off your buddylists ('cept for people who don't have me on theirs). I'm frickin' hacked.
My pin got changed.

The only person I think is responsible would be a good, trusted friend of mine.
And I thought I was smart. Don't give me comments like 'ur so stoopied for giving psw'. I regret it. So I don't need those.

Bye Maple.
I may stay on MT. Who knows.

EDIT Good news, I got my verification email (= I changed my psw). Now I need to figure out my pin before my new NX expires ._.

EDIT2 Look at my post in page 2. You'll see. Now I need money and equips and all that...

EDIT3 Screenshots: (uploading =\)

This is nothing compared to what he has done to me. (btw that warrior dude is is mule, he hacks on his main. He's lvl 12x). You should've seen our convo. We were friends, I did NOTHING to him and suddenly hacks me and acts like a complete idiot. Made me cry at least 5 times since yesterday.

EDIT4 I should make a petition so Nexon would ban him. He hacked like 200+ people this week, taking all of their money and stuff, etc. He only hacked from 0 to 100 and trained without botting from 100 to 120+. That's why I have no proof of him hacking. But I KNOW that he's a heartless ass, hacks people, takes all their money and doesn't care about the other person one bit. I'm a victim, and I know lots of other victims too. I just don't have enough proof for Nexon to ban his ass.


Btw, since these links don't work, when clicking change the word "love" to the f word.

Help me ;;

09 April 2007 - 07:33 PM

Not sure if this is in the proper section.
And I'm not sure if topics like these are still allowed... ? T^T"


^ I forgot to the prices of the face accessories to the count so that makes approximately 7000 left for clothes, minus 5 is 2k. LOL. Okay I guess it can be like 3k or so... but bottomless = fun. ;]

This is one I've thought up, but it looks kind of dull to me now since I've stared at it too much @[email protected];

But if I can't think of anything better I'll go with that. ._.

ANYWAY as I said I don't know if these topics like this are still allowed or not... SORRY @[email protected]"

Is this lag?

23 February 2007 - 02:30 AM

I've been trying to get into MS lately, but after I click in my Pins, it doesn't go up to the world selection screen (the pin thing disappears leaving me with the logging screen with the LOGIN button unclickable).

That, OR the same thing happens at other screens (e.g. char. selection after I select the char, nothing happens) then I get a "Cannot connect to login server" or something - message.

I also get it after I CC (I'm PQ these days on my sin, and everytime I CC from 1 to another channel, I get a black screen that lasts 923849238 hours then I get that message again).

It's getting REALLY annoying, I've tried disconnecting to my internet/reconnecting but the same thing still happens. I also tried restarting maple/my computer and such, but no luck.

I've been surfing the internet pretty quickly, and I know it might be a connection problem but is there any way to fix this? Tytytyty. <3

Great, just GREAT.

18 February 2007 - 09:09 AM

Okay, getting straight to the point, WHAT THE HECK? Is Nexon racist or what?
Just because I'm from Vietnam, means I can't charge NX? I thought they really liked it when gamers charged NX Cash? sdkfjskdf.

Thank you for blocking Vietnamese IPs from a Global gaming site.


<3333 Nexon <33333333333

Happy Valentines!

15 February 2007 - 08:03 AM

I'm late, but;

Okay now that's over - to the one I spent muchmuch time on:

Comment, rate, criticize. mush1n.gif