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#1351608 Man, bussing through lower BC is dumb.

Posted by Tichondrius on 04 January 2016 - 03:12 PM

3 hour layover in Valemont, 2 hour layover in Kamloops. 4.5 hour layover in Merritt. 8 hour layover in Chilliwack. Then there's the ferry to Vancouver island - last time I went for the 8:30 am, it left at 3:30 pm. Then 4 hour layover in Nanaimo.. Still cheaper than taking my truck on the ferry though.

Ah well, at least I can play MS on Greyhound WiFi!

#1351348 Hey, guess what?

Posted by Tichondrius on 12 April 2015 - 12:41 AM

I love you all.  Especially the girls.

#1346037 Guild Wars 2

Posted by Tichondrius on 26 February 2012 - 12:12 AM

I was thinking Asura Guardian and probably Norn Warrior. The Charr Warrior has been my background since the day I put my new system together. <3

#1346029 Guild Wars 2

Posted by Tichondrius on 25 February 2012 - 12:33 PM



#1184841 Lunia

Posted by Tichondrius on 18 August 2008 - 06:09 PM

Kdone, thanks. xD

#879160 Lunia

Posted by Tichondrius on 20 May 2007 - 05:22 PM

QUOTE(DanyBob @ May 20 2007, 04:04 PM) View Post
QUOTE(Hopeless @ May 20 2007, 05:34 PM) View Post
If you did 100 extractions of yellow storebought armours, and got stones twice, that's only 2%, not 5% o_O

EDIT: Looking at your inventory, you extracted stones 15 times, catalysts 9 times and dimly two times. That's 21 samples, not 100.

21 = minuscule sample size, and would be ignored by a scientific community mush1z.gif

Uhh, huh? I got one stone/catalyst/jewel per extraction. It was 100 extractions 0.o

Proof that you can get only one item >.<-

And I did mess up on that, but jewels should still be 4%, alot higher than 2% 0.o

My mistake, sorry. I assumed they were the same as found 1st degree rare items..

#876846 Lunia

Posted by Tichondrius on 18 May 2007 - 11:55 AM

Thread overhaul.

Lunia has been sold to 12FootTall, and will be back up sometime in February. Hopefully.

Characters, items, cash, etcetera, all will be transferred if you click the link they'll be emailing you sometime between Feb. 16th and March 1st.

More info will be added later.

#290679 THe Ultimate Second Job Bowman Poll

Posted by Tichondrius on 09 February 2006 - 12:10 PM

Ocean only has Mage so I'll be posting the other three.


Faster attacking speed
Arrow Bomb stuns
Cooler level 60 weapon

More expensive than crossbows/crossbow scrolls
3rd job skill is fire when higher level stuff needs to bit hit with ice
Lower damage than crossbows


Can OHKO some things hunter'd have to 2HKO <3
3rd job skill freezes <3
Shiny weapons <3
Iron Arrow hits everything in a straight line in front of you <3

Slower weapon speed
Probably more cons, can't think of any..