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15 January 2009 - 03:25 PM

Hi. My name is Resda.

I used to be someone here. It has been quite some time. I believe that when I last was here, I was just barely entering into college.

My claims to fame were random sprite work, random signatures...

and Maple Legend.

I wrote a story once. It recieved a lot of acclaim here, but I eventually stumbled into an inescapable chasm of writer's block and never recovered. So I tried again, promising the world. But no dice. School grabbed hold of me. The story lay dormant on my laptop. I supposed I always thought I would return to it one day.

Now I'm 20 years old. I haven't touched anything Maple Story related in possibly three years. I have a fiance, and I'm deep into college coursework and deeper in debt.

But I want to try again.

A few notes:
  • I've essentially scrapped the old version. There will be parts familiar to veterans, but maybe in a different order, or written from a different point of view, etc.
  • I absolutely will not write a single word until I've fleshed out every part of the story. Currently, I've developed more than half of the plot.
  • Every main character will get equal relevance. This was a problem before... I tended to favor the bowmen in my story a little too much. The other bowman characters are still there, but the other characters' stories have been better fleshed out to match the same level of story telling.
  • I will not resort to cliffhangers unless absolutely necessary.
  • Chapters will be longer. Though I have summaries detailed by chapter, I am likely to merge these as I write.

So yes. Maple Legend will return. But that's not all. I'm posting this because I'm curious. I know the game's changed since I last played some three years ago. New areas in Ossyria, quests, events, even a new class.

But what will that contribute to my story? What kind of setting does each new thing offer that I can use? What's the story behind Nautilus and the pirate class? The Omega Sector? How about anything else in Ossyria? In essence, what has been added to the "background"?