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BlkHarpo's detailed LUK Bandit Guide (Lvls 1-30)

26 January 2008 - 01:38 PM

Mods move this to Thief guides...

Welcome to BlkHarpo's LUK Bandit Guide!!! mush1k.gif I personally have went thru about 3 or 4 LUK Bandit characters and let me say it is truly a wise choice for a job. It begins inexpensive, but gets more expensive the higher lvl u get (but dont worry this guide will also teach you how to start from scratch and be well-funded in the end) So lets begin our lesson as I will show u how to attain the ultimate Bandito!

When u create a character, ur stats ought to resemble this:

Str: 4/5
Dex: 10+ (this will REALLY help)
Luk: 7+

Getcha a cool name, a cool look, and begin ur long journey as the Bandit!

Maple Island
So once u get to the first screen, u should see a woman (her name slips me everytime wacko2.gif ) but click on her, and DO THE TRAINING SESSION! Doesn't matter how impatient u are, DO IT!
Once u start ur Beginner Training u should now be in a green spandex suit (mush1l.gif) Go thru the first lvl nothing is really too important in the first stage.
Now at the second stage the first NPC u should see is a guy named Shane(?) Well he has black hair, anyways click on Shane and he will give u an apple and take away some of ur HP. Go to ur item inventory and eat the apple (Double click it) Then click on him again. He should give u 3 red and 3 blue potions, as well as some EXP. Next hop on the conveyor belt and talk to the girl (Once again I dont kno her name) but she will offer u a quest called "What Sen wants to eat", accept it, go to Sen who is virtually next to her, talk to him, then go back and talk to her. BOOM! more EXP.
Next, is another NPC who is standing by the Ludibrium-like area. Click on him, and kill the bunnies and puffball monsters (cant remember their names either). Kill them until u get to lvl 3, may take a couple minutes but it'll be worth it. Talk to the other man, get ur EXP and be out...

Now comes the real training. Not much to say here, this is wat u shud train on and when:
Lvls 3-6: Snails and Blue Snails should be ur best friends!
Lvls 6-8: Do ALL quests! That should get u thru lvl 8 or at least close to it. (When doing Pio's quest, be sure to get the Relaxer, it will be super useful!)
Lvls 9-10: Orange Mushrooms! (Some ppl may disagree, saying ur too weak to kill Orange Mushes, but I say at least try, as they will give u the best EXP)
*Tip: Pick up ALL drops!! Every meso u see dropped grab it!

Stat Placement:
STR: since this is a LUK bandit guide dont add anything to STR EVER!
INT: NEVEREVEREVER add to this one!!
DEX: Use ALL ur AP points on DEX until it gets to 25, then leave it
LUK: This gets all ur AP points after ur DEX is at 25

3 Snails: I suggest to keep this at Lvl 2 as red snails will be annoyingly hard to kill mush1l.gif
Nimble Feet: U really don't need this...
Recovery: Max it ASAP!

So now ur lvl 10! U must feel preeetttty strong! So go to Southperry and give Shanks 150 mesos (U should be worth about 3k minimum just from picking up drops so it shouldn't hurt ur wallet).

Victoria Island
Ahhh! The lovely Victoria Island, ur new home for the next 30 or so lvls. Get used to it. First thing to do, is find Olaf in Lith Harbor. When u do, do his lil quiz (should be easy), next do quest called "Path of Thief".
Since u are starting from scratch money-wise, it will be smart to walk to Kerning City. Here's how u get there quickly. Walk East from Lith Harbor until u get to 3 way road split. Go to the north-western most part of that map and u'll see a portal, go in and keep walking west into another portal. Once u get in this portal u should be in L forest I, I think. Now DIE!! jump into a monster, watever just kill ur character (Dont make this a habit because once u get ur job, u shouldn't die anymore) But since ur still a Beginner, Die. This will automatically transport u to Kerning City.
Once in Kerning, find the Fusion Bar with the NPC Mong from Kong talking about the Internet Cafe on it. Go into the Basement, and keep going down until u see a boxing ring with Dark Lord in it.
First, talk to him about Olaf's quest so u can get a quick 300 EXP (make sure u stay at lvl 10 tho) Then tell him u wanna be a thief. He'll say u have the looks of a thief yaddayaddayadda, BOOM! Ur a Rogue now, congratz! Add ur 1 SP to Double Stab.
Since the game recently patched to 0.49, there should be a quest available for u called Introduction to Thief or something like that (I am using a mage now so Im not sure) But u should get a lightbulb above ur head. Click it, do the quest(s) and reap ur benefits.
Now u probably won't have enough money for ALL ur equips, but buy wat u can in the beginning, and save all ur mesos (Preferably buy a dagger)
And do all ur quests!!! For all lvls!!!!

Monster training Lvls:
10-12: Stick with snails and slimes around Henesys...
12-17: SLIME TREE!!!!! (Slime tree is a perfect place to train, as the spawn is great and they drop A LOT of mesos and equips. Slime bubbles are also good money if u have them in abundance. Remember pick up everything u can. And when u find an Equip item, try not to sell it, keep it for when u get to higher lvls like 28 u may need to sell it to buy lvl 30 stuff, which is NOT cheap) After 5 lvls in slime tree, u ought to be rich enough to afford all of ur lvls equips, plus more.
18-23: PIG BEACH!!!! (Pig Beach is similar to slime tree money-wise, the pigs have good money drops, and leathers run 100 mesos each at the store. But when u find Pig's Head, try and keep them, as u are bound to find a player that is buying them for like 1-3k each!)
*Tip: If u were in a position where u had enough pots, and just 10+k in ur inventory, I'd suggest u put 10k in storage for when u will really need it. Even if u only had 10k, Put it in storage, and go back and kill and gain enough money to get enough pots to get u back where u started. Trust me it works mush1o.gif
24-28: Green mushroom tree for 24-26 and Green and Horny Mushroom Tree for 27-28.
28-30: Kerning City Party Quest! U should PQ until u can do it with ur eyes closed. And seeing as how PQing gives u nice little equips at the end, keep them and sell them when u need to. (But if u for some reason dont wanna PQ, Ant Tunnel is the next best thing EXP wise, getcha some pots and kill some evil eyes!)

Ability Points:
10-12: All on Luk
13: Put 1 on DEX (It should be 26)
14-30: From now on, keep DEX twice ur lvl, that means add 2 to DEX every lvl.

Skill Points:
Nimble Body: U should Master this after u master Double Stab
Disorder: Pretty much a useless skill, keep this at 1.
Dark Sight: Should be the LAST skill u try and master.
Double Stab: Master this FIRST!!!!! Add all SP to it until u master it, then add all to Nimble Body until u master it, then add to Dark Sight.
*If there is a rogue skill I didn't put up here, Do not add anything to it!!!
WOW!!!! U are lvl 30 Now. There is no more I can teach u young grasshopper. GO GET THAT SECOND JOB!


20 January 2008 - 01:08 PM

K so I have been Mapling for about 2 years now (took a break for about a year) so u can bet Im quite familiar with this game. But in this 2 years, I have probably made about a gazamillion new characters because I couldn't see myslf in that job. I have tried it ALL!! I read all the guides on pros and cons of each job but I just can't make up my mind for a main. Right now my main is a lvl 30 Bandit but I have a nagging feeling I screwed up his stats. And plus, he's as poor as a hobo due to me getting hacked. So now, I am contemplating making another character as my main, but I still cant decide which job is FOR me. So if u can, offer ur two cents on how you decided on a class and wat classes are most fun plz. thanks

Beauty or Beast: Amoria Quest

18 January 2008 - 09:09 PM

When u do the little lvl 10 Amoria Beauty or Beast quest and she gives you the free EXP haircut coupon, where is it redeemable at??? Because I tried to use it in Amoria and it didn't work, then I tried Henesys and it didn't work.....Does n e one kno??