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Party Quests

10 July 2009 - 11:41 AM

Hey folks,

You'd be surprised, but doing google searches of 'Party quests in Maplestory' doesn't turn up as many hits as you'd think. Furthermore, I have yet to find a nice, concise list of all the party quests and their locations.

If anyone knows of one, please post it here, or, to the best of your ability, post up in the info you do have on the location/NPC/way to access the party quests that are now available on GMS.

Thanks a lot everyone! Take care~


EDIT: I will turn this into a semi-guide, basically for my own benefit and maybe, eventually, others. I would like this to tell what level to go to PQs (as is feasible via en masse) and where the PQs actually are, along with short descriptions.

Party Quest's Level Requirements, Locations and Short Descriptions:
  • Henesys PQ, levels 10+, found in Henesys' Park (NPC name needed): Protect the Moon Bunny and turn in 10 cakes. If an individual turns in 20 cakes (excluding the original 10), he/she gets a Rice Cake hat.
  • Kerning PQ, levels 21-30, found in Kerning City (NPC name needed): Do a buttload of basic logic and fighting stuff, reach the King Slime, kill him, get a prize. Repeat.
  • Carnival PQ, levels 31-50, (place and NPC needed): In PT's of 2-6, fight an opposing team of equal party members to see who gets the most CP from killing monsters.
  • Ludibrium PQ, levels 35-51, found in Ludibrium Tower, 101st floor, talk to the Red Sign: Same basis as Kerning PQ, except there's a bonus stage filled with boxes and Alishar's the boss.
  • Ellin Forest PQ, levels 45-55, found in Ellin Forest (can't find the place myself, but know it is through a portal in Ludibrium): Same basis as KPQ/LPQ/etc etc. Some moss golem thing with 3 form's the boss.
  • Orbis PQ, levels 51-70, found in Orbis (NPC name needed): See kerning PQ, replace boss with Papa Pixie. Bonus stage is the same as Ludi's, except better equips.
Thanks to: CaptObvious

Looking to join a Khaini guild.

09 July 2009 - 03:47 PM

Hey folks,

I am looking around for a group of folks to play with. I am a level 51 fighter.

My play times are 6pm+ EST, weekdays and lots of time on weekends. I might be a little frenetic though.

Thanks a lot, and here's hoping this post finds me a nice home. :3