24 Jan 2006

Maple Fusion (Manga/hwa, version)

04 January 2009 - 03:21 PM

So, I did put up a few links in November, but due to it being too boring (in my opinion) I added in a few extra pages to this, so now it is finally done (well the First Chapter's First half at least). Now time to release the Chapter pages (Warning: Contains Mild Violence and some scenes with Blood; Also, make sure to click on the images otherwise, they will be too small to read):

Volume 1: Forging the Beginning, of an End
Chapter 1: Fateful Connection
Part O: DREAM...Dream...dream...

First Page
Second Page
Third Page
Fourth Page
Fifth Page
Sixth Page
Seventh Page
Eighth Page
Ninth Page
Tenth Page
Eleventh Page
Twelfth Page
Thirteenth Page
Fourteenth Page
Fifteenth Page
Sixteenth Page
Seventeenth Page

I would like some feedback from the readers so that I can fix, tune or improve on some areas. Most obviously, my writing needs to be clearer for all of you, so I will get to work on that. Please do not criticise my work, I am trying this sort of thing for the first time.

On another note, I worked on this for Two years now, so I have put a lot of thought into it.

Please post or send me any other suggestions.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoyed it.


A Chief Bandit's Tale

22 November 2008 - 02:06 PM

Well this drawing is of Perygl (DryChioLaeth, is the actual character in this drawing). She didn't ask for this to be drawn, in fact I asked her because I need some practice in drawing ㅠ.ㅠ.

-Original Look

Link: http://i83.photobuck...enzy/img213.jpg

So there you have it, a rather rough and sketchy drawing, but it took around 3 hours lol.

Side note, this drawing may be a new character idea in my Fanfiction (Manga/Manhwa).


Maple Fusion (Test Chapter)

12 October 2008 - 08:08 AM

Maple Fusion


This is to see if it gets good enough responses. I've been working on this for 2 years (not just one chapter).

"So, what do you have in mind?" a cold, deep voice came from the ear piece of the phone. The phone itself was crudely designed, yet the designer had no intention of making it attractive. The yakuza guard, wore dark shades, and had unusual brown hair. "Well I believe it's time for Plan Alpha; afterall, we're at the peak of our energy emissions," the Yakuza Guard had a perfect English accent, it was obvious that he was taught in English surroundings and brought up in the same surroundings. The perfect accent was always a giveaway that a certain individual was from a different country; however, in this case, the coding for the yakuza guard was the cause.

"I'll send in two Pulse Dynamos, get them hooked up on the generators, from there, we'll implement the alterations. Make sure it goes smoothly, I don't want any mistakes," the ear piece talked. Walking over the remains of the security guards, now only their weapons were left, the rest of them were purple spheres. The main computer network area, was the entry and exit point for the infiltrator, there was no other way the guards could be caught off guard. Moving over to the portal computer, a dim light emerged and then faded away, revealing two C4-shaped items. "Now once the dynamos work, you'll have 10 minutes to channel that energy into generator and internet, once those alterations are made, make sure you fuse the ten Virtual Seals with the internet,"
"And then?"
"Then we will use that to grant us entrance and exit to and from that world again, remember we also need to send the prisoners back-"

A heavy grey bullet hit the phone, stopping whatever vile words had come from the voice, corrupting the area any further. The phone however, had turned into a green sphere, similar in design in to the purple ones that the Yakuza member was holding. Looking up, the Yakuza guard caught the eye of a girl around the age of 18. "Well, well, if it isn't our old friend Vixen, why would you attempt to stop me? Have you forgotten that you cannot beat me?"
"I'll prevent you from doing this, even if it means my own life. Afterall, that's my purpose! You are not allowed to fuse both of these worlds!"

"Hehe, you are as foolish as I suspected, even if you stop me, Apocalyptical will just use the Redeemer on this world, after plan Omega of course," laughing away, the Yakuza Guard's words had managed to shock Vixen. "Re-Redeemer? That, Demonic weapon? Impossible! Turret destroyed it centuries ago." Licking his lips the Yakuza guard picked up his gun on the floor and lifted it immediately at Vixen. "You see, we've had help from the world we are in, hackers, provide us with copious amounts of codes to choose from, but what they sow, we use, corruption is beautiful isn't it?" Firing off a barrage of metal dagger now, Vixen jumped at a desk and remained covered. "There are only 6 months before it can be used, and when our glorious master does, this world will be completely… exhausted of life."
"I think the word: Brilliant is what you're looking f-" Performing a diagonal cut from the neck to the pelvis, the guard was cut into two parts. The upper piece had vapourised before reaching the floor and all that was left now were a couple of disregarded ashes of the program.

"Very impressive my girl, but I did predict this," an angry fireball appeared at Vixen's Left and right arms and legs. Changing shape, without losing any of its ferocity, they turned into flaming rings, locking and immobilising Vixen. A darkly dressed mage was standing in front of her, holding a Phoenix wand in the right hand and an esther shield in the left. The shield was much larger than normal suggesting it was somewhat unnaturally stronger or scrolled, but it was obvious that it had seen countless battles due to its scratched and dented formation. The figure was wearing no hat, but on closer inspection the hair was not a usual default type, meaning it was possible that an invisible hat was worn. The overall was pulsating a red aura, although its colour was black. At the head, the person had a wider set of eyes and wore glasses. There was no mistaking the fact that the person had undergone VIP Plastic Surgery. The appearance was not due to an accident but for cosmetic purposes. "What is this?" Struggling to free herself Vixen wildly tugged against the fiery handcuffs. "Type 8 Binding Locks, Miss Vixen,"
"Type 8? Keh… You mean the darn binds you developed? I thought they were still in construction!" turning once again to her captor, she scowled at him, "So you've decided to drain my power as well as hold me hostage?" Silence followed as Vixen shouted again, "What are your motives, Command?!?"
"Ah my dear, you are mistaken, what is the point in taking you hostage? You, who is so unpredictable and explosive in attitude." His voice was both young and harsh, however, it showed no signs of hesitation.

Walking back to a chair, Command grabbed a wheeled chair, sat on it with its back support in front of him and skated along just in front of Vixen. "Do you understand now, Miss Vixen?"
"Then… Why, are you here?" Holding up a water bottle, Command whispered a few words to it, which seemed to listen, changing it into a Stun-gun-like item. "What, you're here to call someone?"
"Miss Vixen, your lack of knowledge astounds me, this is called an 'Anti-Codon' Sealer, if you've ever done your biology…" a slight pause interfered the sentence whilst Command laughed quietly, "Well, if you had, you might have understood what an anti-codon is, but I guess there's no point in telling you now."
"Why does that matter? I'm a computer program not a human, I don't exist because of all that organ-what-not!" Struggling Vixen tugged and attempted to bite the fire rings, but none of her powers were present due to the absorption abilities of a type 8 bind. Gripping the Anti-Codon Sealer, Command grabbed Vixen's throat and with his fire abilities, he burnt through Vixen's Metallic armour using his other hand. The drill-like attack, left nothing more than a molten hole straight to her coded skin. Then, keeping his tight grip on the suffocating Vixen, he reached for the device in the other hand. "Good-Night Miss Vixen,"
'I guess I'm having a bad day', plunging the device into her skin, he watched her gasp with shock and began to lockdown and seal the AI .

A purple, live, cloudy marble landed on the floor. Going over to the item, Command picked it up and laughed. "So this was all you were capable of huh? Vixen?!? Hahahaha, AI this, Guardian of Heavy Metal that, all you are is talk!" Getting out a virtual phone, similar to the Yakuza Guard's, he punched in numbers and put the phone to his ear. Again, the cold voice replied: "So how did the plan go?" Changing his mood he made a half unsatisfied look and replied in a normal but unsatisfied manner. "It's all good, even an AI of her type, is unable to walk away from such a trap,"

"Good, I want you to throw that into the Volcano near the centre of the North Sea, If, you went too far, you'd be spotted, and we can't afford that yet,"
"Of course my lord,"
"Once you have finished your task, you are to return to this world and await further instructions,"
"I shall." Putting the phone away, Command reached into his pocket and observed the purple marble, "Looks like you're in a for a little ride… Pesky fox", then deposited it back into the pocket.

After two hours, he had reached a volcano underwater and hovered over it. His powers could not mix with the volcano otherwise it would result in a live Inferno. Dropping the marble he guided it with his wand directly into the entrance. Checking, he made sure it had gone and set off again towards his homeworld, tired and exhausted of flying.

Away from earshot, the whole plate moved again and the once seemingly dormant area, underwent a violent eruption as the unknown volcano began to glow a purple light.

Hope you enjoyed it and thank you for reading.


MapleTip Soap Opera - Summer Special

27 August 2008 - 08:56 AM

MapleTip Soap Opera: Summer Special!

Warning: The following story is inappropriate-
[???] News just in, this story will now commence.

[Narrator] The temperature is 46 Degrees Celcius, let us all welcome Global Warming with a bright Sun-tan as we embrace the clear sky. It's a perfect day on the Alps, even though they're melting at an incredible rate, sorry I'll correct that, even though there's no snow there! Oh and I almost forgot, that today, we shall focus our story on a small group that have decided to settle themselves on a private Island and are currently on the South Beach. A-hem, in a place only about 326.5 miles away from the mystical world of Atlantis, due east of the ancient city of El Dorado, an event which will go down in history is taking place on a small beach...........................................................................
...............................................Yet again…

[24-Hour Portable store owner] I've got all you want! Ice-cream, Soft Drinks, Beer! Come and get what you want for a reasonable price.
[Bellatrixa] I thought this was a private Island, what's with this guy?
[Stephen] lol April Fools
[Antagonist] Hey Stephen, you know April Fools was about four months ago?
[Stephen] My, my Antagonist, I used time change, now my computer only sees April 1st as the date on any day
[Dr Tran] Meh, I don't mind, but anyone seen my walking cane/sword?
[Eagle] I took it away from you
[Tichondrius] lol, he also has your hat, which is only 15 centimetres in radius
[Dr Tran] that is against the rule!
[Antagonist] Yeah, it's bigger than 560 x 360
[Manoz] So is impersonating me!
[Spionkop] Don't worry we won't let them impersonate you Manoz.
[Mizzblue] This is so dull! Someone talk about something else!
[Shade] I like Gunbound
[Teishen] …
[Dr Tran] No Dialogue 4 u.
[Teishen] ㅠ.ㅠ
[Mysten] (Appears from the lagoon wearing MJOLNIR Armour and wielding an Assault Rifle) Where is Stephen?
[Liaux] He's over there (Points at Stephen)
[Mysten] Cheers, (runs towards Stephen who is buying an authentic plasma rifle from the 24-hour Portable Store owner)
[Stephen] (Notices Mysten running towards him) oh *Sorry, no curse words allowed, it's the rules*, I need to change the rules soon
[Perygl] So Tran, how do you feel?
[Dr Tran] Miserable, Eagle killed my hat
[Perygl] let me get you a drink
[Mizzblue] (Starts posing in a slightly seducing way) Tran-darling how about you come over here and forget her,
[Perygl] No! I love him
[Dr Tran] You already told me
[Mizzblue] I love him
[Dr Tran] You also told me, already
[Perygl and Mizzblue] No wai
[JadeCurtiss] Why am I still here?
[Bellatrixa] Because I said so
[JadeCurtiss] I don't want to be here (leaves)
[24-Hour Portable store owner] That'll be $3000 and 40,000,000 mesos.
[Manoz] Why did you make a can of sprite $3000?
[24-Hour Portable Store owner] Because I can and it's free.
[Stephen] I'm not an alien Mysten!
[Mysten] Lies
[Stephen] Guys, you can go swim if you want to, you don't have to wait for my signal
[Antagonist] I don't like swimming

[Narrator] Meanwhile...

[Tichondrius] Now, let's start the Blind date
[Dr Tran] Why do I have to get involved?
[Tichondrius] Because I said so. We have two girls behind that metal screen, you must choose one of them.
[Kasi] I want to play too!
[Tichondrius] No game for you.
[Tichondrius] So we have two girls behind this screen, you will get to hear their voices talk about: 1) Themselves, 2) Their Hobbies, 3) Why you should choosing and 4) What they are wearing
[Shade] Question!
[Tichondrius] Yes, you over there, viewer, what is it?
[Shade] Why do we have 4) in there? (Tichondrius Shoots Shade above his head)
[Tichondrius] (Blows the smoke away from the muzzle) Hush! It is my game and thus my rules
[iamflip] I like games
[Tichondrius] So girl number 1, please introduce yourself!
[Mizzblue] Hi, my name is Emily, take me out Tran and you won't regret it.
[Dr Tran] What's the point in a Blind date if I know them?
[Tichondrius] Hush! Now Girl number 2, please introduce yourself!
[Perygl] Hello, my name is Alys, and I still love you, so choose me!
[Tichondrius] Now girl number 3, please Introduce yourself
[Kasi] Hey, my name is Kasi!
[Dr Tran] I thought you said 2 people…
[Tichondrius] Hey! I'm the game master, so it's my choice what I do.

[Narrator] Around the same time...

[Shade] Hey guys! Look what I got! (Places a Bronze eagle statue on Antagonist's Sandcastle)
[Antagonist] Why'd you do that? That sandcastle took me 3 hours to build!
[Liaux] What is that?
[Shade] This, my dear five-letter named friend, is a genuine statue known as the: ''Divine Protector from Tempation'; (Pause) I like to call it the 'Owl'
[Liaux] Why 'Owl'?
[Shade] Because''Divine Protector from Temptation' is too long to say in conversations
[Eagle] No, but why Owl? I mean, it doesn't have those big eyes
[Shade] Say that again?
[Eagle] I think it looks more like an eagle
[Shade] What in the hell is an eagle?
[iamflip] What you mean like, the Desert Eagle gun?
[Eagle] No, I mean like an eagle, it's a big bird, like a falcon,
[Shade] (Turns and glares at Eagle) You're making that up
[Eagle] I'm telling you that it's a real animal!
[Shade] Guys, I want you all to Kill-steal him whenever he logs back on (goes over to the statue); see these two wings, now what animal would have wings?
[Eagle] A puffin...
[Shade] Didn't I just tell you to stop making up animals?
[Eagle] Haven't you seen the American Eagle on the great seal of the United States?
[Shade] I guess you never went to biology class. Everyone knows that bird is a pigeon!

[Narrator] Back at the Blind date...

[Mizzblue] Wait, what is that statue of? (Points at Shade's statue)
[Tichondrius] I don't know, but it looks like a...…like a big bird like a falcon of some sorts…
[Dr Tran] (Pauses slightly) What you mean like an eagle?
[Tichondrius] Yeah man, there you go

[Narrator] Back over to the Beach...

[Shade] So, if we don't have anymore mythical creatures coming up, we're going to stick with: 'The Owl'; How about it SJ?
[Eagle] Yeah, alright, I'm, I'm cool...
[Shade] You sure? How about Yeti? Bigfoot? Phoenix?

[Narrator] ...

[Tichondrius] So have you chosen?
[Dr Tran] What the- But it's only been 2 minutes since this started, isn't there more I can do?
[Tichondrius] Just get on with it!
[iamflip] Get on with it!
[All] Yes Get on with it!
[Dr Tran] Oh, alright, I choose-
[Tichondrius] Mizzblue indeed; come on then, let's see who you turned down: Come on Perygl!
[Perygl] (Climbs over the stick-on border) I'll come back to win you again.
[Tichondrius] Next, come out Kasi!
[Kasi] (peeks around the corner) S-so I didn't make it, right?
[Tichondrius] Nope, sorry, better luck next time. (Pauses for dramatic effect) Pause. Finally, may we have our winner: Mizzblue, can you come over her please!
[Mizzblue] (Slams the door down) Hai Tran! I can't believe you picked me!
[Dr Tran] Erm... you're welcome?
[Mizzblue] You know what our prize is?
[Dr Tran] nope.
[Tichondrius] Can we have a viewer explain what the prize is? (Stares into the crowd) You miss! Miss Bellatrixa, please explain for us, the prize!
[Bellatrixa] Let's see, the prize is a Honeymoon in... Switzerland?
[Dr Tran] 'Honeymoon?'
[Tichondrius] I now pronounce you Husband and Wife, you may drag your husband away now.
[Mizzblue] Thanks! (Drags away Dr Tran).

[Narrator] Back on the beach...

[Antagonist] First Stephen takes away most of my power, then Shade drops a Statue on my sandcastle.
[Liaux] Don't worry about it, it's only a sandcastle.
[Antagonist] Yeah, I guess so (starts laughing)
[Liaux] Yeah, it really isn't that much of a problem is it now? Afterall, I was the person who really dropped it on your sandcastle (starts laughing along).
[Antagonist] Haha, yeah (Pause)... wait, say that again?
[Liaux] Yeah, I had Shade be quiet about the sandcastle, because I wanted to make a better one than you. Who knew it would turn out this way!
[iamflip] Oh man, this isn't going to be pretty.

Warning: -for those without a driving license.

[Narrator] And so, the day ended without a single person going into the water, except for Stephen. Mizzblue and Dr Tran are now having a rather unusual marriage life and have moved to Alps; Eagle now works in the office named: 'Comparison Study'; Shade has gone and bought another 20 statues all of different animals; Liaux has gained a job in Sandcastle making and now has his own mansion; Teishen still has no dialogue; Bellatrixa is now a professor of Literature at Oxford University; Perygl has moved into the Model industry and is now appearing on half of the major fashion magazines; Stephen has implemented new rules onto his forum; Antagonist has become a prosecutor and has his own company called: 'We're the Good guys'; Mysten is now the assistant for Master-chief and is a staff at Red Vs. Blue; Spionkop has continued his research in order to search for a cure for cancer; Tichondrius is now a famed actor; iamflip has become Mayor of London, disposing Boris Johnson and has implemented his: 'Do it my way; That's with Congestion Charge' slogan; Manoz is now Chief Constable and has already solved many fraud cases as well as solving the mystery behind 'Jack the Ripper'; Kasi has become CEO of a Media Company and is currently airing popular shows throughout the Globe and JadeCurtiss has yet to be heard of since his leave.

[JadeCurtiss] OBJECTION!

The End

P.S: This rather large chunk of texts is not a real life account. Any correlation between the dotted points in this experiment, any real incidents are merely set-up to make you believe this was real, like Bigfoot, Crop Circles and the cake being a lie.

P.P.S: Maple Soap Opera actual non-special series starts off with the 6th Version (which will be written by Dr Tran). Stay tuned!

The Real End.


[EMS] Patch 0.42

19 August 2008 - 05:11 PM

Dear Maplers,

We will go through a patch on Wednesday, 20 August, 2008 at 2:00 a.m. CET(GMT+2).

The patch will last for approximately 6 hours, and users will not be able to

access the game but users will not able to access the website for an hour during that time.

We apologise for the inconvenience.

[MapleStory Europe Patch]

- Contents update : Perion Guild Quest and Perion extenstion maps

- Adding more cash items including face paintings in Cash Shop

- Adding item search function in cash shop

- Adding new hairstyles in town

- Pigmy egg items will be updated

- Game related bugs are to be fixed

- La tomatina Event Patch

- Guild creation fee 50% off event patch for 3 weeks

- Guild challenge event will be implemented

Time : Game - Wednesday, 20 August, 2008 , 2:00 a.m. ~ 8:00 a.m. CET (GMT+2)

Website - Wednesday, 20 August, 2008 , 3:00 a.m. ~ 4:00 a.m. CET (GMT+2)

Thank you and Happy Mapling!

- MapleStory Europe Staff –

Yay! Looks like we finally got a way to distinguish our guild from everyone else's! But not only that, but they've generously given a discount on new guild makers as well as the Perion extension.

And of course, let us not forget La Tomatina is going on, Happy Mapling everyone.

Link to site: http://en.mapleeurop...spx?idx=1200744