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In Topic: Who wants to play again?

12 February 2011 - 12:25 PM

Wow, I'm actually having a lot of fun with the Mechanic, it's like crack. I love his peashooter normal attack.

In Topic: Maple Tip's Ding Thread

12 February 2011 - 10:45 AM

Like woah, guys.

Something always brings me back to this gaaaaaaaaame.

In Topic: Who wants to play again?

12 December 2010 - 09:24 PM

How goes the guild? I was never really as involved in the community as much as some people here, but it's interesting to see a lot of you older players back in the game.

In Topic: The rebirth of Maple World!

24 November 2010 - 12:15 AM

Not to hate, but it really just seems like something to keep player interest as Cataclysm is coming out. Actually, it definitely is. Oh well though.

In Topic: Best World for New Warriors?

02 June 2010 - 07:04 PM

Just thought id ask you mapletippers from your experience, or if your in a certain world playing as a warrior, which has had a nice, respectful, most helpful guild, or community of players to a new warrior. Im planning on making a Paly. but i would like to find a World withmaybe a Warrior only guild or something, that can be there for helpin out.

Idk just a question.. :s

Well this is a mega bump... but here it goes. I can't imagine any guilds in this game inviting lower level characters to fund and help level. I remember a few single-class guilds a long time ago, but I think people generally avoid that for certain reasons. As for the world with a friendly/helpful community; I couldn't tell you because the servers have probably changed since I last played.

Also it was funny seeing the word Pally in MS... weird.