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#1350120 Can my computer even run the game?

Posted by Norwegian on 23 November 2013 - 12:54 AM

Not sure if this should've been posted in the technology board? Definitely want to become a regular poster on here, but I can't really run the game.

Now, I've tried to get this game to run in the past, and the issue I believe has stemmed from having to do a system restore. The motherboard's OS was originally Windows Vista, which I BELIEVE ran Maplestory beautifully with little to no lag..

With the system restore, the damn thing has reverted to Windows XP (Which don't get me wrong, is probably even better than Vista in many ways) BUT for some reason, barely anything was playable in terms of games. Heck, I could barely play 2D browser arcade games.

I don't remember what happened, but I'm assuming most of my drivers were screwed up due to the OS "degrade".. I don't remember how long ago I'd downloaded a graphics driver, if I even did, but I know that I couldn't even run 3D video games via emulators, and can now run Nintendo 64 games smoothly and playstation 1 games with no issue or lag.. Not sure if that really indicates anything in terms of being able to run Maplestory.

I've tried recently to run the game, and no matter what I clicked on, none of the applications would do anything at all.. The gamelauncher, nor the two "Maplestory" application files, one of which directs me to the site. If I press "play" it asks for my login details, so I KNOW that the button is registering my clicks.. But if I press play AFTER logging in, it does nothing. WHAT. THE. HELL..

I've tried deleting the HackShield/Black folders, downloading them and re-pasting them in the MS folder, I've tried renaming the gamelauncher file, trying to run it as admin, etc.. I don't really know what else I can do.

Could someone give me directions to figuring out my computer's specs so I can post 'em here and possibly figure out if I need to buy a brand new computer? I really don't want to HAVE to just say screw it and shell out 300-500$ If I don't have to, but if I DO, I will. I just want to know for certain that somehow my computer has gone from being able to run the game to being unable to, and if there's anything I can do to change this. I CAN run some 3D games, like "ToonTown"..

My computer's an emachines, windows xp 2002.. I KNOW that I've been able to run Maplestory on this computer years ago, so even to this day I stilldon't exactly know what happened, but it definitely had to do with the system restore putting me from Vista to XP, and then not having the Vista system restore discs that I originally did..