06 May 2013
May 06 2013 03:38 PM

#1348152 ''New'' to maplestory - Got some questions?

NewtoMShaha 06 May 2013 - 01:39 AM

Hello! So I have quit Maplestory 3 years ago. And now I want to start playing again but everything seems to have changed! So many new classes and worlds I got no idea whats going on. If you could answer me these questions please:

-The new classes - which class is the newest and which would you say is the most OP?
-The new worlds - which world is the newest and which world would you say is most friendly economy wise to new players?
-My friend gave me a few bloons? It's like a cape that has weapon attack, like the PAC. I got one with 3 and one with 5. It's for level 30 I think. How much do you think they are worth in Scania?
-Do you think right now, buying NX is necessary to enjoy the game?
-Anything else you can tell me that you think is important for a new player to know about?

Thanks in advance!