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R> iMafiaGang (Windia)

10 February 2013 - 12:30 PM

Hey everyone! So 2 friends and I just recreated a guild we made a long time ago, called iMafiaGang. Its new, so currently it only have the 3 of us in it and I'm looking to expand the guild again. Since its a newly revived guild, We don't have a level requirement or anything; we just want friendly, active members. Thats it. This is a windia guild. The 3 current members (including me) are all level 110 and above. This means with enough people at high levels, we will definitely do boss runs and such. Despite the guild name (which I think is pretty cool) we are very friendly people! Lol the name originated from our idea of wearing the suit meant to be worn at weddings cause we thought it looked nice on our characters. That used to be a requirement back in the good days of this guild. The members would socialize together with the suits on to represent us, but it is not a requirement right now. Also, the first few new members will probably be Jr. masters and if you have friends or anyone you want to recruit, that would be awesome. So yeah, if anyone is interested, let me know! Post here or find me in-game my IGN is DigitalNIT3.