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How is the game these days?

20 April 2012 - 10:12 PM

This is very bizarre for me, I was banned from this forum back in 2005ish when I used to play my archer Saqe.. I was about 16 then, and now I'm 23! I remember using hacks for some brief period and ultimately getting outed and rejected by the community, looking back it almost seems unreal how devastating and important it was to me! Oh to be a teenager again... :P

I don't know why but I had a sudden urge to google my old character and it led me here, and also led me to my old image hosting account where I found a LOT of really old images and screenshots that brought memories flooding back! I actually still talk to a few people I met on here, and some who I met online even earlier and originally got me into the game.

Anyway, just enjoying a nostalgic trip down memory lane, and wondered what the game is like now (and if anyone is still around... how different is it from 2005?), from what I've seen it looks pretty CRAZY. Since leaving I played World of Warcraft for a few years and now I play Lord of the Rigns online on and off. I have a feeling that one day, when the game is coming to an end, I will download it one last time and if i can recall my password, log into my old character and seek out that 'Jr Rog' just like the old days, haha.