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FAQs & Information 2007

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Posted 20 January 2007 - 09:03 AM

MapleTip Dynasty Guild

FAQ's And Information On MTDynasty 2007

-The MapleTip Dynasty guild was originally created for Beta testers to celebrate the fact that they helped to create what MapleStory is today. However, due to the fact that this is the official guild of MapleTip, we had to remove the requirement in order to allow this guild to welcome those, as we know that there are wonderful people out there with vast experience that weren't Beta testers. But to those of you that WERE Beta testers, remember to feel proud of yourself for helping to shape MapleStory!

-MapleTip Dynasty's maximum capacity of members is a total of 100 members (including Leader, Staff, Beta members, and Regular members). Applications are no longer needed! Simply post your IGN, World and an optional little bit about yourself in the correct topic and you should be either accepted and invited or denied. Once a member leaves the guild or is evicted, a new member will replace him/her to keep the 100 members concurrent. Once the guild is full, we will still be accepting members, However, if you're accepted, you will be placed on a waiting list. However, We do not have the full 100 members in any branch of MTDynasty so you may apply at any time you like and your post will be read.

-If you wish to join then post in the correct pinned topic. You do no longer need to post an application for MTDynasty. If you wish to ask any questions about this then again, You may contact any of the MD Staff via PM or topic.

-If you are a member waiting to have a reply from your post then you must simply wait for an MD Staff to reply and either accept or deny you. If the guild is full at the time you apply then you will be most likely placed on the waiting list. When a spot opens in the guild, you will be notified via PM and have 7 days to accept/reject membership to MapleTip Dynasty. This is to ensure that you remain active on the forums and keep up with current events. If we do not receive a reply from you within the 7 day period, you will be sent to the Denied sub-forums as this tells us you are either no longer interested or your being akward and not replying to us lol.

-Events for each month/week/day are usually listed in the Events subforum under Announcements. However, these events are ONLY for MD Members. In fact, to make sure that we don't get stalkers and spies, the Events subforum is limited ONLY to the MD usergroup. If you wish to take part in these events, please read through our FAQs, requirements, rules, etc. and apply if you wish. It is VITAL that you read the Pinned topics in every subforum you see before applying.

-The MTDynasty guild currently has branches on the GMS Servers Of: Scania, Windia, Broa And Bera. However, With the recent activity and history of the Bera Branch we have now temporarily closed the Bera branch of MTDynasty. If you wish to have a branch made on any other GMS server you may contact 1338joe or Me/NightFlurry. However, it is not a definate that the branch will come open. BUT if you wish to volenteer yourself as the branch head for that MTDynasty then you may apply via PM to either Me/NightFlurry or 1338joe.

-The current MTDynasty guild requirements for all branches is as following:
-In game: lv21+
-Forums: 10+ posts

-If you wish to apply for the guild then you may do so by posting your application in the correct applying thread. Your application will be reviewed within 48hours of being posted.

-If there is anything i have missed off in this topic then please contact me via PM and i'll get it sorted ASAP.

Thanks, For reading and understanding. If you have any more questions then please PM any of the MD Staff and we will get to work on it.

Head Of MTDynasty Windia
Looking for Buddies on GMS Windia - Add: NightFlurry [Level 105 Priest]

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