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MTDynasty/MapleTipDynasty Guild

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Posted 16 December 2006 - 07:11 PM

MapleTip Dynasty Guild

This thread has been closed on the order of Shark, by Megatron, only reading this thread is allowed, and is to avoid spam, and bumping an old topic, when this gets old. if you have comments, or suggestions PM ethier, Megatron, Shark or Nightflurry, The MD staff will update this as much as possible. Thank you.

Okies, Iunno whether Shark would like me doing this or not but i read this alot, it might not be active but i read the topics in here alot and i've finally decided to take action! I read here and see that most of these topics/posts are very very outdated and as alot of other things are outdated in other areas of MT, aslong as im an MD Staff, i won't allow our section of the forums to be outdated! We will be the most organized, fun based, and cleanest section of the MT forums, and we'll be proud of it! As you can see i have closed and un-pinned some topics, now these may have been made by now, MT Staff members, however, they are not in charge of this section anymore...technically. Now, i just want to make a quick note here to you guys, im not trying to take over Shark's or TheRealTahu's job and taking the overall charge of MTDynasty but i want to make sure atleast this section of the forums are updated and clean. And aslong as i have the powers to do it, i will.

Now, The reason i have kept one or two still outdated topics open is because one or two of these were made by the admin MDStaff and i don't wanna get in trouble for un-pinning and closing his topic lol.

Now, Onto the business and main function of this topic/thread. This thread/topic is here to inform everyone who can read it, who is in charge of what and who is where and who is who and what is going on lol. So Lemme begin and if there are any comments or suggestions you would like to make then please do in this thread.

The official guild of mapletip.com is called MTDynasty and will sooner or later be created on all servers, we currently have MTDynasty official guilds on Scania, Windia and Bera. All of these servers guild's have head's of that server's guild. This will be shown below.

MTDynasty Head's:
WilliamHung-Head of MTDynasty overall, Head of MTDynasty Scania.
Dopple-Jr.Master of MTDynasty Scania.
Omega Ansem-Jr.Master of MTDynasty Scania.
NightFlurry-Deputy Head of MTDynasty overall, Head of MTDynasty Windia.
Hobbes-Head of MTDynasty Broa.
Manoz-Head of MTDynasty Bera.
Life-Co-Leader of MTDynasty Windia
iamflip-Jr.Master of MTDynasty Windia.
X Megadragon-Jr.Master of MTDynasty Windia.
MageDark-Co-Leader of MTDynasty Broa.
LeetMaxim-Jr.Master of MTDynasty Bera.

MTDynasty Requirement's:
The current requirement's to join the MTDynasty official guild are:
You MUST be a registered member of mapletip.com.
You MUST have an in game level of 21 or above.

MTDynasty current in game ranking's: Windia

MTDynasty current in game ranking's: Bera

MTDynasty current in game ranking's: Scania

MTDynasty current in game ranking's: Broa

Current MTDynasty Members For Server Scania:
Forum Name- In-Game-Name
Shark- MDGuild
Dopple- MrDolphin
Carta- Carta
Eagle- EagleCleric3
doully- DarkDooly
The Judged- FallenVoid
Fatal- FatalMage
1338joe- myAvGjoe
NightFlurry- NightPoison

NOTE: Some names have been omitted as we are unsure whether or not these people are still active on MS.
(?) = Unsure
S3xyboi is an in-game friend who was interviewed since he had problems on MT.

Current MTDynasty Members For Server Windia:
Forum Name- In-Game-Name
Breathe- Masyu
iamflip- SageFlip
The Killiator- RyansinxD
undefined- evilrodent
X Megadragon- XMechaDragon
TrickyDK- trickydk
rotationx- rotation5
NightFlurry- NightFord
Life- Generaux
Tichondrius- Tichophiliac
EzyStuff- SinisterEzy
Renwall- Renwall
satoshi- Beeento
Kenjii- RosefulSin
irlubomirsky- irlubomirsky

Current MTDynasty Members For Server Bera:
Forum Name- In-Game-Name
Manoz- Manoz
Renji- DevilScout/DevilSparks
NightFlurry- NightSecks
Shark- MTDynasty
LeetMaxim- MageYuri/LeetMaxim
azz331- azz331
sonikuboy- Casisaya/Sophoes
BengaliDon- MagicBengali
SmitsIn- OnelBow

Current MTDynasty Members For Server Broa:

Please, Give A Special Thank You To These Very Hard Working Retired leaders/council/senate members:
Flower - Flower-Founder Of MTDynasty
Arialianilus - Hank-Head Of MTDynasty/Scania
NYUDiana - NYUDiana-Head Of MTDynasty Scania
xSea - Antagonist-Head Of MTDynasty/Scania
Bernitz - Sniffette-Head Of MTDynasty Scania
xMiyazuki - ShichoMiyazuki-Head Of MTDynasty Scania
Therealtahu - Therealtahu-Head Of MTDynasty/Scania
Baltador - Not sure
xElysera - ElysianSeraph-Head Of MTDynasty Bera
Tigantis - Haelionis-Head Of MTDynasty Bera
Tichondrius - Creator Of MTDynasty Windia, Head Of MTDynasty Windia
Shark - Head Of MTDynasty/Scania

This is all i can come up with for now, i hope this will give you a much more updated and cleaner look to MTDynasty and i hope that the comments i get will all be suggestions and positive remarks, however, no one is perfect soo yh, if it is needed, gimme some stick.

Any updates with MD Members or MD Staff members, i will add and remove and update, any other changes to the requirements or members i will update ASAP!

Thanks, For reading my thread that took me longer than i thought it would lol...what with all the formatting and colours and such lol...took me around 1hour and 30mins lol. Thanks, For also not flaming me if your thinking about it...sure critisism but it can't be that bad that i get flamed for it lol.

Deputy Head Of MTDynasty, Head Of MTDynasty Windia
Looking for Buddies on GMS Windia - Add: NightFlurry [Level 105 Priest]

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