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FlameChocobo's Fighter Story

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Posted 03 December 2006 - 10:31 AM

Part 1
the path to become the Fighter
FlameChocobo: Allright Now! We completed PQ
Unknown Rogue 1: That's Right Flame! We completed the PQ
FlameChocobo: too bad, FrostMage Got into Death by ligators and Been such a total noob to the Female Rogue.
Unknown Rogue 2: Oh no! I'm gonna be Mass defamed by a Frost Mage, What am i gonna do?
FlameChocobo: Just Run from him. But if he easily finds you, Don't Play.
Unknown Rogue 2: Okay.
FlameChocobo: Don't go Near him, He'll Flame/Troll you around. If you're completely mass defamed, Report him and Don't play, the GMs will ban your mass defamer.
Unknown Rogue 2: Ok.
Unknown Rogue 1: Please Don't let that Noob ruin your day.
FlameChocobo: *Level Up* Level up!
Unknown Rogue 1: Dude! Congrats, You're level 30.
FlameChocobo: Thanks Man! I'm gonna go head to Perion and Talk to Dance with Balrog.
Unknown Rogue 1: Yep, Be right Back if you become a Fighter
FlameChocobo: ok. Good Luck.
As FlameChocobo Leaves Kerning City, FlameChocobo Heads to Perion to talk to his Job instructor. and Flamechocobo Finally Meets Dances With Balrog
FlameChocobo: Dances with Balrog?
Dances with Balrog: Greetings FlameChocobo,
FlameChocobo: I have something to Tell you.
Dances with Balrog: Ok, What is it FlameChocobo?
FlameChocobo: I leveled up in PQ and i want to have a 2nd Job advancement
Dances with Balrog: Ok, Flamechocobo, Here's a letter to Warrior Job Instructor.
FlameChocobo: Aye Aye Sir.
Dances with Balrog: Good luck FlameChocobo
FlameChocobo: As you wish.
and So FlameChocobo Went to The Western Rocky Mountain, and He Sees Warrior Job instructor
FlameChocobo: Greetings Sir.
Warrior Job Instructor: Welcome, You must be FlameChocobo
FlameChocobo: Yes, That's me.
Warrior Job Instructor: then Are you here for 2nd Job Advancement
Flamechocobo: Yes. I'm at LVL 30
Warrior Job Instructor: Indeed, You have to get 30 Dark marbles.
FlameChocobo: That Seems Easy.
Warrior Job Instructor: Yes, for You, Now let's go. *Teleports to Warrior Training Area*
FlameChocobo: now i have to kill these monsters to Get 30 Dark Marbles. *attacks Fire Boar, a Dark Marble Appears* Sweetness. Now i need 29 more.
10 Minutes Later
FlameChocobo: Only 1 more Crystal to go *Looks at Lupin* I got you
Lupin: eep! *Runs away*
FlameChocobo: There's no Escape *Slashes Lupin*
Luppin: EEEEEEEEEPPP!!!! *dies and Drops a Dark Marble*
FlameChocobo: There's the last Marble, That's awesome.
Warrior Job Instructor: Fantastic FlameChocobo, You passed the test.
FlameChocobo: Thanks.
Warrior Job Instructor: Here's a Medal of Hero for Completing the Test.
FlameChocobo: Thanks and Good bye.
Warrior Job Instructor: Good bye Flame
Meanwhile Back in Warrior Job Advancement Room
FlameChocobo: I'm Back Dances.
Dances With Balrog: Good Job, What Job are you gonna be (Note: Spearmen are the Best Warrior Job in Maple Story)
FlameChocobo: I'll go with Fighter, They're Heavy hitters.
Dances With Balrog: Are you sure?
FlameChocobo: Yes.
Dances With Balrog: then Congratulations. you are now a Fighter.
FlameChocobo: Thanks! Now i'm gonna Sharpen my Axe Mastery.

Part 2
Final PQ in Kerning
FlameChocobo: Sweet! Now I'm gonna Level! *Heading back to Kerning* Hey BJS!
bjs96: Hey Flame!
FlameChocobo: Wanna PQ?
bjs96: Ok!
*Many Hours Later*
FlameChocobo: This is Just Perfect! >_< Bjs is offline. I'm gonna invite another person
Now He Goes In
Warrior 1: Can I Slay the King Mushroom?
FlameChocobo: No! This is my Final PQ, All of you have to Stay in Stage 4
Warrior 1: No! You Can't Slay him alone!
*To Be Continued*

And That's a Rap Everyone. I'll Post more if i Feel like it.

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#2 Justox


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Posted 03 December 2006 - 09:41 PM

Hmm... Not bad, not bad at all considering...
You detest Fighters and periodically worship Spearmen!
Ah, anyways, attempt to write an engaging plot that is not featured in your style of Narrative Format.
[Warrior] Justoxic - 28

#3 FlameChocobo



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Posted 05 December 2006 - 09:21 AM

Sorry. But I think Fighters are better than Spearman, because Spearman has the Exact same HP as Classic Warriors. so I think I Shouldn't Detest Fighters. Note: Fighter is the Job i only want. and Spearman is for My Mule Warrior

#4 SuperBologna


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Posted 06 December 2006 - 08:53 PM

Not very um... interesting.

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