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Please READ before posting about infections

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Posted 12 May 2006 - 04:03 PM

ok i have read a lot of people having trojans, viruses and other stuff.

ok you guys have to admit people saying-
"waaah! i got a spyware and its slowing down my computer!!!! Its telling mje to click popups and making me go to virus fillled websites!"

ok, what do you expect for people to reply? They dont know what the virus is, the name or even where you got it from?! All people will do is say-
"oh you got a spyware, download ewido"
"oh get webroot from www.download.com dude"
"hey you got a trojan, download avg antivirus its free"

no that does not do ANY help at all because there is aready a topic on tutorials telling which are the right programs to use and finding a program is just something you can do in 5 mins.... Sometimes you need to combine all programs together.

Hijackthis is godly.
No it isnt another stupid virus checker or a firewall. All it does it tell you what stuff are running it your computer. Everyone says you need to be a pro to use this program but you dont if your not deleting anything.

im gonna telll you a very helpful way that all professionals use and novices should use.

its takes about few seconds.
1. go to http://forums.maplet...showtopic=29858 to d/l HiJack this.
2.run hijack this after unzipping it.
3.click do a system scan and save a log file it would quickly do a check and a notepad would pop up.
4.Copy and paste the processes and prefebly the stuff under it.
5.post your topic and say what ever you want with the images of the virus, etc,etc and then paste the notepad.

now we can find out a lot more about the things running in your computer and can find out ways to destroy it. After you dleted it your done!

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