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Guide to using and creating cursors for Windows XP

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Posted 14 April 2006 - 07:04 PM

This guide teaches you how to make animated cursors, still cursors, and use cursors you downloaded from the internet, made, or comes with windows (but not default)
Step 1: Downloading cursors (skip to step 2 if you're ONLY making one yourself)(skip to step 3 if you're wanting to use windows cursors)
When you find a site with cursor downloads, make sure the file extention is either .cur(still cursors) or .ani(animated cursors) and save it anywhere but I reccomend saving to C:\Windows\Cursors\
Step 2: Making cursors (skip to step 3 if you want to use a windows or downloaded cursor)
Use a cursor-making program. One I reccomend and will explain is IconArt. Download at http://www.conware-p...ia/download.php this program can also make icons I think. Once using this program, you will see a grid to signify pixels. You cannot change the size. Use this like paint. When saving, go to file>save frame as cursor and select location and name.
To make animated cursors, click on file>new project than the tab "cursors" and next to the button "animated cursor" set the number to the number of frames you want to make it with. After setting the number, click the button. Now you see multiple pictures at the top? Click on one picture to change the frame. All frames have last the same time, you may change the time needed next to the "Interval___ms".
On any cursor, click on the arrow to the right of "hot spot" to select the point clicked on when using this cursor
Step 3: Setting cursors for use
Open the control panel by looking at the start menu or looking in My Computer. If in classic view, click on the mouse icon. If in catagory view, click on Printers and.....>mouse. In mouse properties, click the tab "pointer". Click on each cursor and browse to set a different cursor to each case senario.
"Normal select" is the cursor you see most all the time
"Help select" is used sometimes in programs when opening the help menu; scarely used
"Working in background" is used when loading something
"Busy" is used when loading something that often takes more work and/or time to load
"Precision Select" is rarely used; I have never seen it used before; I recommend replacing this with some sort of cross-hair
"Text select" is used when the mouse is hovered above a text entry, usually used in web browsing, notepad, MS word
"Handwriting" is rarely used; I have never seen it used before
"Unavalble" is used when a link is broken in web surfing or a button is unavalable to use at the time
All the resizes do as expected, they are used when resizing open windows
"Move" is rarely used when moving something, usually regular select is used
After seting everything you want to set(you dont have to change everything), go to "save as" under scheme and type a new name for this cursor set
click "ok" or "apply" and it is set
also, you can change some thing in the tab "pointer options" under the mouse properties, you can select or deselect things like mouse trail and pointer speed.

Please comment or add opinions and report to me any errors if found
If you tell what "precision select" and "handwriting" are used for, i will edit it in when I can.
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Posted 13 May 2006 - 06:11 AM

That icon art program seems kinda comfusing. o.o Are there any other good cursor programs?
Oh hayyyy.
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Posted 12 September 2006 - 11:48 PM

"Handwriting" is rarely used; I have never seen it used before

"Handwriting" I have only seen by using my tablet beause it is well... you using your hand insted of a mouse with a mouse in the shape of a pen...

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