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Complete Hybrid Spearman/DK Guide

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#301 Blade Oracle

Blade Oracle


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Posted 07 October 2007 - 06:19 PM

Facts remain facts. Spears and polearms still have the same pros and cons, hybrid and pure still have the same pros and cons, etcetera. I believe the only thing that is outdated are the training spots. Though some of them are still good (or even the best source of experience), with the new maps, there are better places.

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#302 malkeni724



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Posted 10 October 2007 - 11:59 AM

Anyone have an idea why i can only barely hit a jr. necki? I mean, i could swing 10 time at it and only hit it once luckily twice. I am a lvl 28 warrior with 90 str and 60 dex. Someone please give me some light here!!!


#303 Blade Oracle

Blade Oracle


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Posted 10 October 2007 - 01:39 PM

Warriors are notorious for having bad hit rates. Hit rate is determined by your accuracy, your level, the monster's level, and the monster's avoid. At level 35 with about 75 accuracy, one of my friends still had a miss here and there. I suppose you need the necki skins for quests? Better luck asking a mage friend or buying them.

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#304 SofaKingGood


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Posted 18 November 2007 - 05:47 PM

Lol nice guide, but didnt this come from Hidden-street. =P

#305 Blade Oracle

Blade Oracle


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Posted 18 November 2007 - 06:11 PM

No, the HS one came from here. Notice the post date here and the update date there. Not that it matters.

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#306 TheFinalSpear


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Posted 11 December 2007 - 06:21 PM

good guild
CLICK ME or ME or Eat A Cake or Destroy A House

You may only chose one Think carefully my friend he he he

#307 Mikeybah



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Posted 04 January 2008 - 10:32 PM

Hey I'am a lv 53 Spearman and exp has'nt been rolling in so good, can anybody offer some good training spots? mush1n.gif

#308 Blade Oracle

Blade Oracle


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Posted 04 January 2008 - 10:42 PM

Block golems, straw dummies, jr yeti if you can. You'd probably get more replies making a post in the warrior training section =P.

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#309 skypie12


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Posted 16 February 2008 - 12:50 PM

i like teddies or fire boars at level 30-35. i find they hit lower but there isnt much mobbing.

btw great guide im gonna use this alot.
Coldplay is epic win! Anyone else agree?

#310 Darcia The White Wolf

Darcia The White Wolf


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Posted 26 March 2008 - 01:14 PM

53 go to STD, the ridiculous spawn makes the exp faster then block golems(which is where I will be goin on my spear once i get bored with my sader)

#311 Blade Oracle

Blade Oracle


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Posted 26 March 2008 - 03:42 PM

Questioned quite a while ago, but meh. Yeah, I'd use level ranges as a guideline for where to train, but it's really determined by accuracy and power. You if can hit it, and you've good gear, go train there.

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#312 dongbin


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Posted 14 April 2008 - 06:17 PM

QUOTE(Hopeless @ Feb 6 2006, 12:54 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
This guide was written in 2005 + early 2006. It it faaar outdated. ~JC

---Why I'm writing this guide
---Pros and Cons(0A)
---Starting out(1A)(1B)
---First Job(2A)
---Second Job(3A)
---Third Job(4A)

Some time in November, 2005
Outlined SP for levels 10 to 120

Some time in January, 2006
Got around to adding training spots

Some other time in January, 2006
Had spare time, added some detail

March 14th, 2006
Comepletely redid the guide, changed SP distribution, added 3rd job training spots, other small edits

June 12th, 2006
Tried to make the guide easier to use, user friendly or whatever.

Why I'm writing this guide.
I'm writing this guide becuase I remember how hard it was for me, my first warrior. I chose the class 'Spearman' because I had heard rumors of the third job being released someday, little did I know it would be another year before that became reality, and even then, I wasn't ready.
I could never stick to one character, my true failing. Assassin, Cleric, Bandit, Hunt, Crossbowman, Fighter, I/L Wizard, Page... I played them all..
One day, somewhere around level 55 on my third Assassin, I realized that my first character to get to 30 was the one I should have been training all those months.
I was playing jMS at this point, and didn't want to leave, so I restarted.

With that new character, ExiledHero of Kaede, this guide was born.

It is a great pleasure for me to help those that follow the path that I help create. Feel free to ask questions, I will try to answer them to the best of my ability.

I think you'd like to know why you want to choose this class, so here are the pros and cons.

Pros and Cons(0A)

Pros of Spearmen as a Warrior class:
- Spearmen can hit higher above them than the other Warrior classes, and this can be very helpful at times, to avoid beng hurt...
- Your arsenal consists of many cool and stylish weapons, though at first you may think of the Nine Dragons as ugly, you'll learn to like it.
- You can use Snowboards(Polearms) and Skiis(Spears) as weapons, which fits well in El Nath.

Cons of Spearmen as a Warrior class:
- Slashes with spears do much less damage than stabs.
- Stabs with polearms do much less damage than slashes.
- About 12% slower attacking speed than sword users.

Pros of Hybrid over 'pure' Spearman builds:
- Can use both training skills in 3rd job depending on the circumstances.
- Better use of your skill points.
- Much faster training than 'pure' spear.
- Hybrid Dragon Knights are undeniably the fastest training class in Maple Story, though due to Assassins outnumbering them three or four to one, the #1 player in jMS is a Hermit.

Cons of Hybrid over 'pure' Spearman:
- No +20 DEF skill(Whoo, big loss...)
- Past level 90, you need to have both weapons, one spear, one polearm.

I think that's it for pros and cons...

Starting Out(1A)
(Skip this if you're experienced)

The dye roll:
This is fairly simple, keep rolling the dice until you get a roll of 4 or 5 INT, 4 or 5 LUK and whatever in STR and DEX. No worries, the total is always 25.

If this is your first character, I should be able to teach you the best way to set up your keys, to get the best use out of them.

Assuming you're using a standard english keyboard, of course.

Click the button in the bottom right corner, it has keys on it.

Click the button labeled 'Default'.

You'll want to put the Pick Up key to Shift, as it's the key you'll be using most often.

Leave everything else as it is, for now.

Upon receiving your first health potions, put these on Delete, an inch away from the arrow keys.

Getting ahead of myself...

The first NPC you meet has a lightbulb above her head - this means she has a quest for you!

Follow her instructions and talk to the next NPC -Sera- and get a mirror, bring this back to the first NPC.

You just finished your first quest.

Now, go all the way to the right, and press up on the shining blue portal, you are now on a different map.

This NPC teaches you about food, double click on the 'Roger's Apple' item you receive, or, drop the apple on the ground and wait until your health recovers. When you have full health, talk to him, you will receive your first health potions - put these on Delete, and press Shift to pick up the apple.

The next quests are all fairly straightforward, if you need help, I'm sure somebody has written a guide for beginners...

Make sure you finish all of the quests before leaving Maple Island.

Nearly forgot - put points into DEX until it's 10, everything else into STR.

Welcome to Lith Harbour(1B):
At this point, you should be level 8 or so... Don't buy anything yet, you'll need your money.

Go all the way right and through the portal.

You'll see a large ammount of blue snails, keep killing them until you hit level 10...

Return to Lith Harbour.

First job - Swordsman
Off to Perion(2A):

By this time your stats should be something like this:
STR: 50
DEX: 10
INT: 5
LUK: 5

You have two choices at this point, walk to Perion or get a ride?

Walking could kill you, but the ride costs 80 mesos...

Anyways, once you get to Perion, go to the top right building, which is where the Warrior Master lives, Dances with Balrog.

Talk to Dances with Balrog, if you did as I said, he will offer to let you become a Warrior.

You will receive an upgrade to your inventory and one(1) skill point(Referred as SP from now on).

Put this SP into HP recovery.

Go find the weapon and armor shop, one floor down, purchase a wooden sword. Save the rest of your money.

I will now provide a chart to follow, as even I have limited time:

Training first job:
10 - 15:
Should have:
Wooden Sword
Any armor
Henseys Hunting Ground One - Kill bottom row
15 - 20
Should have:
Any level 15 weapon, preferrably a sword
Level 15 armor excluding helmet
Henseys Hunting Ground One - Kill second and third row row OR Southern Forest Dungeon One
20 - 30
Should have:
Any weapon for your current level, preferably a sword
Any armor level 20+
Pig Beach OR Party Quest(Lvl 21+) OR Damp Forest

First Job AP Distribution:
This is assuming you rolled 5INT+5LUK
Lvl 10:
STR - 50
DEX - 10
Lvl 15:
STR - 55
DEX - 30
Lvl 20:
STR - 70
DEX - 40
Lvl 25:
STR - 85
DEX - 50
Lvl 30:
STR - 100
DEX - 60

First Job SP Distribution:

Lvl 10, 1 Increasing HP Recovery(1)
Lvl 11, 3 Increasing HP Recovery(4)
Lvl 12, 1 Increasing HP Recovery(5), 2 increasing max HP(2)
Lvl 13, 3 Increasing Max HP(5)
Lvl 14, 3 Increasing Max HP(8)
Lvl 15, 2 Increasing Max HP(10), 1 Power Strike(1)
Lvl 16, 3 Slash Blast(3)
Lvl 17, 3 Slash Blast(6)
Lvl 18, 3 Slash Blast(9)
Lvl 19, 3 Slash Blast(12)
Lvl 20, 3 Slash Blast(15)
Lvl 21, 3 Slash Blast(18)
Lvl 22, 3 Slash Blast(20), 1 Power Strike(2)
Lvl 23, 3 Power Strike(5)
Lvl 24, 3 Power Strike(8)
Lvl 25, 3 Power Strike(11)
Lvl 26, 3 Power Strike(14)
Lvl 27, 3 Power Strike(17)
Lvl 28, 3 Power Strike(20)
Lvl 29, 3 HP Recovery(8)
Lvl 30, 2 HP Recovery(10), 1 Endure(1)

If you have trouble with any of this, there is always somebody willing to help you.

At level 30 you should have:
So you'll have:
10 Increasing HP Recovery
Max Increasing Max HP
Max Slash Blast
Max Power Strike
1 Endure
STR: 100
DEX: 60
INT: 5
LUK: 5

Purchase your level 30 armor and weapon, from players, as the shop doesn't sell the Mithril Polearm.

Get ready for your second job advancement - you must prove yourself.

Fairly simple, hunt down the instructor, listen to his instructions, get 30 dark marbles without dying. Easy.

Head back to town, go to Dances with Balrog and choose the Spearman job advancement.

You should be feeling proud of yourself, and you should have some upgrade scrolls - keep saving these.

Second Job - Spearman
Get ready to shine(3A):
If you're reading this, you either hit level 30, or you're smart enough to read ahead, good job either way.

After your job advancement, you'll have gotten another free SP, put this in Polearm Mastery.

It's best to stay around Victoria island until level 35, but go ahead and explore.

Remember, if you don't understand something, don't be afriad to ask.

Training your second job
30 - 35:
You should be using a mithril polearm and whatever level 30 armor you chose, and keep the blue bamboo hat from earlier on.
Jr Kitties(Orbis) OR Wild Boars(Victoria) OR Ant Tunnel I(Victoria)
35 - 40:
Buy a Dark Crusader overall, axe polearm, get a dark briggon from John's second quest and buy steel triggers, keep your blue bamboo hat.
Ludi PQ(Ludibrium) OR Jr Kitties(Orbis) OR Wild Boars(Victoria)
40 - 45:
At level 40 you have two choices - keep your old armor and scroll it for DEX(Costs 340k) or buy a new set of armor... I suggest scrolling. But a pre-scrolled Crescent Polearm.
Ludi PQ(Ludibrium) OR Jr Kitties(Orbis) OR Copper Drakes + Fire Boars(Victoria)
45 - 50:
Same armor as before - nothing new at 45...
Ludi PQ(Ludibrium) OR Block Gollems(Ludibrium) OR Copper Drakes + Fire Boars(Victoria)
50 - 60:
Buy the Silver Crusader helm, Umber Shouldermail set, Gold Hildon boots, and sell everything else you have to buy a good Nine Dragons and an attack glove.
Block Gollems(Ludibrium) OR Jr Yetis(El Nath)
60 - 70:
Buy the stylish Dark Oriental set, blood camel boots, sell your current atack glove and buy an attack Dark Clench, and get a good Blood Snowboard or Skylar.
Only training for you is Coolie Zombies in El Nath.

Second[font=Comic Sans Ms] Job AP Distribution
Lvl 35:
STR - 120
DEX - 65
Lvl 40:
STR - 140
DEX - 70
Lvl 45:
STR - 160
DEX - 75
Lvl 50:
STR - 180
DEX - 80(Second Job cap)
Lvl 55:
STR - 205
DEX - 80
Lvl 60:
STR - 230
DEX - 80
Lvl 65:
STR - 255
DEX - 80
Lvl 70:
STR - 280
DEX - 80

Second Job SP Distribution:

Lvl 30, 1 Polearm Mastery(1)
Lvl 31, 3 Polearm Mastery(4)
Lvl 32, 3 Polearm Mastery(7)
Lvl 33, 3 Polearm Mastery(10)
Lvl 34, 3 Polearm Mastery(13)
Lvl 35, 3 Polearm Mastery(16)
Lvl 36, 3 Polearm Mastery(19)
Lvl 37, 3 Polearm Booster(3)
Lvl 38, 3 Iron Wall
Lvl 39, 3 Hyper Body(3)
Lvl 40, 3 Hyper Body(6)
Lvl 41, 3 Hyper Body(9)
Lvl 42, 3 Hyper Body(12)
Lvl 43, 3 Hyper Body(15)
Lvl 44, 3 Hyper Body(18)
Lvl 45, 3 Hyper Body(21)
Lvl 46, 3 Hyper Body(24)
Lvl 47, 3 Hyper Body(27)
Lvl 48, 3 Hyper Body(30)
Lvl 49, 3 Polearm Booster(6)
Lvl 50, 3 Spear mastery(3)
Lvl 51, 3 Spear mastery(6)
Lvl 52, 3 Spear mastery(9)
Lvl 53, 3 Spear mastery(12)
Lvl 54, 3 Spear mastery(15)
Lvl 55, 3 Spear mastery(18)
Lvl 56, 1 Spear mastery(19), 2 Polearm Booster(8)
Lvl 57, 3 Polearm Booster(11)
Lvl 58, 3 Polearm Booster(14)
Lvl 59, 3 Polearm Booster(17)
Lvl 60, 3 Polearm Booster(20)
Lvl 61, 3 Spear Booster(3)
Lvl 62, 3 Spear Booster(6)
Lvl 63, 3 Spear Booster(9)
Lvl 64, 3 Spear Booster(12)
Lvl 65, 3 Spear Booster(15)
Lvl 66, 3 Spear Booster(18)
Lvl 67, 2 Spear Booster(20), 1 HP Recov(11)
Lvl 68, 3 HP Recov(14)
Lvl 69, 2 HP Recov(16), 1 Polearm Mastery(20)
Lvl 70, 1 Spear Mastery(20), 2 Iron Wall(5)

So you'll have:
Max Increasing HP Recovery
Max Increasing Max HP
Max Slash Blast
Max Power Strike
Max Polearm Mastery
Max Polearm Booster
Max Spear Mastery
Max Spear Booster
Max Hyper Body
5 Iron Wall
1 Endure
STR: 280
DEX: 80
INT: 5
LUK: 5

There is a second way of distributing your SP, called 1.5 Hybrid...

1.5 Hybrid Second job

lvl 30 3 PA Mastery
lvl 31 3 PA Mastery
lvl 32 3 PA Mastery
lvl 33 3 PA Mastery
lvl 34 3 PA Mastery
lvl 35 3 PA Mastery
lvl 36 3 PA Mastery
lvl 37 1 PA Mastery(maxed), 2 Final Attack: PA
lvl 38 3 Final Attack
lvl 39 3 Final Attack
lvl 40 3 Final Attack
lvl 41 3 Final Attack
lvl 42 3 Final Attack
lvl 43 3 Final Attack
lvl 44 3 Final Attack
lvl 45 3 Final Attack
lvl 46 3 Final Attack
lvl 47 1 Final Attack(maxed), 1 Iron Wall
lvl 48 1 Iron Wall , 2 Hyperbody
lvl 49 3 Hyperbody
lvl 50 3 Hyperbody
lvl 51 3 Hyperbody
lvl 52 3 Hyperbody
lvl 53 3 Hyperbody
lvl 54 3 Hyperbody
lvl 55 3 Hyperbody
lvl 56 3 Hyperbody
lvl 57 3 Hyperbody
lvl 58 1 Hyperbody(maxed), 2 PA Booster
lvl 59 3 PA Booster
lvl 60 3 PA Booster
lvl 61 1 PA Booster(9), 2 Spear Mastery
lvl 62 3 Spear Mastery
lvl 63 3 Spear Mastery
lvl 64 3 Spear Mastery
lvl 65 3 Spear Mastery
lvl 66 3 Spear Mastery
lvl 67 3 Spear Mastery(maxed)
lvl 68 3 Spear Booster
lvl 69 3 Spear Booster
lvl 70 3 Spear Booster(9)

This is what you've been waiting for.

You are about to receive the title of Dragon Knight.

I don't want to spoil this for you, so I won't say what to do.

Third Job - Dragon Knight
Hardship and Glory(4A):
You finally became a Dragon Knight, you probably have a good glove, 8 attack or so, a good Gold Dragon, around 97 ATT(5 STR), and should have a huge pile of cash. Keep saving, level 80 will cost you big time.

Another 9 boring levels of Coolies and you get to go free... At level 79 you have nearly your full power.

At level 79, find a Priest, and head over to Ludibrium. From 79 to around 90, you'll be fighting Master Death Teddies(Master Destiny)

And what should you buy at level 80?
Reccomended equipment:

Dark Emporer(Glove, 8 attack at least)
Dark Battle Lord(Overall, 17 DEX, 10 ACC at least)
Dark Dragon Babuta(Stats don't matter, at least 3 STR though)
Dark Rivers(Boots, at least 6 accuracy, more or less is fine)
Dark Seraph(Cape, preferably 10 STR)
Omega Spear(Spear, preferably 105 ATT, 5 STR or more)

With this equipment, you won't need to buy anything but potions for a looong time. Plus it's extremely stylish.

From 90+, if you maxed Dragon Blood before Dragon Fury, you'll be at Grim Phantom Watches, if you maxed Dragon Fury first, you get to go to Aqua Dungeon's Gobies.

Gobies are great EXP, break open the rock, 6 gobies come out, a few hits kills are 6, use Dragon Fury for this.

Grim Phantom Watches require a Priest again.. *Sigh*

Around level 130, you can start killing the 'true' bosses, such as Papulatus, Doom Flounder and Zakum.

The highest your base DEX should ever be is 100 - preferably lower.

Everything else into STR.

Here's your skills:

Third Job SP Distribution
Lvl 70 1 Dragon Buster: Spear(1)
Lvl 71 3 Dragon Buster: Spear(4)
Lvl 72 3 Dragon Buster: Spear(7)
Lvl 73 3 Dragon Buster: Spear(10)
Lvl 74 3 Dragon Buster: Spear(13)
Lvl 75 3 Dragon Buster: Spear(16)
Lvl 76 3 Dragon Buster: Spear(19)
Lvl 77 3 Dragon Buster: Spear(22)
Lvl 78 3 Dragon Buster: Spear(25)
Lvl 79 3 Dragon Buster: Spear(28)
Lvl 80 2 Dragon Buster: Spear(30), 1 Dragon Blood(1)
Lvl 81 3 Dragon Blood(4)
Lvl 82 3 Dragon Blood(7)
Lvl 83 3 Dragon Blood(10)
Lvl 84 3 Dragon Blood(13)
Lvl 85 3 Dragon Blood(16)
Lvl 86 3 Dragon Blood(19)
Lvl 87 1 Dragon Blood(20), 2 Elemental Resistance(2)
Lvl 88 3 Elemental Resistance(5)
Lvl 89 3 Elemental Resistance(8)
Lvl 90 2 Elemental Resistance(10), 1 Dragon Fury: Polearm(1)
Lvl 91 3 Dragon Fury: Polearm(4)
Lvl 92 3 Dragon Fury: Polearm(7)
Lvl 93 3 Dragon Fury: Polearm(10)
Lvl 94 3 Dragon Fury: Polearm(13)
Lvl 95 3 Dragon Fury: Polearm(16)
Lvl 96 3 Dragon Fury: Polearm(19)
Lvl 97 3 Dragon Fury: Polearm(22)
Lvl 98 3 Dragon Fury: Polearm(25)
Lvl 99 3 Dragon Fury: Polearm(28)
Lvl 100 2 Dragon Fury: Polearm(30), 1 Sacrifice(1)
Lvl 101 2 Sacrifice(3), 1 Dragon Roar
Lvl 102 3 Dragon Roar(4)
Lvl 103 3 Dragon Roar(7)
Lvl 104 3 Dragon Roar(10)
Lvl 105 3 Dragon Roar(13)
Lvl 106 3 Dragon Roar(16)
Lvl 107 3 Dragon Roar(19)
Lvl 108 3 Dragon Roar(22)
Lvl 109 3 Dragon Roar(25)
Lvl 110 3 Dragon Roar(28)
Lvl 111 2 Dragon Roar(30), 1 Sacrifice(6)
Lvl 112 3 Sacrifice(9)
Lvl 113 3 Sacrifice(12)
Lvl 114 3 Sacrifice(15)
Lvl 115 3 Sacrifice(15)
Lvl 116 3 Sacrifice(18)
Lvl 117 3 Sacrifice(21)
Lvl 118 3 Sacrifice(24)
Lvl 119 3 Sacrifice(27)
Lvl 120 3 Sacrifice(30)

So you'll have:
Max Increasing HP Recovery
Max Increasing Max HP
Max Slash Blast
Max Power Strike
Max Polearm Mastery
Max Polearm Booster
Max Spear Mastery
Max Spear Booster
Max Hyper Body
Max Buster: Spear
Max Fury: Polearm
Max Dragon Roar
Max Sacrifice
Max Dragon Blood
10 Elemental resistance
5 Iron Wall
1 Endure


It looks so easy to become a DK when all is said and done, written down, just words...

Tips for success

You might have noticed all those upgrade scrolls...

Well, those are the main source of income for you.

Whenever you find one, pricecheck it, then sell it. Get several opinions before selling, most scrolls are 200k+

Quests are a major source of scrolls, experience, money and items, many of them are fun. Finish all the quests you can!

Party Quests:
Like regular quests, but you can redo them, and they MUST be done with a group, there are several party quests currently, Kerning, Ludibrium and Zakum.
They often gives scrolls, sometimes worth millions!

Guild Quests:
Like party quests, but much harder, and must be done by people all in one guild.
Only one currently.


This guide is Copyright by Joshua Olson([email protected]/Light Merlyn/OmniBane/Hopeless). All names are licensed or trademark of Wizet. You may not use this guide without my permission (part or whole).

Websites allowed to use this guide:
<!- link removed [29[ ->

Everybody from MapleTip.com, For being there
Whoever runs the DB at Hidden-Street.net, for having a list of third job skills
HappyMapling.net For having a better list of skills than HS mush1o.gif
My brother - For explaining this copyright junk
Chappy Happy - For correcting my mistakes
Elemental(Brett) - For letting me use his 5x Spearman and train it to 90...
xTuiced(Kian) - For not giving up on me, for being my best friend when I didn't deserve it...
Chrono, for being the first DK to talk to me, inspired me. . .
MeiLinge, for being the first DK in Bera to hit 120, a good friend.

uh can u write wat you actually master and wat u dont?
like 20 on mastery, 30 on hb and stuff...

#313 Blade Oracle

Blade Oracle


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Posted 14 April 2008 - 07:12 PM

...Did you have to quote the whole guide?

Anyways, I don't think he's edited for a while. He has what you master anyhow:
Max Polearm Mastery
Max Polearm Booster
Max Spear Mastery
Max Spear Booster
Max Hyper Body
5 Iron Wall
1 Endure

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#314 skypie12


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Posted 19 April 2008 - 06:01 PM

Wow, nice quote. And from what I see, he did that.
Coldplay is epic win! Anyone else agree?

#315 HybridDKPwnge



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Posted 14 August 2008 - 01:43 AM

The biggest problem with a hybrid DK f or lots of people is that it is extremely expensive coin.gif . Having to buy pole arms and spears is most of the time too much to handle. If, however, you have Nexon Game Cards (This is a recommendation to those who do) Buy all the spears on the trade shop. sack.gif sack.gif mush1q.gif sack.gif sack.gif If you buy stuff on the trade shop, no doubt about it you want to be hybrid. If you are really poor, you should consider the consequences before making your decision

Coldplay is not good because they r majorly EMO

Edited by HybridDKPwnge, 14 August 2008 - 01:45 AM.

#316 Roseole



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Posted 18 September 2008 - 06:45 PM

Its not really expensive :X A polearm costs diddy squat to what you will have to pay on pots every week etc.

#317 Darcia The White Wolf

Darcia The White Wolf


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Posted 18 September 2008 - 11:52 PM

Hahahaha, anyone can make a godly level 70+ Polearm with 30s nowadays, findin or scrollin a spear is a bit tougher however, I dont recommend buying anything with cash that isnt a ripoff for the one selling, or unless you like spendin money in cash shop.

#318 killerkid11


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Posted 11 April 2009 - 05:54 AM

At about lvl 60 -70 you should go MP3 in sngapore

#319 SoupSpoonDK



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Posted 19 April 2010 - 11:50 PM

About Dragon Blood... it adds weapon attack. And the extra thousand damage or so isn't laughable.

Oh, and I advocate 20 mastery for each weapon, and blow off 2 HP recovery. Since 2 accuracy = ~3dx, which is 3 st... .shrug. At level 60, 6 HP/10 seconds REALLY doesn't matter, you know.

Also... use the extra end-points right after finishing polearm skills and before spear skills, since it's not like you're going to need spear skills until level 70, and the extra points earlier on... yeah.

Otherwise, good guide.

you do know, that with mesos, you can buy warrior elixers in NLC that give the same amount of weapon attack, right?

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