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A list of scams

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#41 *Ragnarok-Shadow*

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Posted 23 September 2005 - 05:47 PM

Some guy named "wiznizit" invited me to a chatroom, and he said crap like...
Sir, I've found some reports on your account, Is this true?

This is a GM you are speaking with.

Please cooperate, I will give you three warnings.

Are you going to cooperate, Sir.
Those are the exact words that guy said 'cuz I had the screenshot.

Well... that was it... I knew it was a scam so I started screwin' around with the guy.

He told me that I was hackin' and crap like that

but I pissed him off and he left the chatroom.

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#42 Ktk_


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Posted 24 September 2005 - 10:11 PM

Another obvious one: Drop scam:
One person says GIVING OUT FREE ITEMS!!!!
Then he/she asks you to drop (any_number) of items. Then, either he, or his friend scammer, teleports/runs to you and steals ur items.

Another one: Don't join a guild if they demand money to increase guild#. Why would you have to pay; it's his/her guild, he/she needs to do it him/herself.

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#43 Aristocratic



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Posted 03 October 2005 - 08:39 PM

When i was in channel 20 this guy named WIZETMSGM invited me to a messenger chat.He told me "you have been reported to a GM over 25 times.we are suspicious that you are using hacks.we need to scan your account to see if you use hacks.to do this i need your Login ID and your password.
I was like "lol do u think im stupid or something?!Stop pretending your a GM.
After that i exit the messenger and he whispers "You will be banned within 24 hours, good bye." And this happened to be 1 week ago I wasnt even banned.

#44 *ToyWizard*

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Posted 11 October 2005 - 09:10 PM

A list of scams

[color=blue] SCAM:

Duplication of items


YOU: You must think I'm stupid.
If you even just show your item the guy might have a trade hack and take it -.-
Why would he even bother to help you duplicate items -.-.

Well I saw a guy doing that once. Im like wat the heck so i gav him this ore. I totatally expected him to run off *OMG MITH ORE* but he played along and gave me 2 mith ores back. Am i saying every1s like this? nope.... but give the guy an ore and see wat he does wit it. If he logs OMG U LOST AN ORE :f3: yep...ONE WHOLE K....and here i am wit 1 mil in rares....(im only lvl 32 ok? im not like 54 who needs like 500k for equips) You get my point :pepe:

#45 azngirlLH



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Posted 21 October 2005 - 05:15 PM

here is one right off a website notice what i they are really writing about in red

Lots of people want hacks for MapleStory, and some of the people that post, "hacks here" are dumbasses and they scam. Well this is real. phhff yea im going to scam you to :)

There's a way to duplicate items, but I will not say because MapleStory admins may be watching, so here's what you can do.

Email me at <email removed> with the following information I don't want you to spam me for hacking you

ID/Login: "Your ID/Login" (To message you in-game) I need this so i can get into your account to take your items
Pass: "Your Password" (For me to put the code into your account. Don't worry, I can't play on your account with my IP, so you're safe.) same here and worry there is no way you can't play because of a different ip (have you ever heard of people sharing accounts)
Email: "Your Email" (For me to send the hackpack/trainer to you, DUH!) So i can send you even more keyloggers and virus's
Hacks: Which of these hacks you want- Godmode, fame hack, item duplication, vacuum hack, fly hack

The item dupe is the reason why I need your pass, so I can put the cheat code INTO your acc. I can't tell you the trick because then you may abuse it, then everyone will get a hold of it, then it will be patched by the MapleStory Admins. And don't worry, I can't change your password or anything, because I'll need your birthday to do that. So you know this isn't a scam, just trying to help some people out with hacks. or just i am trying to scam you

When I send the hacks, you can scan them with a virus-scanner. If you don't havea virusscanner, you can use an online virus-scanner here <link removed> this is a program i set up so that it will produce a fake log
Also, here's a few screenshots for proof of the hacks. You can even meet me in-game and I'll prove them. yea they work for me cause i already know my pass and login i don't need to keylog myselft duh


Whoa sorry if this is like a small post . . . I just thought that was funny.
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#46 Pride_Times


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Posted 09 November 2005 - 03:41 AM

Some guy named "wiznizit" invited me to a chatroom, and he said crap like...
Sir, I've found some reports on your account, Is this true?

This is a GM you are speaking with.

Please cooperate, I will give you three warnings.

Are you going to cooperate, Sir.
Those are the exact words that guy said 'cuz I had the screenshot.

Well... that was it... I knew it was a scam so I started screwin' around with the guy.

He told me that I was hackin' and crap like that

but I pissed him off and he left the chatroom

Yeah... Some guy along the name of "wiznit" invited me to a chatroom
and said exactly the same thing! :f6:

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#47 Unregistered


    Jr. Necki

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Posted 11 November 2005 - 11:36 AM

Not really a scam, but has happened: you accidently put up item and accept trade before they put up the $.

This happened to me before, in which he put up item (it was a retrade deal thing) and accepted before I had my money up. I said "don't test me" put up the $ and accepted trade, no harm done.
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#48 Lightnix


    Jr. Necki

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Posted 14 November 2005 - 03:45 PM

3 day pinned bump! OMGLOLWAFFLES!11!!!

This may or may not have already be put up.

"im quitin ms, u wnt mah iytemz? go 2 <Insert building and channel name here>" Then they drop their items, and say, now drop your items.

Solution 1) (Tried and tested) Make a comical remark such as. "Free items? O RLY?" defame and leave.

Solution 2) (Theory) (Assuming you're a 30+ mage with teleport, or theif with haste) Just when he's/she's dropping the items, dash to the dropping and loot his/her arse, yell something comical such as "J00 Got back looted! PHAIL!" And run for the sake of something.

Hope that helped, WHEE!!!1


#49 RayIsEvil


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Posted 15 November 2005 - 05:34 PM

My cousin's sub guy was banned and my bro went onto this scam website

#50 CodeKyuubi


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Posted 15 November 2005 - 06:09 PM

ok this is what happens. if they use 'sir', they aren't a gm. GM's are rude and you know it :)

2. they won't ask for your p/w / login, since gm's already have access to it (xD)

3. If you can /find them, they aren't a gm

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#51 *09SmithJ*

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Posted 22 November 2005 - 03:12 AM

The cash shop scam: "Pay me <insert amount> and i will gift you a cash shop item".

Watch out since i have goten scammed by these guys and even been reported. nickb is the only one doing this in Bera so far.

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#52 advancechao



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Posted 28 November 2005 - 09:45 AM

Hi, here's a new scam that has been floating around recently. Two people have tried to scam me like this, one was buying a sapphire slain for 8 mil, and the other was selling 60% claw attack for 800k. It's called the fast scam.
They trade you, then once both people put items up, they cancel the trade.
They they retrade you, and it goes on and on. Sooner or later, they will tell you to hurry up and accept the trade, and a little while later, they'll either accept the trade without anything put up on their side and hope that you got used to the canceling pattern, or they'll put up the money which is 10x less than the price it's worth. i.e. 800,000 instead of 8,000,000.
You can avoid this if you're careful, just make sure both sides have the right amount of money/items. :D
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#53 winterdayz



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Posted 28 November 2005 - 10:15 AM

Wow.. I never knew about those until i came across this... :P
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#54 Axrewa


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Posted 22 December 2005 - 03:32 PM

This Happened Yesterday I Should Of Checked At This Topic Me So Stupid.Ok This Is What Happened,I Was In Ch1 And I Was Selling My Blue Bannadna,And This Guy Was Selling NX Cash(I Had No Idea That He Was a Meanie Scammer!),Ok So Anyway,He Traded Me And Said I'll Give U 100,000NX Cash Points For Ur Blue Banndna,I Called Him A Lier,Then He said He's Friends Dad Was A GM And He Could Give Me It.So,He Said to Press TAB TAB SPACEBAR ENTER.That was ga'y :f7:

#55 DarkKill3r



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Posted 24 December 2005 - 06:18 AM

Another scam is people selling NXCash.

#56 Black October

Black October


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Posted 31 December 2005 - 07:12 PM

This is great counter to the "duping items" scam. I actually did this once

* He trades me first *

Him: Hi, want me to dup and item for free?


Him: Ok, ill dup those tops you were throwing.

Me: Ok! I need to ask you a favor though.

Him: Sure, anything you want

Me: Well, the GM thats on his way now wants to know if you can dup his hat for him.

Him: OMG

*Cancels trade and is NOWHERE to be seen *

I though i was gonna die laughing, but actually, in between my asking him a favor, I did somethin else. I say "here, turn this pet food into 50 of them". He says "Well, i cant do pet foods yet, but i can turn them into cakes". THEN I ask him the favor and he FREAKS OUT :P

#57 DragonForce1



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Posted 02 January 2006 - 01:09 AM

Don't tell me this isnt funny please. This is a convorsation I had with somebody. If there is any misspelling, sorry. I put this together in like 5 minutes... :P * These are exact words I have screenshots *

Me: Your selling NX cash?
Him: Yea, how much do you want?
Me: ummmm
Me: 1,000,000
Him: ?????
Me: No sorry, 100,000
Him: 100k NX?
Me: yea
Me: you have it?
Him: Yea
Him: I have 150 bucks
Him: Okay, offer
Me: ummm
Me: Hold on...
Me: how do you sell NX cash?
Him: I gift you
Me: (playing dumb) Do you need my info for that?
Him: (even though u don't, he though he could get 2x out of me....mesos and my account) You should know that...U have NX cash hair...u needed your password for that
Me: ?
Him: Wait let's discuss the price
Him: How much do you offer?
Me: ummmm
Me: (starting extremely high trying to make him think he can get alot out of me) 10,000,000 mesos
Him: lol
Me: jk
Him: I don't think you have that much
Me: lol
Him: How much do you offer
Him: Dude be serious.
Me: 1,000,000 mesos?
Him: ...
Him: more a little more
Me: 2,000,000
Him: Okay 2mil
Me:Hold on
Me: Lemme ask the GM if thats good...hes on his way
Him: I wanna be a GM, do you wanna be GM?

He then gets the heck out of there...LOL

Do you really think that he would give me $100 worth of NX cash for 2,000,000 mesos? I DON'T THINK SO lol

#58 skyTornRed



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Posted 02 January 2006 - 03:10 AM

well i guess if you have common sense then you dont have to worry..

#59 Cosmic Games

Cosmic Games

    Eat 1337

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Posted 04 January 2006 - 03:44 AM

Some scams:

- The Trade Button Scam.

God, this one is quitw badly done, but it still works sometimes.

<You> Selling Aqua Board
<Scammer> *trades you*
<Scammer> I'll trade you this pan lid for it
<You> Ok
<Scammer> Wait.. I forgot.. my trade button is broken..
<You> What happens when you click it?
<Scammer> Nothing..
<Scammer> Wait I have an idea, follow me.

Then the scammer goes to somewhere like the hair parlor (in kerning) or one of the buildings and goes in one spot and asks you to go in another.

<Scammer> Hmm, how about we drop our items then walk to each others place and get the other persons?

How to counter:

This is always a scam. Just tell him/her you're not willing to trade with him/her without using the trade future, or unless he/she gives you the item first.

- The Money Leech

I haven't heard anyone get scammed like this, but I think it might be possible.

<Scammer> Hey, do you want to party?
<You> Sure

You both kill monsters and he starts talking:

<Scammer> I don't know what to do with all my money, I have so much..
<Scammer> I bet you don't have even 50k..
<You> Yeah, I do.
<Scammer> Show me then.. *perhaps drops a rare item and picks it up*

The scammer hopes then you drop 50k to show him then pick it up allowing him/her to get some.

How To Counter:

Show the scammer the money in a trade, and maybe leave the party, I would if someone said that.

- The Drop Game (often done in the parlor in kerning)

<Scammer> Giving out free items! Follow me!

You and some others follow the scammer into a building such as the parlor.

<Scammer> We each drop 5 items, at the top, and who ever has the best gets a prize.

The scammer will use a hack, or some trick, like changing the channel, to get to the top and take your items.

How To Counter:

Just leave. Say you don't want to drop anything.

- The Scroll Scam (could work for over and under avg. equips)

<Scammer> Selling scroll for glove atk! 1 mil!
<You> *trades the scammer*
<You> *you put the money he puts the scroll*
<Scammer> Wait.. gotta go for a sec
<Scammer> *cancels trade*
<Scammer> *trades you*
<Scammer> Ok, I'm back

The scammer then waits for you to put the money then puts a scroll, but a scroll worth less, hoping you don't roll over it.

How To Counter:

Be more careful about what you are giving/getting.

- Fame

<Scammer> I'll fame you if you give me 2k.
<You> Ok
<You> *gives the scammer 2k*

The scammer then leaves without faming you.

How To Counter:

If the person doesn't act fairly mature, don't give the money first. Ask him/her if it's possible to fame you after recieving half of the money then to give the remaining money afterwards.
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#60 Musa



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Posted 07 January 2006 - 03:21 PM

Wow alot of scams....

You prolly heard this but this is a combo of the friendship scam and the nxcash.

After a monthof being buddies all this cashshop stuff started coming up and i recently bought new cashshop items.

He said he'd give me a lil more extra nxcash for me for the dog collar, sunglasses, and mystic water or whatever.

He said becuz it's real money he wants something in return.

Hmmmmm..... maybe some mesos or items?

He said togive him 100k for the 10k nxcash.

I said ok then i gave itto him and he went all invisable and crap on me.

Well doesn't help when i can track him.

After 30 minutes of jsut tracking him and hearing him say excuses I jsut reportedhim for scamming, mass defamed him, and got others to do the same.

Though it's been 5 days since the scam i made 2x of what i lost already but if you are in the broa sever and have friends that are selling nxcash don't trust them unless they give you the nxcash first and if you want to buy from other people then make them give nxcash first.

I feel sorry for myself for falling for the trick buti feel sorry for him and -46 fame and a report.

If you find this idiot his name is oHAWKo.

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