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The Unexcusable Rules

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Posted 21 September 2005 - 09:38 PM

Maple Dynasty Guild
Rules of conduct for meetings

To enforce maturity and self-conrol at meetings, these rules will be placed into effect and they MUST be abided by at meetings. We will no longer be friendly-friendly on these rules by just giving verbal warnings. If you break a rule, you WILL enjoy these consequences.

Rule: Do NOT talk while someone else has the floor. It is disrespectful and unnecessary, as well as causes the meetings to slow down.
Consequence: +1 Warning to your Guild Status (records of all members kept)

Rule: Do NOT have drop parties while other people are talking or while there is business being conducted. This is an irritating disturbance that will not be tolerated.
Consequence: +1 Warning to your Guild Status

Rule: Bringing your hacks into our meetings is definitely not appreciated. Hacks that will suffer this consequence include but are not limited to: auto-looters, Xspeed or "item vacuums", vac hacks, force trade hacks, speed/jump hacks, keyloggers, teleport hacks, etc.
Consequence: Permanent eviction from the guild and suspension from ever re-joining again.

Rule: It will NOT be tolerated that you try to scam people during meetings. Anyone that even remotely TRIES to scam anyone will enjoy our consequence.
Consequence: Permanent eviction from the guild and suspension from ever re-joining again.

Rule: Backtalking, slandering, or even cursing at ANYONE in the guild is unwanted and highly disrespectful. A guild is meant to have people that treat each other nicely, so don't be a donkey.
Consequence: +1 Warning to your Guild Status

System of Records
In addition to the rules, there is a strict record system that we have. The files are kept in a top secret forum that only the Senate and above can view. Even if your Guild Status becomes clear of warnings and all, it will still be kept on your record permanently.

+1 Warning = No effect to membership. (removed in 1 week)
+2 Warning = No effect to membership. (removed in 2 weeks)
+3 Warning = Every 3 warnings you get is equivelent to 1 NoM. (removed in 3 weeks)
+1 Notice of Misconduct = Suspension from guild. (removed in 3 weeks)
+2 Notice of Misconduct = Suspension from guild. (removed in 6 weeks)
+3 Notice of Misconduct = Suspension from guild. (removed in 9 weeks)
+4 Notice of Misconduct = Eviction from the guild. (removed in 12 weeks, must reapply)
Permanent Ban = No reapplication, evicted from guild. (permanent record)


You might think that some of these consequences, especially for the Notice of Misconduct, are harsh. However, there was too much disorder and confusion in the old Maple Dynasty Guild, so these rules should hopefully discipline the members. You might be a little confused when it jumps from the Warnings to the Notices of Misconduct. However, remember that every 3 Warnings you get = 1 NoM. And every warning you get adds on a week to its effect on your record. So of course, 1 NoM = 3 Warnings, so it's removed in 3 weeks. 2 NoM = 6 Warnings, so it's removed in 6 weeks.

You might be wondering - if it permanently stays on your record, what's the point of having the whole removal thing? Well, before you hit 3 Warnings, it doesn't really matter. However, each Warning carries a serious effect on it - it adds 1 week to your suspension from the guild.

When a Warning is removed from your record, it takes off a week of your suspension. So let's say that you have 2 NoM's and 1 Warning. At this point, you have a 7-week suspension. However, that 1 Warning was issued a while ago and is removed at a time before the NoM is removed. So now your suspension drops down to 6 weeks. If you have something like 1 NoM and you drop down a Warning, you are unsuspended once the Warning is removed.

The rules are currently still in the process of being built. If you have an idea for a rule that needs to be added, feel free to post here. If you feel that any of the rules should be changed or removed, leave a reply in this thread and I'll get to you. If you're a little confused on this whole thing, then just ask and someone may be able to clarify for you.

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