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Zakum Quest Guide

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#1 Ktk_


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Posted 14 September 2005 - 09:32 PM

Okay, I doubt that anyone here has done Zakum before, [but I've only done 1, and 2, and I know a lot about 3, and hunt. So I'll just make a guide for MapleSEA, TespiaJAP,KOR, and jms, kms players.


1.) Intro
2.) Preparations
3.) Lvl 1, Zakum . How to start . How to get there
4.) Lvl 2, Zakum . Jumping tips . Useful info
5.) Lvl 3, Zakum . Monster killing . 30 GoldTeeth
6.) Zakum Killing . Items . Stats . MonsterInfo
7.) FAQ . Etc . Pictures
EnJoY yOuR qUeSt!! (Hopefully...)

1.) Introduction.

Well, you're excited about the Zakum Quest [Are you??]
This guide is [sorta long] and people will [maybe] be flocking over here when it comes out in Official Maplestory.

You should get a Cave Scroll. Oh wait! You don't have them yet! Because no one's beaten it yet!!! Okay, you're going to have to walk >< How frustrating. -0-


Kay, if you walk, carry 50 more mana/hp potions, either white, or M.Elixir. Because you have to feat werewolves, lycanslope, yeti+pepe, dark yeti+pepe etc.

And if you are doing lvl 2, bring 50-100 antidotes, depending on how skilled you are, I'm good, and I fell around, 10 times before I quit. You know why?? When you fall... Wait. I'll tell you that later... Bring your best stuff... No noob clothes, OKAY? Except red whip/fish spear, if already have.
For killing Zakum.

Note: 30 people can go into a Zakum Summoning Area at a time. That means 5 parties. Good luck.. Yeah right. =_=...

Zakum Lvl 1 '

To start your quest, you got to talk to the 3rd job advancement. If you're a warrior, talk to the guy with the sword. It follows in each pattern. Thieves=scar.
Magicians=levitating person Bowmen/women=bowperson
Say that you want a quest. They will only give you a quest if you are 50 or higher, not depending on job, you can even be a beginner lvl 50+, and you can see the Zakum.. LoL

How to get there: You can just go to the right portal, then keep on going right.. Until you get to this one spot [omg i don't know how to say in english -0-;;] and you go UP. Down, is a dead end, full of pepes, yetis, evolving yetis, jr. yetis.
UP: you will see your first yeti+pepe here, it's also the only place where it comes out. Ice Valley 1, and 2. [I think??] Run!! they do 800 dmg max...

Then go to the Jeff guy, and get past him. Dark yetis! And yetis. Just keep on going up.. You will see:
Dark jr. yetis, Dark yetis, dark jr yetis that evolve, dark pepe, dark yeti+pepe, werewolf, white pang, werewolf, and then cooly and miner zombies. On your way, is a portal which leads to part of the lvl 3 job quest, a holy rock; it gives you 5 random [of a selected handful] questions for you to answer. Q & A will be on the end of the guide; Additional info. Monster order is in which one you will meet first, to last.

Now, you're in a lava cave. Right? IF not, just keep on going.. On that very tall place, just fall down.. There are only fly-eyes here in this map. THEN, you will see the following in the lava caves 1-3...

Jr Bulldog lvl 43
Bulldog lvl 72
Firebomb lvl 51?)
Bain/Firedog lvl 90

After that, you will be at the Zakum starting zone. you talk to this guy [some name] and go in.

Talk to the NPC for instructions, and you will need 7 keys. I'll tell you the locations of the keys. You can also get 30 scrolls, there used to be 34, but there are now 32 because of a patch. You gotta know everything to do the quest by yourself.
EXP:12000, without 30 old scrolls, without 30 scolls+
EXP: 20000, AND 5 cave scrolls, with 30 scrolls+
Cave Scrolls can be VERY expensive at this time, so don't skimp, and sell em for 50k each! Lol.

4-2:1 key, found via breaking rock.
9-2: 1 key, found via breaking chest.
11-1: 1 key found by chest.
14-1 1 key found by chest.
16-2: 1 key found by chest.
16-3: 1 key found by chest.
16-5: 1 key found by ROCK.

Get to 16, by going thru number 10.

After you got all the keys, go to 16-5, and drop all the 7keys by the big chest; and 5 sec. later, the fire gem piece will come out. bring that to the NPC, and you can go thru the portal.

Zakum Part 2

If you are a jumping quest PRO, you will have problems with this level. It sounds stupid, but this part is SO RIGGED.

There are tiny platforms, that you have to jump towards, and there are falling rocks that fall down on some platforms. If you fall down, you will take 200 dmg each second, from the lava that you are in,. and you will use potions like mad... Seriously. You should have 50-100+ antidotes, and over 1000 potions to accomplish this quest. [serious] Eventually, you'll meet up with poison vents, firebombs.. To get past the firebombs will explode by kil. You wil have to kill it, then jump away, so you dodge the explosion, or you will fall out... A ranged person will work best at this part... There are no speed upgrades, ie:teleport, haste.

Zakum Part 3

Okay, this level is easy; you can get 30 golden zombie teeth, and bring them back... So he can make Eye of Fire, a stone which you need to sacrifice to summon Zakum.

Zakum Hunting

Here, you're in world 3, and you go thru the portal. There's enough room in the map, for 30 people [5 parties] to kill the Zakum. YOU MUST kill the arms in order. HP: Unknown. 500k hp+,
EXP: Unknown, 1 million exp+ depending on who killed/dmged the most on it.

There are 8 arms. You must kill them in order from most important, to least important.

---1.1 1.2---
---2 3---
---4 5---
---6.1 6.2 ---

Those are arm numbers. Specified by the effects it does.

1: there are 2 of the effect that "1" does; It attacks by lowering all players' hp and mp, it's impossible to dodge.

2: Only one, but it attacks with fire meteors from the skies, and the attacks with poison clouds...

3.: One; and attacks with ice chunks and thunderbolts, from the sky with random accuracy.

4.: Curses you with exp-loss, no-jumping, acc. loss, skill disability.

5.: Attacks with power up, magic up, magic guard up, and heal. Kill this one first.

6.: Moves arms up and down, and triggering earthquakes.

Kill them in this order.

5, 6.2, 4, 6.1, 2, 1.1, 3, 1.2. You can find this, for obvious reasons.

When you kill all the arms, the Zakum will lower everyone's HP and MP to 1, then summons mass monsters. This second, priest will have to mana pot, and heal, while d.knights have to do hyper body.

Info on monsters:
Boogie, lvl 61,
Puko, lvl 63, EXP190, HP20000,NO MAGIC ATK, FLIES AROUND.
Punko, lvl 67, exp210, HP40000, magic atk, flies around.
Kusuko, lvl 69, exp 240, HP60000, magic atk, flies around.

Pach, [pa-ch] ch, as in cheese -__-;; lvl 66.
Something evolved of pach is a new monster. Not yet known.

The Zakum drops all 80, 90 items, and drops a Zakum hat with PWN stats. Looks like a fake, but it is extremely good............... It gives:
A cool effect when worn,
15 STR
15 DEX
15 INT
15 LUK
150 Weapon def,
150 Magic def,
20 Acc,
20 Avoidability.

IT SO GOOD! Here's a pic..
Zakum Hat

FAQ, Pictures, and Other stuff

Q: Is it possible to kill a zakum with meso explosion?
A: Most likely not. It has over 10 million hp, and will costs hundreds of millions to do it. More or less ;) and you'll likely die before getting near it anyways.

Q:Is it even possible to kill a Zakum with only one player?
A: No, the Zakum is made to withstand such. It won't be killed; because it has so much hp as over 500 thousand. It's not possible to do such dmg, even with meso explosion =_=;;

Questions will be answered if they are asked.

Zakum Stats:

Left Top1: hp/mp Lower HP 33.000.000 KB:3000 EXP:1344000
Left Top2: Fire/Poison HP 22.000.000 KB:3000 EXP:896000
Left Top3: Cursing HP 27.500.000 KB:3000 EXP:1120000
Left Top4: Normal atk running into. HP 25.300.000 KB:3000 EXP:1030400

Right Top1: hp/mp Lower HP 33.000.000 KB:3000 EXP:1344000
Right Top2: Thunder/Ice HP 22.000.000 KB:3000 EXP:896000
Right Top3: HEAL HP 30.000.000 KB:3000 EXP:1120000
Right Top4: Normal atk; running into. HP 25.300.000 KB:3000 EXP:1030400

HP Red: HP 66.000.000 KB:5000 EXP:0
HP Yellow: HP 88.000.000 KB:5000 EXP:0
HP Green: HP 110.000.000 KB:5000 EXP:7000000

KB is DMG required for knockback.

The 404 of the picture site is permanently down. Sorry for the inconvinience.

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#2 *FDAkroma*

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Posted 15 September 2005 - 10:31 PM

What can I say? Wow... (Especially the Zakum hat!) :beta:

Maybe that's why the oMS players want Wizet to open the Zakum Dungeon up ASAP... :f3:

EDIT: How much is the Zakum hat worth? (In KOR MS, JPN MS, MSEA, etc.) If it's introducted to oMS, how much will it be worth? :f6:

Edited by FDAkroma, 15 September 2005 - 10:40 PM.

#3 Ktk_


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Posted 16 September 2005 - 05:22 PM

You can't sell it, and if you drop it, it disappears, so DONT SHOW OFF AND DROP IT!

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#4 yoyo2


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Posted 17 September 2005 - 09:10 AM

u have to be lvl65+ to kill zakum if im correc?
IPB ImageIPB Image
TheLostLight 5x whats the meaning of life...

#5 Ktk_


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Posted 17 September 2005 - 09:35 AM

I've seen a lvl 50 hit on it.. But since the def is so strong, it only does 1, and you will probably get owned... Even at 65, you will get killed, although you have a higher chance, with a bunch of 90+, to 120+, people... I've never seen many archers play Zakum, unfortunately..

What makes it even harder, is that there are 30 people; so you have to spend an hour or more, killing Zakum, IN MAJOR LAG, or at least until some people die and go away ^_^;;

Edited by KORMaple, 17 September 2005 - 09:36 AM.

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#6 freetorap101


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Posted 18 September 2005 - 09:01 PM

Thanks for the guide it was good and if you drop the hat it dissapears? Then how can teh Zakum drop it without it dissapearing?
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#7 Ktk_


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Posted 19 September 2005 - 08:31 PM

That, I wouldn't know. I'm not sure if that is correct, some pro told me O_o I get most of my info that way.

But NEVER DROP IT! It's common sense.. Did you see the HAXOR INVINCIBLE stats? [No, it's not a hackO_o]

I found the Zakum stats xD Never knew that..

PLEASE EITHER POST A LOT IN THIS THREAD OR PIN IT, as I spent a lot of time on it. lol...

Edited by KORMaple, 19 September 2005 - 08:33 PM.

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#8 *xx3rulezxx*

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Posted 20 September 2005 - 09:50 PM

wut is the zacko quest anywayz?...is it the one where u talk to the 3rd job instrutors?....very good drops too....must be like 100k per bag.... :f6:

Edited by xx3rulezxx, 20 September 2005 - 09:53 PM.

#9 *chuaaronchu*

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Posted 20 September 2005 - 10:34 PM

It is the hardest monster in the game, it has 4 hands and a door, u have to first break those 4 hands which own have their own hp and the door, it is actually quite hard, he never stops attacking, even u break those hands, I've heard that the door will use some kind of magic to attack u, so beware and it is located in El nath Lava Dungeon, only level 50 people can go there ( I think) :B:

#10 Bo Shalake

Bo Shalake

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Posted 21 September 2005 - 11:35 AM

Dude that zakum has 8 HANDS yes thats right EIGHT not 4 -_-. Dont expect to be even thinking of completing that quest until around lvl 75+ and dont think of actually doing any decent damage on it until around lvl 90+ I mean the thing heals for 50,000 + !!!!!!!

WHY WHY is GMS just wasting away without this glorious GLORIOUS quest.... ill tell you why, not enough lvl 90+ ers theres about 20 ppl lvl 90+ in all of GMS alone and why bring out a quest that you have atleast 3 ppl over lvl 100 in your party to complete it? It wudnt make sense... GMS wont get this quest until there are ALOT more pros....

anyway WE WANT CASH SHOP... stinking cody and the themepark quest... :f3:

Edited by Bo Shalake, 21 September 2005 - 11:36 AM.

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#11 sorcia


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Posted 21 September 2005 - 01:20 PM


Looks serious.
I've seen lots of pro vids of zakum battle (most notably this one: http://pegasus.mywebhut.com/mov11.html
Btw, awesome page that someone here already posted a while ago. Don't credit me for it. No one credit me or I'll shoot you) but it was great seeing the actual stats.
You rock for doing this!
If you have the high-level connections, you should do something similar for the other hugeass bosses. Like gun-boss-something or that old guy...... uhh just look at them and tell me if you recognize any of these bosses (since I'm pretty sure the names would seriously differ in kms anyway)

~~~ Spoilers. Or as close as you can get to "spoilers" for an MMO... ~~~

Posted Image
gunboss sister (SP?)

Posted Image
Bodyguard A

Posted Image
Bodyguard B

Posted Image
Old crazy huge-headed guy
I hear this one is lvl 175 or something @[email protected]

Also, since we all love you regardless of whether or not this is pinned, try not to ask outright, ne...? ^^;;

EDIT: check it out, the group "sponsors" right now has 1337 posts. Sweet. sponsors are teh 1337 xD *shuts up*

Edited by sorcia, 21 September 2005 - 01:23 PM.

I draw ^.~
whoamg it's been like forever @[email protected];;; time to give it another shot :d

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#12 Gooby



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Posted 22 September 2005 - 09:56 AM

Wooowww @[email protected] HIGH DAMAGE! SUCH COOL DROPS! SUCH..uh.....COOL ZAKUM...THING!!!.(Speechless)

Here's a little thought about Zakum coming to Global:NO I honestly don't think it should EVER come to GMS until hackers are under control and people will stop being so mean.Example:You just beat Zakum and someone happens to get the drops and they keep every single one of them..well...yeah since there are alot of...uh how should I say this..Ungrateful,inconsiderate idiots in GMS it's likely to happen.I doubt wizet will ever take that into mind but I just feel if it has to come to Global it should come when the Maple Community is more under control :D .

#13 Ktk_


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Posted 22 September 2005 - 06:24 PM

They don't have the village in Kms. It's jms exclusive.. But then we get monthly events.. HAHAHAHAAHAHAHHAAHAHA!!!

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#14 Raverson


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Posted 22 September 2005 - 07:33 PM

-.- it's has so much hp....guess i won't be going there until lvl 80 -.-
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#15 Ktk_


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Posted 23 September 2005 - 07:39 PM

With 30 people, that can be taken down.. With much difficulty.

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#16 Hamster



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Posted 23 September 2005 - 07:53 PM

The video that sorcia gave is awesome. They actually kill all 8 arms then the priest decides to stay around and let the body attack him for a while. After much thought, I've concluded that the mage was using elixers. But how did he get so many elixers? They're pretty hard to get.

By the way, that attack where you HP and MP go to 1 looks crazy.

OMG 994100589447 DAMAGE!!!

I wish....

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#17 Black_Rose


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Posted 23 September 2005 - 08:29 PM

*drools* @[email protected] If I was there...I would've looted everything xD

#18 Ktk_


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Posted 23 September 2005 - 11:41 PM

You buy them from people, or get them from drops.

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#19 Jellyfish


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Posted 25 September 2005 - 11:24 AM

You do realise that a level 100 in that quest would be like a level 21 in the Kerning quest =/.

#20 Ktk_


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Posted 25 September 2005 - 11:42 AM

Nah, a lvl 100 in Zakum quest would be around 26,
HOWEVER, a lvl 50 would be a complete noob to the quest, as in a 21 that just started, was screwed up stats, and screwed up skills, and can't help whatsoever.

Sorta like that.

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