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Trails of Cold Steel

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Posted 24 December 2015 - 08:29 PM

Hunnhhg I'm not even a classic jRPG buff and I needed this in my life. I didn't think the title would make it over, so I definitely had to buy it when it did. Here comes another entry into Kiseki's ridiculously complex lore of sentient Gundams, dragons, and everything in between. And by complex, I mean that my friend who likes to read NPC dialogue would probably be trapped in this series for the rest of his life.







Content-wise, the collector's edition (+$10) is kinda eh. I wanted the artbook because I've liked the style ever since it showed up in all the games that never got localized. The artbook has more pages than I expected, and they're of reasonable quality, barring some resolution problems. 10x better than the Xillia artbook already! The other item you get is a horse emblem thing that was drawn with pen tool shenanigans. If you look at the emblem gallery in the artbook, it's pretty much the worst design out of all of them. Why not the handsome lion? 


Um... cool containing box, but otherwise they seem to have misprioritized because there's no music in this one. What kind of Falcom collector's edition has no music? >:( I would've shelled out another 10 for a CD.


Yes I've caught wind of the hilariously bad animations. Looking forward to it.


I've referred to it as "Trails in the Flash" before, but they forwent that name because of the potential innuendo. I didn't think it was that bad. Maybe the Pokemon ability "Flash" should be renamed, too.

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Posted 30 December 2015 - 12:58 AM

I thought I wouldn't be into the school setting crap because of how much I hate school setting crap in general, but it's been pretty good so far. Gameplay is pretty much Trails sans the grid. I'm happy they didn't try to reinvent stuff here because the traditional Trails battle system already worked fairly well. 



hilariously bad animations


Ooh, so many. People sliding around when they're walking/running, people reaching out to receive objects and clutching thin air, Alisa exiting the dormitory and having the doors fly open in front of her. :D


I also noticed in an artbook image, the one with Olivert and his sister sitting at a grand piano. The piano's brand is labelled "Fredrik Richter," which is a reference to the opening theme of LoH V. Oh my god that fact was so useless I'm sorry.

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Posted 22 June 2016 - 07:38 PM

Adventures of wandering around town






Hey, there's Machias. Why's he staring down the library?





I see. Stalking Jusis from afar, as per the usual. Productive time off.





4D77KW4.jpg Christ, Who's gonna die first?


Turns out this book is everywhere, they've even got 3 copies on the same shelf, every shelf. Same with other charming titles like "Oops Baby" and "Love me Tonight." 



Anyway I have errands to do, let's head over to the student council building and see what's up.






So I go in there and talk to Towa Herschel, Nayuta's interdimensional relative. 





She gives me a bunch of books to deliver. Then I'm back outside making a call complaining why I got stuck with this dumb task.




That's a huge loveing cellphone.







Instructor Valestein, which is another reference that makes zero sense so far, somehow turns the conversation to her getting drunk. Fine, whatever.



The next day...




Insert token, get cutscene





Why yes it is, old chap. Pip pip.





Quality together time! I'm getting flashbacks, except I've lacked options to be rude so far.



Heading over to the book store, someone gives me a vampire murder mystery for free.




Right, this is one of those series where you can sit down and read a full length novel while everything is burning around you. 





I don't see "Christ, Who's gonna die first?" on sale. Disappointing. Evidently, they have no clue what's in vogue. I'm outta here.



Wander around some more and pick up a mundane quest that has me pass by the club rooms. There's a culinary club with a fat girl who is eating everything, a music club, I think a fishing club, and an art club. I'm definitely missing one or another, but it's not like I can join any clubs yet because I'm too dispassionate to care. Pretty sure this is setting me up to be the #1 most amazing member of any club I eventually join.




Hey, whatcha painting?






Dopple loves you. Yes, you.



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