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Falcom Music Chronicle P:D:DD:D:D:

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Posted 30 June 2013 - 05:39 PM


There's never enough Falcom. Don't know what Valestein Castle (the full version with the intro, also worth everyone's time) and King Dragon ~ Sorcerian the Prelude (sounds exactly like the one from Boss Zanmai, one of the best VGM CDs ever btw) are doing in here, though, because there's nothing different about them. Otherwise, a small but spectacular set of arrangements well worth the wait.

This makes up for the last two arrangement releases which weren't very good. One of them had a lot of potential, but got ruined by muddy mids of all things. I still feel bad about that.

Even though I know I post a lot of this stuff I don't much like looking at other VGM topics myself because people invariably put like "Dreaming of the Shore Bordering Another World," "Dancing Mad," "To Zanarkand" and "Battle for Everyone's Souls" which anyone who's had the briefest stint with VGM will have already heard omg, and then also put like 10 tracks at once further ensuring nobody bothers listening to them all, if they even bother waiting for them to load in the first place. I don't think too differently of what I put out there either so I try to distill things.

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