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New guild in Kradia EMS!


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Posted 23 July 2012 - 10:17 AM


Violet is a new guild created in the world of Maplestory. The guild is laid on a foundation of many well thought values and guild systems that will make the upcoming guild living up to a certain standard that can guarantee a unique community where everybody feels equal and respected.
The guild is called Violet, because of its neutral appearance. It is simple, easy to remember and you just cannot hate a color. That is by the way also the idea behind the name of the ranks in the guild. They are simple and easy to remember and relate to. But the color violet also presents luxury, royalty and sophistication.
The goal of the guild is to create a community where the guildies can hang out together on their journey and always be able to communicate in a way that will courage you to stay in the guild and the game. The community is set up to share experiences, thoughts and theories. It is also allowed to just have an ordinary everyday talk and just get to know each other and have fun together. On sight it is planned that we will be able to do guild quest, party quest, boss runs, grinding and other fun events together. It is important to the leader that everybody enjoys playing Maplestory and wants to be a part of a bigger community with lots of friends that you can enjoy playing Maplestory with.
Therefor the guild has a very unique rank system which is explained later in this post. The rank system is thought out to be able to handle any situation which may occur in the guild in a proper way. Democracy was also important when the rank system was being created. You will notice that the democracy really reflects itself in the rank system both with the names and the idea behind. Everybody has the same rights and the same rules count for everyone in the guild no matter what rank they are.
But the rules in the guild are simple. Inappropriate behavior towards other guildies is unacceptable. This kind of behavior will put you in the lowest rank of the guild and you will be judged by the President and the Manager about your presence in the guild. And to be absolutely clear. Inappropriate behavior is treating others like they do not want to be treated. That means keeping a proper respect is important for the guild.
But you should nervous about whether or not you are qualified for this guild. Because I may say already now that you are. We do not believe that should be an experience player, a high level player or an active player to be a good guildie as many other guilds advertise with. Being an active player in a game like Maplestory requires friends. You will be an active player if you have a good guild in which you like the other guildies and able to communicate with them in a way that makes you feel welcome and makes you feel safe. And if the guild courages you to play Maplestory regulary, then you will become a high level player and you will become an experienced player. That is why we choose a guildies depending on their ability to communicate. But do not give up just yet. Because we believe that some people may be a little shy, or not the best at making new friends. And that is why we have the “GoodGuildy” rank. To give you the space and time you need to immerse in the guild and eventually become a “BestGuildie”.
But since it is so important to me that we know each other I may owe you a little background knowledge. A little biography if I may.
My name is Mads and live in the Scandinavian Denmark. I am 17 years old and currently study on what we in Denmark call a "gymnasium". I study math and economics for you who are interested in knowing that. I am not doing much else in my spare time than working, riding BMX and occasionally drinking. My taste within music is simple. Dubstep, rap and then I cannot stand the amazing Phil Collins.
I have chosen to put up this guild because a good community is what I find important in Maplestory. I have been playing this game since I was 10 years old, with a few quits here and there of course, and I have experienced that the periods where I was actively playing for a long time was the times when I was in a guild. And a guild that knew how to communicate, because the game may be good, but predictable and a good friend can only be unpredictable. A constant mystery that is worth coming back to explore.
That was a little about the guild, about me and about other fun stuff. But I am happy to present that you are now aware of any thought that have been put into the guild and happy to know present to you the guild ranks and guild "law" if I may.

Guild ranks:

President: You will not find yourself in this position. Now it is said. But this rank still needs an explanation. Even though the presidential rank is the highest rank in the guild it still has some standards to live up to. The President is equal to all the guild members. Though it his job to control all the administrable decisions. Whenever anything in the guild is discussed under higher ranks it is the Presidents job to take the final decision and know that he have made the right choice. Without this kind of authority in the guild the community will never work. The President therefor listens to his guildies and never takes a decision without having it discussed with his Managers first.
Manager: If you are finding yourself siting in this rank it means that the president finds your ability to handle the administrable is exceptionally good. It is your job in consent with the president to lead the guild. Though you do not have the final vote the President will still not take any decisions without you being involved in the discussion. At the presidents absence you will find yourself leading the guild along with the other Managers, meaning that you will be having a special authority. This authority can never be misused and it is only there to keep control in the guild. The guildies should still see you as an equal member of the guild and you will never have the right to treat a guildie in any other possible way.
BestGuildy: If you are finding yourself siting in this rank it means that you a known person within the guild. Other guildies have a well preserved respect towards you and you and your guildies know that you are absolutely living up to the standards and values of the guild.
Notice, that this position is not only obtained because you have been in the guild for a determined amount of time, but also the impression you have made to the President, Managers and most importantly to the other guildies.
GoodGuildy: If you are finding yourself siting in this rank it means that you may just have joined the guild and haven't had time to make your introduction or just not been in the guild for long enough to have made a good impression of yourself.
BadGuildy: If you are finding yourself siting in this rank it means that you have done something perceived as unacceptable for the guild. During the time in this rank you may find that the other guild members are not entirely sure about how to feel about you and in worst cases it may be discussed under President and his Managers about whether or not you belong in the guild.
It is fair to say that this rank is like a prison. You will only be there for a limited time and your presence will be discussed by the higher ranks.

I will also post the so called “guild law” here to give you an insight to the guild:
- The President has the right to always change the leader of the guild without any discussions, as long as the new President is within his accounts.
- If an election may occur and the guild needs a new leader it is the Managers who take the final vote. It is therefore the Managers right to listen to the guildies on who they want for president.
- A Manager is only chosen if the President and the other Managers agree that the guildie is right for the job. An ordinary guildie has no saying in a situation like this.
- Even though a Manager is armed with an authority and specially chosen by the President then he still has to live up to a certain standard that makes him equal to other guildies. It is therefore never his right to mistreat a guildie.
- A Manager does not have the right to kick a guildie. Only the President can do this, but only with an agreement from other Managers. An ordinary guildie has no saying in a situation like this.
- Occasions may occur that the President and his Managers will not be able to take the decisions alone and there will be a vote within the guild consisting of lower ranked guildies except for a BadGuildy.
- Other guildies should never feel an obligation towards a Bad Guild. A BadGuildy has no respect, but shall never be mistreated or be a victim to inappropriate behaviour.

So if you are interested in joining our community you should leave your in-game name in comment section. I will be online every day at 4 pm (GMT +1) scouting for everyone who applied and some other random times during the day. Thank you, and I look forward to a nice time during the age of Violet.
/President over and out.

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