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Do you think MapleTip should be more active considering the number of people that play Maple Story?

  1. Yes (3 [75.00%])


  2. Probably (0 [0.00%])


  3. No (1 [25.00%])


  4. Mesos plz (0 [0.00%])


#1 CarpeDiem



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18 April 2011 - 12:32 AM

started playing again 2 weeks ago, now lv 87 lol... its alot easier to lvl these days.. anyway always looking for friends on El Nido. chat invite me if im full. ive been abit of a lurker/poster here for years and years i remember alot of drama and it seems so strange to me now.

relevant ; only showed my zhelm cus i posted my only good equips in scrolled items thread pac is 4 att ~ gave away my dex shoes and cape cus i was getting the pac and wanted to scroll snowshoes so my dex is abit low right now but i refuse to buy more cubes.. but im gonna raise it to 90 probably to make it really easy to wear 120 claw

edit : reuploaded better quality

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