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The F/P Magician Ultimatum

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Posted 19 September 2010 - 12:35 PM

<FONT face="Comic Sans MS"><FONT size=6><FONT size=2>
<DIV align=center></FONT><B>The F/P Magician Ultimatum</B></FONT><FONT size=2></DIV></FONT></FONT><BR>
<DIV align=center>A post Big Bang guide </DIV><BR><BR><FONT size=3><U><FONT size=4><B>Table of Contents:</B></FONT><BR></U><BR></FONT><FONT size=2>1) What is Big Bang?<BR>2) Information about Fire Poison Mages<BR>3) The Pros and Cons of being a F/P Magician<BR>4) AP Builds<BR>5) Begginer<BR>6) 1st Job<BR>7) 2nd Job<BR>8) 3rd Job<BR>9) 4th Job<BR>10) Training<BR>11) Skill Book Locations<BR>12) Log<BR>13) Disclaimer and Copyrights<BR><BR><U><FONT size=4><B>Section 1 - What is Big Bang?</B><BR></FONT></U>Big Bang is a series of updates that drastically change the mechanics of Maplestory. It consists of 3 stages. Essentially, Stage 1 is when The Blage Mage puts a curse on the Maple World, changing the skills each job has, aswell as changing the damage formula for all characters. Parts 2 and 3 are the releases of 3 new classes: Wild Hunters (Crossbowmen riding on jaguars), Battle Mages (Close range mages), and Mechanics (similar to Gunslingers, who use machines to attack). During Part 1, all warrior and magician jobs experiance a change of skills, making any guide for them written before big bang obselete. For more information on&nbsp;&nbsp;Big Bang, visit this link: &lt;Link to be added&gt;.<BR><BR>This change effects the magician community becuase several new skills are added, a new magician class is released, and Magicians now have mastery. In the past, their skills had their own masteries and were oblivious to wand/stave mastery (barring Evans). Now there is a skill called Spell Mastery which changes all that.<BR><BR><B><U><FONT size=4>Section 2 - Information about Fire Poision Magicians<BR></FONT></U></B><I>"Magicians have low stamina as the spend most of their time reading scrolls and books, however they are the only class with the ability to wield the amazing power of magic"<BR></I>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <I>- </I>Nexon<BR><BR>Regardless of which fantasy game you play, one class will have the ability to wield the power that is magic. Whether it is called a Mage, Magician, Wizard, Warlock, or any other name, you will be hardpressed to find a fantasy game without a magician class (F.Y.I. - Call of Duty is not a fantasy game). Magicians have low health and low defenses. However, what they lack in defense, they make up for in verstatility. They're skill do a variety of things such as boost mobility (Teleport), mob massive ammounts of monsters (Meteo), reduce damage (Magic Gaurd) just to name a few. <BR><BR>Magicians use staves (staffs) and wands to attack. Their main stats are Intelegence (INT) and Luck (LUK, duh). While their melee damage is bad (barring Battle Mages), they have fantastic ranged damage (barring Battle Mages). <BR><BR>There are to date, 6 types of magicians. Clerics, which specialize in the holy element and have many party skills, Battle Mages, which&nbsp;&nbsp;attack close range, Evans, Magicians who attack with the aid of a dragon, Ice Lighning Magicians, who specialize in the Ice and Lighning Elements, Blaze Wizards, who use fire skills, and Fire Poison Magicians who use Poison and Burn to do massive amounts of damage.<BR><BR><FONT size=4><B><U>Section 3 - Pros and Cons <BR></U></B><FONT size=2>Like all classes, F/P Mages have Pros and Cons.<BR></FONT><FONT size=3><B><BR><FONT size=3></FONT>Pros:</B></FONT><BR><FONT size=2>- They have the ability to do massive amounts of damage<BR></FONT><FONT size=2>- Poison Myst boosts traing speeds to insane proportions<BR>- They are uncommon<BR>- Their lack of defense is negated due to Magic Guard<BR>- They can both slow and seal, which halps when in the field<BR>-&nbsp;&nbsp;They can use both Poison and Burn status effects for more damage<BR>- They reach a job advancement at level 8<BR>- I like them (this might not count)<BR><FONT size=3><B><BR><FONT size=3></FONT>Cons:<BR></B></FONT><FONT size=2>- They can't mob effectively until 3rd job<BR></FONT><FONT size=2>- They are uncommon<BR>- They are slow attackers<BR>- They lack freeze <BR>-&nbsp;&nbsp;They have no party skills <BR><B><U><FONT size=4><BR><B><U><FONT size=4></FONT></U></B>Section 4 - AP Builds<BR></FONT></U></B></FONT>Magicians are unique in the fact that they add to Intellegence. No other class ever adds to that. Our secondary stat is Luck, which increases Magic Accuracy. Certain people choose to go Low Luck or Luck-less, which means that they add less to Luck and more to Intellegence, therefore having higher damage, while buying new euipment to add Luck instead. Choose one of the choices.<BR><BR><B>The Regular Build<BR></B>Level 1- No AP Gained<BR>Level 2+ - 4 INT, 1 LUK<BR><BR>This is the regular build and will be the most common. If you wish to go all out power, you add never add anything to Luck, and add 5 to Intellegence every level. For those who want to be in between, we are called Low-Luck. Follow the regular build and stop adding to Luck anytime before you hit your mid 40's (Level wise, not Age wise). Simply supplement the missing Luck with scrolled equipment<BR><BR><B><U><FONT size=4>Section 5 - Begginer's Basics<BR></FONT></U></B><BR><B><FONT size=3>Begginer Skills:</FONT><BR></B><BR><STRONG>Nimble Feet</STRONG> - Supportive - Max Level: 3 - This skill boosts your speed. Always helpful, and rather fun to use. Note: has a 1 minute cooldown time when maxed.<BR><BR><STRONG>Three Snails</STRONG> - Active - Max Level: 3 - This skill is a ranged attack that will do a set amount of damage (10 for Level 1, 25 for Level 2, and 40 for Level 3)<BR><BR><STRONG>Recovery</STRONG> - Supportive - Max Level: 3 - This skill will heal your HP over set period of time. When maxed, it will heal 72 HP in 30 seconds.<BR><BR><STRONG><FONT size=3>Skill Build:<BR></FONT></STRONG><BR>Level 1 - 1 on Three Snails(1) or 1 on Recovery(1)<BR>Level 2 - 1 on Three Snails(2) or 1 on Recovery(2)<BR>Level 3 - 1 on Three Snails(Max)&nbsp;or 1 on Recovery(Max)<BR>Level 4 - 1 on Nimble Feet(1)<BR>Level 5 - 1 on Nimble Feet(2)<BR>Level 6 - 1 on Nimle Feet(Max)<BR>Level 7 - No SP Gained<BR>Level 8 - No SP Gained<BR><BR><FONT size=3><STRONG>Explanation:<BR></STRONG></FONT>Three Snails is maxed first as it is your first ranged attack and it will boost training speed. However, since Three Snails is out damaged by Energy Bolt at level 8 and you can train by only using Control, some choose to max Recovery instead for some extra healing. Regardless of which you choose, Nimble Feet should be maxed as a boost in speed is more useful than either of them and unlike both, it will last you until level 30 (when you get teleport).<BR><BR><STRONG><FONT size=3>Training:<BR></FONT></STRONG>At level 1, you will be asked whether or not you wish to skip Maple Island (unless you are new to Maplestory). Regardless or your expertise, I reccomend you choose to stay on Maple Island as it not only lets you hit level 10 in 5 - 20 minutes, but it lets you get the coveted Relaxer, an item that heals 50 HP every 10 seconds you use it. Once you get it, put it on a hot key for immediate use. Anyway, at level 1, do Heena's quest and give Sen his dinner. Then complete the quiz, hunt 1&nbsp;Jr.Sential&nbsp;and hunt 10 snails. Then proceed to Ameryst. In Ameryst, answer Rain's quest and do both of Pio's quests. <EM>This gives you the Relaxer. Immediately put it on a hotkey for easy access.</EM> Now turn in you hunt the snails quest and talk to Lucas. Do all of Mai's trainings, Bari's quest and Yoona's. By this time you should be level 7 or 8. <EM>Once you reach level 7 and have 50+%, go to South Perry and board the ship to Victoria Island. DO NOT COMPLETE MAPLE ISLAND, THIS WILL CAUSE YOU TO HAVE LESS MP THAN OTHER MAGICIANS!</EM> Then talk to Olaf and to his lesson on job advancements. Accept his Path of a Magician quest and then go east to see the magician statue. Talk to it, then talk to Grendle the Really Old to become a Magician.<BR><BR><FONT size=4><STRONG><U>Section&nbsp;6 - Intro to Magic (1st Job)<BR></U></STRONG><FONT size=2><BR><FONT size=2></FONT>Congradulations! You are now a Magician. Even though you have 3 jobs ahead of you, the skills you add to now will be crucial in the long run. So, without further ado, let's take a look at your skills:<BR></FONT></FONT><FONT size=3><BR><FONT size=3></FONT><STRONG>1st Job&nbsp;Skills:</STRONG></FONT><BR><BR><STRONG>Endergy Bolt</STRONG>&nbsp;- Active - Max Level:&nbsp;20 - This skill&nbsp;does damage to a single monster. It is good if you want to be good at bossing (King Slime, Mano, Stumpy, Marbas, Deo, etc.).<BR><BR><STRONG>Magic Claw</STRONG>&nbsp;- Active - Max Level:&nbsp;20 - Require: Energy Bolt level 1&nbsp;- Weaker than Energy Bolt, but hits 2 monsters, allowing you to kill 2 at once. Good for training.<BR><BR><STRONG>MP Increase</STRONG>&nbsp;- Passive - Max Level:&nbsp;10 - The earlier you max this skill, the more MP you get overall. Hmmm, I wonder what skill to max first?<BR><BR><STRONG>Magic Armor</STRONG> - Supportive -&nbsp;Max Level: 20 - Requires: Magic Guard level 5 - This skill boosts both Weapon and Magic Defense to prolong the time you can fight. Since Magicians have low&nbsp;&nbsp; survivability, a plus.<BR><BR><STRONG>Magic Guard</STRONG> - Supportive - Max Level 20 - This skill is a godsend. Name one magician that hasn't maxed this and is above level 120 and I'll give you a million bucks (No promises). At level 20, 80% of the damage you take is subtraced from your MP and not your HP. Ina sense your HP is now 4x (if you don't run out of MP). <BR><BR><STRONG>MP Recovery (Removed)</STRONG> - This skill was removed from the Magician's Skill Book, but it basically recovered more MP than the usual 3 per second. At max it was 32 per second I think.<BR><BR><STRONG><FONT size=3>Skill Build:<BR></FONT></STRONG><BR>Just like last time, you have several options to choose from. None is better than the other, they each have their own pros and cons.<BR><BR><U><STRONG>The Normal Build</STRONG></U><BR>Level&nbsp;8 - Energy Bolt (1)<BR>Level&nbsp;9 - 3 on Improving MP Icrease (3)<BR>Level&nbsp;10 - 3 on Improving MP Increase (3)<BR>Level&nbsp;11 - 1 on Improving MP Increase (Max), 2 on Magic Claw (2)<BR>Level&nbsp;12 - 3 on Magic Claw (5)<BR>Level&nbsp;13 - 3 on Magic Claw (8)<BR>Level&nbsp;14 - 3 on Magic Claw (11)<BR>Level&nbsp;15 - 3 on Magic Claw (14)<BR>Level 16 - 3 on Magic Claw (17)<BR>Level 17 - 3 on Magic Claw (Max)<BR>Level 18 - 3 on Magic Guard (3)<BR>Level 19 - 3 on Magic Guard (6)<BR>Level 20 - 3 on Magic Guard (9)<BR>Level 21 - 3 on Magic Guard (12)<BR>Level 22 - 3 on Magic Guard (15)<BR>Level 23 - 3 on Magic Guard (18)<BR>Level 24 - 2 on Magic Guard (Max), 1 on Magic Armor(1) or 2 on Magic Guard (Max), 1 on Energy Bolt (2)<BR>Level 25 - 3 on Magic Armor (4) or 3 on Energy Bolt (5)<BR>Level 26 - 3 on Magic Armor (7) or 3 on Energy Bolt (8)<BR>Level 27 - 3 on Magic Armor (10) or 3 on Energy Bolt (11)<BR>Level 28 - 3 on Magic Armor (13) or 3 on Energy Bolt (14)<BR>Level 29 - 3 on Magic Armor (16) or 3 on Energy Bolt (17)<BR>Level 30 - 3 on Magic Armor (19) or 3 on Energy Bolt (Max)<BR><BR><FONT size=3><FONT size=2><U><STRONG>Explanation:</STRONG></U></FONT><BR></FONT>This is the standard build for Magicians. Your 1st point goes on Energy Bolt since Control won't ever hit above a 5 again (Control uses STR, not INT) and therefore you need an attack. Then Max Improving Max MP Increase to give you more MP in the long run and then Magic Claw for a strong attack that mobs and therefore kills more things faster. Next, we add to Magic Guard to boost survivability. Finally, you have to make a choice: Survivability or Power. Energy Bolt will give you more power (more than Magic Claw), but it can't mob. Still, this will let you kill 1 on 1 targets faster. Magic Armor on the other hand allows you to take more hits, but you'll be using Magic Claw alot more.<BR><BR><STRONG><U>The&nbsp;Energy Bolt &nbsp;Build<BR></U></STRONG>Level&nbsp;8 - Energy Bolt (1)<BR>Level&nbsp;9 - 3 on Improving MP Icrease (3)<BR>Level&nbsp;10 - 3 on Improving MP Increase (3)<BR>Level&nbsp;11 - 1 on Improving MP Increase (Max), 2 on Energy Bolt (3)<BR>Level&nbsp;12 - 3 on&nbsp;Energy Bolt&nbsp;(6)<BR>Level&nbsp;13 - 3 on&nbsp;Energy Bolt&nbsp;(9)<BR>Level&nbsp;14 - 3 on Energy Bolt (12)<BR>Level&nbsp;15 - 3 on Energy Bolt (15)<BR>Level 16 - 3 on Energy Bolt (18)<BR>Level 17 -&nbsp;2 on Energy Bolt (Max), 1 on Magic Guard (1)<BR>Level 18 - 3 on Magic Guard (4)<BR>Level 19 - 3 on Magic Guard (7)<BR>Level 20 - 3 on Magic Guard (10)<BR>Level 21 - 3 on Magic Guard (13)<BR>Level 22 - 3 on Magic Guard (16)<BR>Level 23 - 3 on Magic Guard (19)<BR>Level 24 -&nbsp;1 on Magic Guard (Max),&nbsp;2 on Magic Armor(2) or&nbsp;1 on Magic Guard (Max),&nbsp;2 on&nbsp;Magic&nbsp;Claw&nbsp;(2)<BR>Level 25 - 3 on Magic Armor (5) or 3 on Magic&nbsp;Claw (5)<BR>Level 26 - 3 on Magic Armor (8) or 3 on&nbsp;Magic&nbsp;Claw (8)<BR>Level 27 - 3 on Magic Armor (11) or 3 on Magic&nbsp;Claw (11)<BR>Level 28 - 3 on Magic Armor (14) or 3 on Magic&nbsp;Claw (14)<BR>Level 29 - 3 on Magic Armor (17) or 3 on Magic&nbsp;Claw (17)<BR>Level 30 - 3 on Magic Armor (Max) or 3 on Magic&nbsp;Claw (Max)<BR><BR><FONT size=3><STRONG><FONT size=2><U>Explanation:</U></FONT><BR></STRONG></FONT>This build allows you to hit more on 1 on 1 targets (like bosses) and saves more MP than the last build. Instead of Magic Claw, Energy Bolt is now Maxed.&nbsp;Once again you have the choice of Magic Armor over your second attack.&nbsp;Survivability or Power? You decide.&nbsp;<BR><BR><STRONG><FONT size=3>Training:<BR></FONT><U><BR><U></U>Way 1 (The "Story Line" Way)</U></STRONG><BR>Now that you are a Magician, you are now able to use the Magician Training Center. Talk to Grendle the Really Old and accept all his quests. Now talk to Lucy the Dream Interpreter and accept all her quests. Now go to the training center. Do all of Lucy's quests, Grendle's Training, and Power B. Fore's quests. Once you are done with all of them, talk to Grendle the Really old and he'll send you all around Victoria Island on quests. Eventually, you will learn of a demon named "Marbas" who looks like a werewolf. Defeat him and collect all the scraps of paper for all 5 job instructors. Now talk to the Rememberer of Sleepywood. Do all of his trainings and the&nbsp;quest "How to Avoid the Stink". I've found that you can get the&nbsp;Charms&nbsp;yourself, but fame a guy to get you the eyeballs. Now the next day, fame another guy to get the leathers. Now don't do "For the peace of Victoria Island" (Astaroth will cream you). Instead&nbsp;concentrate on his other quest line: "The Horney Mushroom Signals".&nbsp;Do all of his quests and go to the desert. Do Kascara's quests and the Camel's quests, but don't do the Camel's training. Instead,&nbsp;do the quests of the towns people of Ariant. Once you reach level 30, go to Elinia and talk to Grendel the Really Old. He'll have you talk to a buddy of his who will ask you to get 30 dark marbles. Do that and you'll get your 2nd Job Advancement. Woo-hoo! Oh, by the way, once you reach level 20, talk to Power B. Fore for a special treat.<BR></FONT><BR><FONT size=2><STRONG><U>Way&nbsp;2 (The "Training" Way)<BR></U></STRONG>Unlike the last way, this way involves pure training.<BR><STRONG>Key: <BR></STRONG>+ = Fast EXP, the more +'s the better<BR>$ = Good Money, the more the better<BR>* = Crowds, the less the better<BR>@ = PQ<BR><STRONG>Level 8 - 10: </STRONG>Mage Training Center (+++, $),&nbsp;Slimes and Stumps around Elinia&nbsp;(+, $), Henesys Hunting Ground (++,$$,**)<BR><STRONG>Level 10 - 13:</STRONG> Mage Training Center (++,$), Henesys PQ(@,++,$,*), Henesys Hunting Ground (++,$$,**)<BR><STRONG>Level 13 - 15:</STRONG> Mage Training Center (+,$), Henesys PQ (@, +, $, *), Henesys Hunting Ground (++,$$,**)<BR><STRONG>Levels 15 - 20:</STRONG> Mage Training Center ($), Henesys PQ (@,&nbsp;$), Henesys Hunting Ground (++,$$,**), Kerning Middle Forest (++,$$$)<BR><STRONG>Level 20 - 25: </STRONG><EM>Note: Talk to Power B. Fore for a suprise</EM>, Henesys Hunting Ground (++,$$,**), Kerning Middle Forest (++,$$$), Kerning PQ (@,++,$$$,**)</FONT><BR><BR><STRONG><U>Section 12 - Log<BR></U></STRONG></FONT><BR>9/18/10 - Started guide, worked on Section 1 and Table of Contents.<BR>9/22/10 - Worked on sections 2 - 5</FONT> <BR>10/1/10 - Worked on secitons 5 - 6

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