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Haier x Ölevia???

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Posted 19 July 2010 - 09:30 PM

You might ask why I named my topic that. Well, it's been like this for like two years, but I rarely had this happen. But it's actually quite funny.

Ölevia is the brand name of the TV that I'm using, which is the monitor for my computer and the Wii, as you did know in my Recording Problems quite a long time ago. Haier is the brand name of the Air Conditioner, which is what I own. The A/C has a Mode, Speed, Timer, Reset, and, as with any electronics, Power button. Now then...

I have the remote for the TV, but the most humorous thing about that is that it actually interacts with my A/C. For example, if I press the mute button on the remote, if it happens to be near the A/C (and it's quite a long distance, being about the width of my entire room), it actually turns on the Timer for the A/C. Anyone know why this happens? I don't need suggestions on how to fix this, since this is just so funny, but I want to know why it does that. :D

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