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[SUBMISSION] The Last Battle

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#1 Cjremix



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Posted 28 June 2010 - 08:14 PM

Deep in the Ellinia Forest a battle has been going on for years and years, it was never ending. Warriors, Rouges, Archers, and Magicians faced fierce monsters from a dark portal leading to who knows where. Many of the fighters died or were injuried. But one warrior named "Kenes", trained to the best of his ability had came of training. "General Jorse" saw something in the new warrior, he knew he was fit for the war. They sent him out in a squad full of Rouges, he was the leader. Their mission was to go throught the dark portal. The mission was suicide and they knew it. They got ready for the attack. The squad fought through many monsters, as they made their way to the portal. When they got to the portal they all took a deep breathe and jumped in. When they got through they were at an army camp. They saw many monster, all shapes and sizes. The monsters looked at the squad, most grunted and growled. Then it happened, the monsters attacked and the squad drew their katars, surikens, and daggers. As the monster surrounded them, the squad charged at the command of Kenes. Kenes used his surikens and threw 10 all at once killing 7 monsters. The monsters drew closer and closer and Kenes said "Men its been a honor serving with you and I want you guys to go" The Rouges used "haste" and jumped out of the circle the monsters had formed. Kenes prayed to the Gods and the monsters swarmed over him like zombie mushrooms. Kenes used all his power and might, made a huge energy ball and it blew up killing most of the monsters. Kenes was never to be found. To be continued.....

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Posted 28 June 2012 - 02:21 AM

And we totally know how zombie mushrooms swarm, like what, in a horizontal line? I also like how very impersonal this story is and there's no reason to care about any of the characters. Good job, you impressed me. 10/10 and liked.

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