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[Submission] The Final Battle

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Posted 23 June 2010 - 12:04 PM

Aran was breathing heavily, exhausted. He helped Athena load the villagers into the boat. He was all set to go when somebody cried out, "The kid is missing!" Athena instructed him to go and find the kid, and fast. While he was searching for the kid, an army of Cornians, Skelegons, and Wyverns intercepted him! Aran quickly dispatched of them and continued on his way. He found the kid bent over, crying. The kid's eyes shone as Aran picked him up, staring in fascination. Aran ran as fast as he could back to the boat, and handed the child to Athena. "Hurry! The Black Mage is getting closer, we must leave now!" Athena yelled, "Hurry Aran, there isn't much time!" Aran thought back to his friends, fighting for thier lives against the Black Mage. "No" he said, "I must go and help." He walked to the battlegrounds, confident. "So Maha, you ready for some fun?" You bet I am! "Then let's go!"

Master, I sense someone coming.
"Who is it Afrien?" No need to worry, it's only Aran. He has decided to join us. Aran strode up to the two, nearly falling back trying to see Afrien. "So, how goes the battle?" Aran asked. "We just managed to drive back another wave of those disgusting Wyverns." Freed replied, Nearly half of them went flying back after seeing me! "Now now Afrien, no need to brag." What about you when you managed to form a Spirit Pact with me? You were bragging to all your friends, showing me off. "That was...different..." Aran! I see more coming! Oh my.....he's here.... The heroes looked up, and saw a massive army of monsters charging toward them. At the lead was a man in robes made of pure shadow, with eyes that shone with glee at the Hero's shocked expressions. "It's the Black Mage!" said Freed in a small whisper. Aran stood up, looking at the team of valiant warriors. "Remember what we are fighting for! This is not the time to back down and run away! Whether we survive or not, we will be known as the 5 heroes who stood up to the Black Mage. Tales of us will be told for centuries to come! Now, are you in or are you out?" Freed stepped foward, "I'm in" And so am I, Afrien said. The rest of the heroes slowly stepped foward and agreed. Let's do this! Afrien let out a fierce roar that was heard across the battlefield.

The Black Mage's army dissappated in a matter of seconds, thanks to the heroes. All that was left was the Black Mage himself. "There's 5 of us, and only 1 of you!" Aran shouted, "Now give up your dreams of conquering Maple World!" The Black Mage chuckled, It's not that easy to defeat me, you know. I posses power beyond your wildest dreams, nothing can stop me. A palm of black energy swirled in his palm. He aimed it at Aran. You're the first to go! He blasted. Aran tried to dodge, but it was too fast. It stuck him in the chest, freezing him. He blasted again so fast, it was nearly impossible to see. It headed toward Freed. Afrien flew in front of Freed, taking the shot. He was frozen solid. The Black Mage blasted 3 more times, each shot freezing the Heroes. Satisfied, he left. However, he did not see Freed hiding behind Afrien's frozen body. "What's this?" He saw an egg, with a shining symbol on it. Freed took the egg, and hid it in a mysterious forest. Freed lived out his days, hoping the egg would find it's owner soon.


The heroes were assembled, once again, to defeat the Black Mage. Evan remembered how Afrien sacrificed himself to save Freed. He gripped his wand even tighter. Aran remembered everything now, his old skills, Maha, and the battle. There was a great flash, and then a swirl of pure darkness appeared, and out stepped the Black Mage. The heroes weren't afraid, they weren't alone this time. An army of Cygnus Knights were behind them, ready for battle. Empress Cygnus flew overhead, riding on Shinsoo, and reported that there was a mob of Explorers coming too. THe Black Mage wasn't alone either, he had an Army of Resistance members, and the Black Wings stood beside him. The heroes and the Black Mage stepped foward.
You ready to feel the sting of defeat once more? "Never!" Aran cried out. So be it, Resistance, ATTACK! They say all of Maple World shook when these two great armies met, and how does it end? You tell me, you were there!

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Posted 29 June 2012 - 04:02 AM

You know, I haven't been keeping up with MapleStory's... well, story, for the longest time. But then I thought about it, and realised that "kid is missing" crap is actually canon. No wonder why it sounds so hackneyed and awkward whenever people try to write about it.

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