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[Submission] The Attack

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Posted 22 June 2010 - 04:15 AM

Many years ago, there was a peaceful place, by the name of Leafre, in the middle of the Minar Forest. In the very centre of Leafre, was the Leafre Temple. That temple had great magic within, and was forbidden to anyone. The magic of the Temple protected Leafre from attack. There was one flaw with this magic: if enough evil came close to Leafre, the magic was weakened, but only enough for one evil being to get through the protective field.

Leafre is long gone now. It was destroyed, now only ruins remain.

It all started one bright, sunny day. The sky was suddenly filled with dark, black clouds. A flying boat came through the clouds. The boat came to a halt. A Leader Crimson Balrog (a white bearlike creature, with leathery wings and a helmet that fits the shape of its head, with a spike on it, and a shoulder pad on its left arm shaped like a skull) flew out of the ship.

The beast let out a thunderous roar then opened its mouth wide, and charged a ball of shadow, black with evil, and shot it at the Leafre Temple. The temple was reduced to rubble. The magic of the temple was destroyed, destroying the magic force field with it. Suddenly, a fleet of at least 100 more flying boats came through the dark clouds. At least 10 Crimson Balrogs flew out from each ship.

Meanwhile, back on Victoria Island, Dances with Balrog (the Lead Warrior), Kyrin (the Lead Pirate), Athena Pierce (the Lead Archer) and The Dark Lord (the Lead Rogue) were all called to Ellinia by Grendel, the Wizard of Ellinia. Once they all arrived in Ellinia, Grendel warped them all to Leafre.

The Lead of each Class and Grendel tried to hold off the Crimson Balrogs. They managed to kill a few, but it was no use, they were all killed. Chief Tamato called for the strongest Warrior, Rogue, Archer, Pirate and Magician to come to Leafre. When they arrived, Chief Tamato told them his plan.

The plan was for the best of each class to head to the west outskirts of the Minar Forest to ask the guardian of Leafre, Horned Tail; a three-headed dragon for help.

So, the party set off on their perilous journey to ask Horned Tail for help.

They started their journey by heading east, and taking the longer route, because the Crimson Balrogs had come from the west. They walked around Leafre, and eventually got to the west side of Leafre.

One of the Crimson Balrogs saw them, and started chasing them. They ran for their lives, but it caught them. They struggled free, and ran. The beast tried to catch them again, but the warrior held it off, and it eventually gave up and returned to the rest of the fleet.

They continued on towards the Cave of Life to find Horned Tail.

Hours later, the sun was on the horizon and they were nowhere near their destination. They decided to set up a camp, and call it a night.

The next morning, they set off, and had no trouble getting closer to the Cave of Life, and by sunset, were much closer. They found a tall tree, and climbed up it. They slept in the tree for the night.

They woke up the next morning to find themselves trapped in a net of vines, hanging from the tree. It turned out they were sleeping in a Red Wyvern’s nest. Their weapons had been confiscated, but they could be seen, in the nest were they slept. There was a Red Wyvern circling the net.

It was a raging bull. The Rogue and Warrior distracted the Wyvern, while the Magician focused her powers, and burnt a large hole in the other side of the net. She then slipped out of the net, and landed in the nest. Then, she passed up the Warrior’s sword, while the beast was still distracted. The warrior then swung his sword and broke the net, in turn, killing the Wyvern.

The rest of the party jumped out of the net, landing in the nest. They took their weapons and climbed down the tree and continued onward. By sunset, they were so close to the Cave of Life, they could feel Horned Tail’s presence.

The next morning, they woke up and moved forward, feeling very nervous. Horned Tail’s lair was so close now.

Suddenly, they found that the trees were much thicker, and taller, and there were a lot more of them. They realised they were at the very outskirts of the Minar Forest. They walked on, and then saw a cave. They could see nothing inside it, because it was so deep. They walked onward, into the cave. Suddenly a tremendous roar echoed through the cave as Horned Tail stepped forward.

Horned Tail questioned who had entered his territory and why. The Warrior answered, telling Horned Tail that they were the brave party from Leafre, to report Leafre’s attack. Horned Tail roared and commanded the party to follow him outside.

The party followed Horned Tail out of the cave. Horned Tail scooped them up into his enormous hand, and flew away. Towards Leafre they flew, and travelled faster than a crossbow’s arrow, and in minutes, they were there. But they were too late. Leafre was gone. All that remained was ruins, and the fleet of Leafre’s attackers.

Horned Tail dropped the party, and wiped out the whole fleet of Crimson Balrogs in a flash. Once the fleet was dead, Horned Tail turned to the party.

“You were slower than those wretched snails” spat out Horned Tail. The Rogue denied, and Horned Tail then accused him of lying.

Suddenly, Horned Tail swept his tail, and knocked the party into the air. They landed, and fought back. But it was no use. Within minutes, they were dead.

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Posted 29 June 2012 - 03:44 AM

The ending is so abrupt, it really adds to the hilarity of the punchline. Good job. I laughed hard.

You can also tell this story isn't meant to be taken seriously from the use of Comic Sans.

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